"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, September 22, 2008



I am so happy to tell you all of Senator Brent Waltz from District 36. I met him recently at the State House and after I heard him address the fiscal tax policy folks a couple weeks ago, I spoke to him to thank him for his presentation and to let him know I am thrilled by his conviction and passion for service. We've talked by phone since then and he accepted my invitation to make a You Tube presentation of his property tax repeal plan.

He might be young but he AUTHORED SJ8, a revolutionary property tax repeal plan. He also gives away his entire taxpayer funded pension to charity, and while he has served since 2004, he has not been sucked in by power or ego to become one of the "elites". He truly is our representative and a devoted conservative. He plans to re-introduce property tax elimination in the 2009 session.

He actually said to me that he "serves at my pleasure". And he MEANT it! I admit those words cause me to be bit giddy...and I never get giddy around politicians...well except for Andy Horning. Maybe its because most politicians serve themselves first and we are almost always an inconvenient after thought.

Senator Waltz has the COURAGE to go against the entrenched insider game for us. He opposed raising sales tax outside of Marion county to fund that stadium even though it was unpopular. He also is opposed to that proposed stadium bailout to fund the missing operating budget that Peterson, Fred Glass and the C.I.B did not negotiate for in the deal with Ir$ay.

Senator Waltz is working very hard for property tax repeal and together, with Senator Mike Young, put together a viable plan to eliminate property tax for homeowners AND lower the sales tax! Does that have you curious how they can do it? Well stay tuned, because we're planning to make a You Tube presentation of the plan with the Senators.

Senate candidate Steve Keltner told me that cannot wait to get elected to start working with him! Keltner also told me that he is anxious to work with Senators Delph and Young too! Can you imagine a pack of practical, people-first Senator Statesmen working together on our behalf in the next general assembly? Keltner will work seamlessly with these guys.

Senator Waltz wants the constitution and the rule of law. And he loves open and accountable government. He's the kind of guy that KEEPS HIS PROMISES and owns his words by his actions. He has the heart of a public servant and loves Indiana and America.

Today, HFFT officially endorses Senator Brent Waltz for re-election. You owe it to yourself and to Indiana to read his simple and sincere website and get familiar with his positions. Call or write him with questions. Or if you would rather, just post your question here and I'll get it right over to him and publish his answer on this blog.

Senator Waltz is the right public servant who deserves your vote if live in District 36!

He even posts his cell phone on his website! Go figure! Go vote for him!

--Melyssa for HFFT


Pete Boggs said...

Well done HFFT; for recognizing Libertarians who exist in the other two parties.

Diana Vice said...

All three guys you mentioned are pretty darn good looking to boot, which is a bonus, don't you think, Melyssa? : )


Good looks help the message! Diana, I think you need to get the Sam Adams SUNSHINE AWARD this year. I'm hearing out there that you deserve it! I think so too. Check out the Sam Adams Alliance website. We need to make sure another Indiana citizen gets the award again this year! It's $5,000 and a reception in Chicago! You've earned it my dear, you have earned it.

Diana Vice said...

I am truly humbled by your kind words, Melyssa. The one good thing that came out of this ordeal was the fact that I met many fine people like you. I'll never forget the help you gave me. You were the first person to take a stand on my behalf, and I'll never forget it!

melyssa said...

When you win that prize Diana...and you will...I'm going with you to Chicago to watch you accept it. You might even get the $10k prize. They've added lots of other prizes this year...go check it out.

There ARE rewards for hard work, you know.

Sean Shepard said...

I'm going to agree with HFFT that Rep. Waltz is better than most. I met him at one of the Hob Nobs a few years ago and he was engaging and very kind.

On some very big tax issues over the past few years Brent has seemed to be on the side of the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

You do not see Senator Lubbers who lives in the toniest part of Meridian Kessler coughing up her pension. She takes the full 4 to 1 taxpayer match to her 401k and pockets it.

Anonymous said...

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