"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One Indiana lawmaker on the property tax bills: "This ain't going to be pretty"

Abdul at Indiana Barrister is reporting that the property tax bills mailed this week are going to piss off homeowners again. Taxpayers forked over more than one million dollars for a tax reassessment that benefits no one except maybe the big dollar consultants hired by county assessor, Greg Bowes, to straighten out the mess.

Hoosiers For Fair Taxation told you over and over that you needed to continue to fight and protest, yet the protests got smaller and smaller and the people did not see relief and we got a one penny sales tax INCREASE.

We skipped dinner to attend last year's long boring budget meetings and listened while the asessors testified there would be little change. Where were you? There were maybe 10 citizens at the meeting last August which was not even close to enough public outrage to put pressure on these so-called public servants.

So the question is, what will YOU do now? Are you going to bend over and pay it or are you going to really fight this time? Are you going to believe them when they tell you that they are bringing you relief? This was all a game to them and the people lost.

In the meantime, you can petition Indiana to pay you back approximately half of the property tax you've paid in the past decades. John Price wrote the petition document after his constitutional lawsuit asserting that much of property tax is ILLEGALLY collected was tossed last year because the judge declared it is first necessary to attempt an "administrative remedy". John Price wrote the administrative remedy. It is a Refund Request for Improperly Collected Tax.

Article 8 of the Indiana Constitution states that school levies are to be paid with corporation taxes, not homeowners. Most of you don't recall that before the depression business taxes paid for schools. The depression made it necessary for Indiana homeowners to band together and agree to pay tax based on their property to make sure their children were educated. Unfortunately our legislators, the ISTA, the superintendents, administrators, architects, roofing companies and everyone else that PROFITS from Indiana's schools got greedy.

So the question is, what are YOU going to do this time?

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