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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tales from Camp Obama: Lessons in cheating

FROM another citizen watchdog blog:
Approximately a year ago thousands of committed volunteers attended “Camp Obama,” a four-day indoctrination program, geared at teaching pre-screened Obama volunteers grass roots organizational strategies. The training, which specifically focused on the caucus states, taught volunteers to be “ruthless,” “take risks,” and win at all costs. Obama’s campaign and Camp Obama’s strategy which focused on the vulnerable caucuses and the early primaries worked. Obama only lost 1 out of 14 caucuses, a staggering achievement, especially when he lost 21 out of 38 primaries and scored a statistical tie in popular vote.

Compare this with what you know about Project Big Vote here in Indianapolis run by Aaron Haith and the machine that supports the Center Township Carson machine at the polls. Locally they give "run around money", booze, cigarettes, food, or whatever it takes to get the folks they round up on the bus to vote straight democrat. Others have reported that when they checked actual house addresses registered to voters after the election, they found many voters claiming to live inside boarded up homes.

Is it any wonder that Obama endorsed Andre Carson? Read just a partial report of what people around the country report about the 2008 primary election.

I live in Davenport, Iowa - Precinct 23. I arrived at our precinct caucus at 6:30. At 6:50 pm, over 75 people of African American descent came walking in, past the tables and sat in the Obama section. I knew one of them from my canvassing. I knew another one who did not live in this precinct! And aside from the 4 or 5 families that live on Hillandale Road, there are no other black people in this unusually white precinct and one of those black couples were in my Hillary section. The results were Obama 3, Clinton, 2, Edwards 1! It was impossible for me to argue since the precinct chair was an Obama supporter from another precinct. A very large bus was seen in the parking lot afterwards carrying these folks back.

You probably have heard about the busloads coming in from over the IL border, but you may not have known about the busloads coming in from the NE border. North Omaha and Omaha itself are two of the three places in NE — Lincoln being the third — where there’s over 5% African-American population. Obama’s campaign offered people things like I-pods and free stuff– t-shirts, clothes, shoes, and at least two free meals on the Nebraska side.

There were a lot of young people there and a lot of black people. We do not have that many blacks in this county. El Dorado is a small town of about 12,000 and it is the largest town in the county. There are probably only a handful of blacks that live in El Dorado. I work with the school district and travel to the high school, middle school and elementary schools and believe me, there are very, very, few black students.

There was NO voter registration for the MN caucus… no identification was checked so Obots were going from room to room voting over and over again giggling all the while doing it.

Throughout this mess of a process, hostility built to a degree I found truly alarming. Some overenthusiastic BHO supporters formed a gauntlet in the hallway outside the registration area, on the way to the ballroom, within the zone in which campaigning was prohibited. Any HRC supporter was subject to verbal abuse, ridicule and, eventually, physical assault.

Nebraska was totally chaotic and each precinct location had a different way to do the caucus. In Nebraska, 18 precincts where crammed into one high school in Sarpy county. When I got there, it felt like I stepped into a Third World voting situation. They were trying to determine whether people could actually participate in the caucuses or not, and then it seemed like they just gave up on that and just let anyone participate. There was a gym at the high school where about 5 precincts met. A person was supposed to fill out their preference on a slip of paper and then turn it in. They tried to run it like a primary instead of a true caucus, just take out any semblance of order and guards against voter disenfranchisement that a normal primary would have. I found a pile of these preferences slips just sitting on a table where anyone could pick them up and fill them out.

I was at the Texas Caucus and the Obama supporter’s took the Packets as early as 6:30 AM which they were told not to do, They never let go and then when time came to vote they took over the precinct by some of them pushing the people that were supposed to run it across the room to chairs. They called in incorrect totals for Obama instead of correct ones. He actually had 4 delegates and they called in 19 delegates.
When my 88 year old Mother showed up, who can hardly walk on her walker, and they took her walker away from her when she said she was there to vote for Hillary. They said you are in the wrong place old woman; this is an Obama precinct, and you need to go across town. When I saw what was happening I called the police. Blog post no quarter evelyn

As an eye witness at the Precinct and Senate District Conventions, this is how Obama won many caucuses. First of all, vast numbers of Obama supporters were bused in to the conventions. They were loud and intimidating. Texas Democratic rules state that each person who participates in the Precinct Convention should have voted in this precinct and sign-in personally on a formal sign-in sheet. So many Obama people showed up, that there were not enough sign-in sheets available, so when the conventions ended, there were many sign-in sheets for Obama filled out in the same handwriting, not signed-in as specified. As Hillary supporters, we obtained copies of these sign-in sheets from all over south Texas, Harris County in particular. We laboriously compared the names on the sheets to see if the person who attended the precinct convention had voted in the primary election. Many listed Obama people had not. We then cross-checked the names of the Obama people to see if they lived in the correct precinct. Many times the Obama people did not come to the correct precinct and often appeared on sign-in sheets, as being present in several precinct conventions at the same time (a violation of the space-time continuum).

I walked into the Nueses,Texas County Convention only to discover that I was already there as an Obama delegate.

They shoved Obama signs in Clinton delegates’ faces, three inches from the nose, called them racists, and told my friend that she had to move from her third-row seat in one meeting and go sit in the back. She also said that the proceedings were heavily laced with black power speeches by preachers as well as public officials.

What I saw was at least 3 trained group agitators — Since my MA is in group dynamics and group facilitation I recognized when someone is using techniques that I have been trained in. If such individuals were planted in ALL precincts, along with bringing in ringers — then ALL caucus results are bogus. For this sort of intensive origination to take place in a rural area — this means that a vast amount of money was spent to manipulate the results of the caucus. The Obama supporters kept changing the number of delegates — subtracting Clinton delegates and increasing Obama delegates, each time they claimed someone had changed and they had to do “complicated” math and that’s why Clinton kept losing delegates. There were NO Clinton supporters checking the Obama “math”.

Read full accounts at http://www.caucusanalysis.org/.
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