"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, September 26, 2008

URGENT ACTION NEEDED! -- Bloggers for HR 2755, The Abolition of The Federal Reserve Bank, to fight corporate controlled media!

Right now senior Indiana Congressman Mike Pence (R) and others are at Capitol Hill standing down the Fed, Bush, Paulson, and Bernacke. Time is of the essence because Bush continues to feed the message to the media that our world will melt on Monday if they don't get their $700 billion bailout regardless of what America wants. This is not true.

Currently, Congressman Pence is calling for a suspension of the capital gains tax on investments in order to encourage the millions of Americans without debt to invest in the markets. Here is the Congressman's plan.

Please comb the internet and find other bloggers who are in support of HR 2755, The Act to Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. Please cut and paste our plan of action across the country. The Congressman's office is receptive!


"We are helping the Indiana tax activists with HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION in Congressman Mike Pence's home state of Indiana. They have a solid verifiable track record of successes and political network that includes elected officials on the right side.

Mike Pence, a courageous Senior Congressman from Indiana, was first to stand down the Fed against the bailout. Please call and fax his Indiana Office. Tell him to hold his ground and to co-sponsor HR 2755! There is much ground support and he's getting calls from high places to co-sponsor the Act to Abolish the Federal Reserve.

Be polite, enthusiastic, and be sure to thank him for his courage!

The numbers below are for his campaign office. There will likely be staff in his office this weekend. If no answer, send a fax and leave voicemails with your name, city, state. It doesn't matter if you are not from Indiana.

PHONE: 765-643-9503
FAX: 765-643-9514

P.s. Then don't forget to call your own local Congressperson and tell them her or him to stand with Representative Mike Pence and with the American People."


an insider said...

Your calls give great courage to Congressman Pence. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Please consider getting some coverage on CNBC and or any other major news program! I listened to CNBC for most of the day today, and heard NOTHING POSITIVE about the vote today. With the market down so many points, and the fear level so very high, the public has to be informed and persuaded on the real benefit of your viable alternatives.
Thank you for your courage! Make it your business to have it long remembered!