"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

TWO OF AMERICA'S SMARTEST: David Walker (former U.S. Comptroller) and Dr. Ron Paul

FROM CNN and a zillion other news outlets:

Promising a "very bipartisan approach" to how he'll run his administration, Sen. John McCain said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he would appoint Democrats to his Cabinet.

McCain also said:
"It's going to be the best people in America, the smartest people in America," McCain said. "So many of these problems we face -- for example, energy independence -- what's partisan about that?"

And then McCain went on to say he would ask some in his cabinet to work for $1 per year. I wonder if any of Obama's 300 policy advisors will work for $1 per year for their country?

We think McCain's idea to bring together America's smartest people sounds good. We hope in this spirit, McCain is talking to Dr. Ron Paul and will make amends for how the Republican party treated Dr. Paul during the primary. It was shameful. And it was done by the "bad" republicans that we all want to get rid of.

Not sure if you noticed or not but there was an alternate conservative political convention going on during the RNC. It was led by Dr. Ron Paul. There were 15,000 people there.

If McCain and Palin want these people to vote for them, it might be smart to make sure the people's cabinet includes brains capable of addressing the most crucial problem facing America on our domestic front: our economy.

I'm sure McCain and Palin know that David Walker quit his job as U.S. comptroller to travel to each state to hold town halls warning Americans of the seriousness of our debt. Walker says our debt (including unfunded liabilities) is $53 trillion.

The $53 trillion figure is pre-Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bailout. The figures are before we bailout GM and Chrysler, if we do.

McCain and Palin are going to need people to keep his administration grounded in the sobering reality of what the excessive spending of the Bush administration as brought on America. He's also going to need extremely disciplined people to help drastically cut spending and keep it held, while finding new ways to bring revenue. One such way just might be cashing in on our North Slope reserves while we work very hard to develop free energy sources and bring them to market.

America needs to see an economic plan if we are to fully rally around McCain and Palin. And it sure would be comforting to see appointments like Dr. Ron Paul and David Walker, smart Americans we know have our best interest in mind.

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