"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indiana Gubernatorial debate to air tonight on PBS ...Andy Horning to advocate and defend the Indiana Constitution

We endorse Andy Horning for Governor

Governor Daniels, Andy Horning, and Jill Long Thompson will each participate in the first of three gubernatorial debates tonight at 8pm to be held at the Holiday Star Theater in Merriville, Indiana. The debate will air on PBS television and radio stations, WXNT AM 1430 in Indianapolis, and WIBC FM93.1.
While Hoosiers For Fair Taxation appreciates many of the reforms led by Governor Daniels (such as straightening out the license branches), we do not believe the Governor has led us out of the #1 crisis facing Indiana, the property tax increases.
The effect of Daniels' band-aid property tax legislation, packaged as 'relief', has not yet fully reared its head, as many Hoosier homeowners facing staggering property increases have not received their new bills and their mortgage escrows are not yet reconciled. This winter (after the election) will be when the brunt of pain hits, just in time for higher heat and fuel bills.
We endorse Andy Horning for Governor. Andy is the only candidate in the race who will uphold Indiana's Constitution and cut the size of government if elected.
Please listen carefully to Andy's message. If his message (which is the same as Ron Paul's message) is one that resonnates with you, please vote for him. Every Libertarian ballot cast sobers the Republican establishment. With many Indiana homeowners still suffering due to outrageous property tax bills and loss of jobs, it is important to send a message of reform to the status quo that our numbers are growing every year. Let the establishment know that we don't like it when our politicians turn their backs to the Indiana Constitution.




Click the link above to submit a question to the debate commission for the next debate.

Anonymous said...

We're watching Andy!

Andrew Horning said...

Thank you!
But in pursuit of truth, I ought to send you a more recent (and more representative) picture of that I look like at the half-century mark...
Liberty or Bust!