"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Your mortgage payment might be going up: Your property tax make-up bills to arrive any day

Channel 6 is reporting that the property tax bills are mailed and that your reconcilliation bill is on its way. For many of you this will mean a rise in your mortgage payment to cover your esrow.

We said last year when the governor called for the reassessment that you should continue protesting in spite of the reassessment. Yet most people went back to their lives and abandoned the cause.

Me and the other main tax activists received lots of letters thanking us for fighting the fight, yet realistically are we supposed to sacrifice our lives and all of our free time for citizens who will not do the work for themselves? It takes more than twelve people to get this job done.

We lost this battle big time. You will likely not receive a decrease in your property tax payment and you picked up a one penny sales tax increase.

Short of 10,000 people protesting on the State House lawn during multiple protests, I don't think we're going to get anywhere toward this goal.

But you can take comfort in the fact that your state senators (including Teresa Lubbers) successfully managed to move property tax repeal to a summer study session and are effectively eliminating its possibility as you read this message and get your new bill.

How many times are you going to let your government dupe you?

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David Myers said...

The next two years will be high until the 1% cap kicks in. The property tax “relief” package is a good deal, but they sneaked in that it takes 3 years to get there. With the one percent cap, I will be paying a little less then I did in 2006 when it kicks in. But I will be paying the 1% sales tax for 3 years before this. That only leaves you with the time that they raise your assessments on your property to meet the next property tax raise.