"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back from absence and ready for July 4th Property Tax Rally

My home: Collateral for Indiana's bond debt

Normally I don't leave the blog unattended for days on end, but I've been in New Orleans on a reward trip courtesy of my supercool employer. It was a marvelous time and great opportunity to network with the best of my colleagues.

Since I've been home, I've been knuckled down at the office trying to make as much money as possible to pay the nearly $2000 Indiana says I owe by July 10 for last year's make-up property tax bill. Compared to my neighbors, I'm getting off easy. Some owe $5,000 to $10,000 by July 10 for their make up bills.

For my tripled property tax payment, I do not get to enjoy better government service. I don't get a community that graduates many students with honors. For that matter, some studies say IPS (my taxing district) does not even graduate half of its students. I don't get a crime free community either. I don't even get good sewers or water I feel is safe to drink. For that increased sum of money, I simply get to keep my home from being extorted from me by my government.

So where does our property tax money go? Well, it goes to pay the bond debt.

That's right. YOUR property is used as collateral by your government to cover their wanton spending habits, cronyism, and outright corruption. Your property tax dollars are used to line the pockets of guys like Jim Schellinger of CSO Architects and Tremco Roofing who make sure the right school board members are in place and the right legislators are lobbied to ensure your money keeps flowing straight into their coffers.

Did you know that your property tax dollars are illegally collected to pay for schools? Surely you don't believe that your government abides by the rule of law, do you?

Don't believe me? Next time you see one of our state legislators flat out ask them why they are not making sure Indiana obeys our Constitution Article 8 and see what they say. They will make an excuse not to answer you directly, ignore you, or maybe even run away. But I promise you they will not tell you why they are not demanding government accountability to the rule of law.

Yes, you read that right. Our corrupt legislators ignore the fact that Indiana forces homeowners to pay property tax to cover the school levies in direct and knowing violation of Article 8 of the Indiana Constitution. Article 8 clearly states that taxes for schools are to be paid by corporations, not homeowners.

A lot of homeowners filed requests to ask for that portion of their property tax back. I recommend that you do too, if you have not already. It is very easy. Just follow these instructions.

I'll be at the 4th of July Tax Rally at the Governor's Mansion. It starts at 10am. Andy Horning and a lot of other leaders who care about the Constitution and rule of law will be leading the rally.
We have the answers and need your help to enact them.

If you want to fix the mess, you've got to stop voting for democrats and republicans. THEY are the ones responsible for your tax bill and all the other problems with government. The parties are corrupt.

If you want to fix the mess, vote for Andy Horning for Governor. And while I really like Mitch Daniels, he is not enforcing the rule of law as set forth by our framers in our state constitution. Andy knows that the job of the governor is not to govern YOU, but to govern the state government.

And lastly, if you want property tax repealed, it's going to take hundreds of volunteers dedicated to devoting work necessary to organize multiple protests at the statehouse attended by 5,000 or more taxpayers.

I'll see you on the 4th at the Governor's Mansion at 10 am. Bring signs and banners.

--Melyssa for HFFT


Taxpayer said...

Welcome back to the fray, Melyssa! How do we get the word out??


Call radio shows, email your friends, go talk to your neighbors and co-workers. Tell them to join the tax rally and be prepared for a long and tiring fight. Don't sugar coat the reality.