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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Senator Teresa Lubbers' strange bedfellows

Steve Keltner boasted he was the only person who had members of other political parties working on his campaign to be our state senator for district 30. It is true that Steve is getting a lot of campaign help from republicans, democrats, and independents. Steve even has a democrat CPA as treasurer.

But...Keltner is way wrong about being the only one!

I just learned that Senator Teresa Lubbers met with challenger Todd DeGroff and begged him to stay on the ballot. Evidently there are issues in Todd's life that are causing him to reconsider staying in the race as her challenger.

So does that mean that republican Teresa Lubbers is now a campaign advisor for democrat Todd DeGroff?

This is Keltner's plan for property tax reform. Teresa does not have a plan for taxpayers. In fact, when I called her she didn't know what was going on with the summer study session for repeal even though her own neighborhood of Meridian Kessler is suffering greatly from horrific property tax increases.


Anonymous said...

Sher hopes to dilute the vote. Worried is she?

Sean Shepard said...

Collusion between parties to ensure a less interesting, less motivated long-time incumbent is shielded from a brilliant, up and coming taxpayer advocate like Steve Keltner who has a lot of interesting ideas on Health Care?

Unfortunately, I'm not in Lubbers district I'm in Mike Delph's so I can't vote for Steve but he has my support completely.

Anonymous said...

I hear from very reliable sources that DeGroff is on an organ transplant list.

If so, why are the democrats hiding very poor health of one of their candidates from the public?

Anonymous said...

I would love to know who your sources are who erroniously informed you that Teresa Lubbers has colluded with her Democrat opponent to stay on the ballot. Libertarians have defintely sunk to a new low with these sleazeball tactics. Teresa Lubbers is a public servant of the highest integrity - anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken and obviously knows nothing about her. I would also like to remind all of those in the blogosphere to take everything you read with a grain of salt since all varieties of falsehoods, such as this outrageous claim about Teresa Lubbers, can be posted without any checking of the facts.

Melyssa said...

Who said a Libertarian told us Lubbers went to DeGroff to beg him to stay on the ticket?

You don't think both Republicans AND democrats come to us with information? Are you so in the dark as to think that even those who tell her they support her are not behind her back with knives?

How naive are you?

One need not be a rocket scientist to see that Teresa Lubbers has done nothing to help the people in Meridian Kessler with property tax hikes.

I personally phoned her office to find out about the summer study session. She knew absolutely nothing about what was going on other than it was handed off to Rep. Peggy Welch. She wasn't on top of it, she was not helping. It was off her plate.

Now tell us again about her highest integrity to her constituents and their number one issue?

Please, she could care less how bad things are for property owners in her own neighborhood....AS EVIDENCED BY HER ACTIONS!

"anonymous" who are you afraid of? why don't you sign your name?

Anonymous said...

get a grip. these morons don't have "sources". they make all this stuff up so they have something to giggle about with each other, all 9 or 10 of them -- wasn't that how many sigs they got on the petition for john waterman?

Anonymous said...

Instead of Lubbers bashing how come I don't see anything about the upcoming IPS bond issue that will cost taxpayers $278 million? This bond issue is outside of the 1% cap that is effective in 2010 and we will be paying for 20 years. Meridian Kessler, in particular, will get hit hard. As far as I'm concerned this is one of the most important issues on the November ballot. I'm glad Lubbers and Daniels fought for the referendum but it will all be for naught if taxpayers don't organize to stop it. This is our one chance to have a voice and we won't have politicians to blame if we don't use it.

Melyssa, editor said...

Um, first I'm not moron. Second, I helped to lead the property tax protests and the negative campaign against Peterson.

Third I was the ONLY person in the blogosphere to point out the hypocrisy that Waterman didn't do a damn as an Indiana senator to repeal property tax during the legislative session. Instead I called Waterman a coward.

And I never signed that damned Waterman petition.

Melyssa said...

I know a little about the upcoming bond issue. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to get my head around it all.

Would you want to take the charge of reporting on that that IPS bond, anonymous 2:58 pm? I could use help. I have to work full time and have so much volunteer work on my plate that I just have not been able to cover it.

Also on a happy note, there is significant movement to bring children who live north of 38th street into Washington township schools. The move would effect 5000 or more students and move them into unused Washington Township school buildings that are air conditioned. In Washington Township more children graduate and the cost to educate each child is lower than IPS. Shifting those kids into Washington Township schools would have a positive effect on property taxes too, I understand.

Sean Shepard said...

In my opinion, the perception is that when Lubbers should have been leading the effort to get property taxes off of her constituents backs, she did not and refused to take a principled stand that property taxes should be eliminated or phased out.

Even if it is not immediately possible, at least saying "I support phasing out and eliminating property taxes" would have gone a long way.

Keltner is great with his healthcare industry background.

The dems should just back out of this typically secure Republican race and make it a two-way just like most other races in the country. The results would interesting for sure.

Anonymous said...

Lubbers also did absolutely nothing to put a stop to the AEPA/Tremco no-bid scheme. In fact, her efforts helped derail a bill that would have put a stop to the millions of dollars being wasted on overpriced roofs for schools in Indiana. Peggy Welch, a Democrat, is now leading the way to put a stop to it. Republicans were treated better by Democrats in this instance than they were by Republicans! As a Republican, it's really sad to see the party of Lincoln care more about political cronyism than for effective leadership. I REALLY, REALLY want to support these people, but they continually let me down. Sarah Palin proved that she's able to stand up to the good ole boy network in her own party, and she should be an inspiration to all of us. I don't give blind trust and support to a party. I support statesmen, and I don't see many of those around.

Anonymous said...

Lubbers is in big trouble. Neighbors are talking of picketing her house before the election over leaving them out in the cold with their property tax bills.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell Lubbers was a strong advocate for a lot of the good things that ended up in the final tax bill. Obviously there's more work to do but we have voter referendum on expensive public project thanks to the work of the last session and that includes Lubbers. Wish we had that voice when that darn library addition was being considered.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should "learn" from some better sources. If you had, you would know that Senator Lubbers has most certainly NOT met with Todd DeGroff.

You cannot lie about some things and expect to be taken seriously and honestly about anything else. If you want to be credible (something you obviously don't care much about) get your story straight before you tell it. Just because you say something does not make it true.

Melyssa said...

To Anonymous 9:14:

Unlike yourself, I am credible enough to put my name to what I write.

Also, you do get that I am quite able to keep confidences with people in all kinds of places. Think about it for two seconds.