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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, September 22, 2008

ANDY HORNING: "Government must be put in its place"

endorses Andy Horning for Governor

This is Andy Horning's letter published in the Indy Star:

Politicians tend to lie. Citizens tend to believe. The tragic, interminable history of what happens when governments go bad and citizens go silly is reason enough for a healthy condition of mistrust. Governments are, at best, protection rackets. They always extort some opportunity and wealth from citizens even when properly restrained to protect our rights, property and life from others who'd take them away. Government is a suppressive force, not a creative one. So I'm sorry if this is news to you, but the political promise of "job creation" is hogwash.

A hundred years ago, there were no government "services" as we know them today, and government was leashed to solely a constitutionally limited, protective role. Americans became the richest, freest and most secure people of all time because people naturally want to do well for themselves, and they were allowed to do just that.

The genius of the founders was unequivocally proven. Freedom works better than anything else ever tried. That's why it's the law (see it in black and white at http://www.horningforgovernor.com/; it's my platform).

But Americans fell for a "New Deal," slowly devolving back to our brutish default of rulers versus ruled. Government isn't about protecting you anymore. It's about robbing Peter to pay Paul; with every election cycle merely an exercise to determine who's Peter, and who gets to be Paul. We've fallen so far toward this pre-Hammurabi authoritarianism that even the word "privatize" means the concentration of profits into the ruling class, while spreading their losses to you. Now, if you make fat campaign donations and hire a lobbyist, you can live well on other people's labor.

This hurts Hoosiers more than most Americans. Hoosiers once made 106 percent of the nation's average salary, but we've lost nearly 20 percent of that average in the past three decades. Just in the past four years alone we've lost 72 electronics companies with more than 11,000 high-paying jobs, not to foreigners, but mostly to other Rust Belt states. These jobs have been only partly replaced by much lower-wage service industry jobs fueled by our political fixations on foreign corporations, sports and gambling.

So I'm running for the constitutional office of Indiana governor because freedom is still the law. I would govern government, not you. I think it's about time.

Prohibitions against firing bad workers increase resistance to hiring. Such prohibitions are illegal, so I'd remove them and let the hiring begin.

Hiring illegal immigrants is attractive because doing so evades the mandatory costs of taxation, regulation, insurance, pensions and of course litigation. I'd remove these illegal impediments to hiring Hoosiers, and bid illegal immigrants, ¡adios!

Because there are no impediments to buying foreign products made without our handicaps of taxation, regulation and litigation, we are competing against the world blindfolded with both hands tied behind our back. I'd remove these illegal impediments too, and let prosperity happen.

I would massively cut taxation, regulation and litigation for everybody, not just for the elite. Not only would businesses do better in Indiana, but so would the people that work for businesses. Small businesses would no longer be at a disadvantage to the politically connected corporate giants. No more political class versus peons. No more losing a home to property tax. Everybody, including politicians, would be equal under the law.

Hoosiers would thrive because they could, and because they want to, and because nobody would stop them anymore.


Anonymous said...

This is highly misleading and inaccurate and another form of misinformation.

American’s elected a Democrat-controlled Congress to end the war in Iraq (over 70% of Americans wanted the troops to come home)—which never happened.

