"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ELIMINATE PROPERTY TAXES: A very good Indiana blog

Kudos to Tim Wesco who writes the Eliminate Property Taxes blog. Last year he picked up an article quoting our Governor as saying he believes property tax repeal deserves a very serious look. We hope he will pick up and continue the blog this year.

Please spread the word about the following news:

On September 10th a group of legislators are meeting with different property tax repeal citizen leaders to discuss how repeal can happen. Representative Peggy Welch of Bloomington is heading the committee.

Represenatives from HFFT, StopIndiana.com and Advance America will be there. The work of two different Indiana economists will be closely examined. Everyone is in agreement that the only answer which is fair to all is repeal.

It is up to us to keep pressure on our legislators. Now is the time to write to your state senator and your state representative to tell them that you expect them to first CUT SPENDING and second find a path to make property tax repeal a reality. Tell our state legislators that tweeking an already broken system is not good enough and that the ONLY long lasting solution is property tax repeal. And while you are at it, remind them that come the next election they can have citizens dancing in joy or mad as hell. Be sure to emphasize that you and everyone you know is watching the tax repeal issue very closely. And there is no more REGRESSIVE tax than property tax. WHO IS MY LEGISLATOR?

We hear that just one of the two new Indiana casinos opened in July 2008 is bringing in $6 million to $13 million per day and that the state gets 50% of the revenues. This is new revenue that just started to roll in. We also know that there are more than 150 different taxes and fees in Indiana. With all that taxation going on, surely our state has enough backbone to give citizens the opportunity for true homeownership without the fear of the government taking your house one day due to taxation outside of your control. There is another word for what they do now. Legalized extortion.

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Anonymous said...

Contacted the Wayne Township Accessory’s Office last week. They have no idea when the 2007 Property Tax Bills will be sent out, maybe October. I am guessing , maybe November the 5th. The area of Wayne Township that I live in, Property Taxes went up 48% in 2007, before reassessment and only a trifling 33% increase after reassessment. Ready to eliminate Property Taxes while I can still afford “our” (me and the State that is) home.