"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

THE DEMOCRATIC WAR ROOM You Tube too politically incorrect for Obamatics

By now everyone knows that there is a small army of Obamatics that comb the internet everyday looking for any blog that mentions the chosen One in an unflattering light. Anything written about Obama in an unfavorable light (even satire) is subject to their attacks. A couple days ago I posted the THE DEMOCRATIC WAR ROOM, the side-splitting YOU TUBE you have got to watch. (There, I published it AGAIN) Sometimes the comments they leave are laced with profanity and I delete them, but the one below was pretty low because the Obamaniac pretended to be Gary Anderson who evidently is someone with FairTax.org

Newsflash "Gary", last I checked FairTax supporters can believe anything they wish and are wise to not believe a word that comes from the mouth of ACORN community organizer, Barack Hussein Obama. Here is the comment left by the imposter for your entertainment:

"The sponsors of this Hoosier's for FairTax site should be ashamed of themselves! THIS is NOT what the FairTax is about! FairTax does not endorse or dissuade ANY political party or candidate, and the numerous references to Palin and Obama are offensive and DANGEROUS to what we're trying to achieve. We could lose our tax status for your activism! AND, the video of comparing Obama to Hitler is TOTALLY out of line! Nice people don't do that, funny or not! This is a grassroots movement, and you are not under the control of FairTax Central, or of the midwest region; BUT would you like to be excised from the vine of support, as we dissavow you? Go do this on your personal blog, don't rub our faces in the dirt! You can pull the junk off the site, or turn in your rights to use our logo. Your choice."

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