The financial collapse has been happening for nearly 100 years since the inception of the Federal Reserve bank which has been devaluing our currency by inflating it (printing more money) and we were sold that the Federal Reserve would stabilize our economy which it has done the complete opposite by creating bubbles by working with the US government to influence interventionism in the marketplace, thus we have not had any true form of free market capitalism as a means to allow the economy to rule itself. We allowed the dollar to be backed as a debt instrument (a fiat) instead of a fixed commodity like Gold and Silver and have failed to audit our own gold reserves. In recent years, we have expanded credit and allowed home ownership to extend beyond reason—oftentimes with no money down and adjustable rate loans—and then the secondary market bought up these loans as they speculated that they could make good money owning amortized loans while thinking that home prices were never going down. Several years ago (back in 2005), I read an article by my own professional trade organization (Realtor) whereas they stated that there isn’t going to be a housing bubble and I attempted to get a response from the writer as I expressed my concerns and never heard back from him. Even at that time, I knew that if prices of homes goes up beyond the rate of inflation and the standard pay increases in the workforce, then we have a funnel-effect whereby less people will be able to buy properties at the speculated price and thus, the prices will eventually have to come down to true market level. I do not have a BS, Masters, or PHD in economics, but I am aware enough that there is common sense in determining what the market will do with these simple variables. Just this past Sunday, our Treasury Department Secretary Paulson stated that our situation is dire and just recently they realized these problems and have to orchestrate at least a 700 billion dollar buyout of non-liquid mortgage securities that nobody would buy in the marketplace (often carrying a 50%+ default rate). There has been only one Presidential candidate who has been talking about the issues with our financial situation and that is Ron Paul. Too bad our media and political establishment spent more time denouncing him and painting him as the crazy uncle rather than doing their jobs in the first place by reporting the news and finding means to reduce the size of our government which is already too expensive for the people to support. You see, our entire political establishment is broken beyond comprehension. Both parties have formed the Commission for Presidential Debates which sets the rules to allow third parties in the debates—which is a form of anti-trust (allocation of the marketplace)—as the people need and deserve more than two choices for President. Nearly ninety-five percent (95%) of the major media outlets are owned by five (5) large companies in the United States and we are sold that we have “free press” while the Pentagon had inserted talking heads into each newsroom to help spin Americans into accepting the non-declared war in Iraq (Congress never voted to declare war—only appropriated the monies). It is quite obvious that the true oversight into our government (We The People) failed. We fell asleep at the wheel and allowed our Congress and local leaders to be Kings and put their hands in the marketplace where they had no business touching. We allowed pre-emptive war strategies similar to Nazi Germany when they invaded their neighbors during the 1930s. We failed to enforce the rule of law by demanding our elected leaders to follow the Constitution for which they violated shortly after they took their oaths. We have changed our nation’s laws from English law (have few laws—enforce them all) and moved into Roman law (have many laws, enforce a few) and now are in the midst of adding nearly $100,000 in debt for every single living American to bail out the likes of failed institutions like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, AIG, and so forth (this year we will assume around $2.9 Trillion in our national debt—estimate) which comes at the hand of the Federal Reserve printing money and loaning it to the United States (we the people) at interest, thus ushering in hyper inflation that will further erode the pocketbooks of the average American and possibly cause them to default on their mortgages as they are left with the choice of paying their house payment or for food and gas. We are in a terrible situation all because we allowed ourselves to be manipulated by our media and our elected representatives instead of being an American and think independently about the problems we face along with having the desire to never ask the government to bail them out when they make bad choices. The problem is within us for We The People are the masters of the government and the only way we can have real change, we must start from within ourselves and take back our government and reduce it’s size by at least fifty percent (50%) as we cannot afford anymore nonsense or we will fall like Roman empire.

Wayne Kirk
Realtor & Managing Broker

Pete Boggs said...

While Mr. Kirk makes some very good points, Andy Horning makes tremendous Constitutional sense.

Horning has clearly outlined the essential purpose of what's supposed to be, our Constitutionally reconciled government; the most legitimate form of government ever conceived.

Those who seek to make of liberty "yesterday's news," are the tyrants and despots of this world. There's nothing "hip" about slavery (whether in the form of over-lording field bosses, or multiplied regulatory restraints & confiscatory taxation).

Kudos to Mr. Horning for his candor & courage. He's not asking very much of fellow citizens by suggesting that we the read the law we own, the Constitution; a blessed inheritance from our forebears, who risked their lives to provide it, FOR US.

Horning's respect for the Constitution is a refreshing whiff of strong coffee; at a time when his opponents' disdain & dismissal of its significance, has the strong odor of something else...

Anonymous said...

Please disregard the top two sentences/paragraphs. I should have cut and pasted only the starting wtih..."The financial collapse has been happening for nearly 100 years..."
:)~ Wayne