"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BRILLIANT! Green Senate Candidate Steve Keltner's RECYCLE plan to create thousands of jobs and generate 1/2 billion in revenue

Steve Keltner has had a jewel of a plan on his website since 2006 and I just saw it today. In fact all of you should read his website. There are many great plans there covering insurance reform, gun crime control, healthcare, education, property tax, AND recycling!

The cool thing about Kelter's plans is that they are easy to implement and they are all simple to understand.

Keltner studies nifty programs that work in other states and looks at how they can apply here. Like the gun crime legislation that poses strict penalties for crimes involving guns rather than legislating an intrusion on the right to bear arms as law abiding citizens. That plan drastically reduced gun crime in Florida. He wants to bring it to Indiana.

Anyway, Keltner lays out a recycling program for Indiana that makes a lot of sense. He knows it will work because it is already tested and working in Ohio.

It bugs me that we put so many valuable resources in landfills simply because reycling isn't made easy here Indiana. I had no idea that everytime we throw away an aluminum can without recycling it, we might as well be pouring out 6 ounces of gasoline!

When we adopt it too we will employ small businesses, create THOUSANDS OF JOBS, and generate nearly 1/2 billion in additional revenue for the state without raising taxes. In fact, because the plan will create jobs, it will also create a larger tax base too! Revenue that is greatly needed by our cities struggling with managing costs in lieu of raising taxes.

Tell your green friends to check out Keltner's plan. And if you like it, give Keltner some time and money over the next couple weeks and let's put this THINKER and STATESMAN into our state's house to get to work for us!

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