"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our August 21 link to Obama citizenship lawsuit story mysteriously disappeared from HFFT blog

Last Thursday, we first heard of the lawsuit challenging Obama's citizenship on Advance Indiana, first news source to report the breaking story in Indiana shortly after it went public on the America's Right blog.

HFFT quickly added links and mention of the story. Not to copy Gary, but to get more links and headlines in the Google engine. Frequent linking helps news spread throughout the internet quickly. I went back today to check our post again and it mysteriously vanished. Curiously Gary Welsh told me he's seen it happen on his blog too.

Well, it is no secret that the Obama thugs will do whatever necessary to block internet free speech that criticizes his fitness for the presidency. Larry Sinclair, the gay man who came forward to tell of his 1999 sex and cocaine limo encounter with Obama, is on his third website due to the relentless pursuit of the Obama machine to shut him down.

Just for that, I thought I would post some other easily verifiable tidbits. Obama only says he doesn't take lobbyist money. Obama is a liar.

"Sen. Barack Obama continued accepting donations from oil company executives and employees last month even as he aired ads in which he stated he took no oil company money, his campaign finance reports show. Obama has taken at least $263,000 from oil company executives, family members and employees since entering the presidential race last year, including $46,000 last month. At least $140,000 has come in chunks of between $1,000 and $2,300, the maximum permitted under federal law." [LA Times, 4/24/08]

"Obama has more holes in him than Swiss-Cheese." [CNN's "Politics.com," 4/01/08]

Obama presidential campaign has received $2,812,336 from firms that employ registered federal lobbyists. [fec.gov]

$405,747 from the Pharmaceutical industry. [opensecrets.org]

$1,185,937 from the Commercial Banking industry. [opensecrets.org]

$6 million from the Securities & Investment industry. [opensecrets.org]

$666,357 from Exxon-Mobil. [factcheck.org]

$213,000 from Exelon- a nuclear plant operator in Illinois. [truthdig.com]

$608,822 from the Insurance industry. [opensecrets.org]

$168,584 from the Mortgage Banking industry. [opensecrets.org]

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