"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Indiana Democratic Senate Campaign Director Russell Bennett says hospitalized transplant patient, Todd DeGroff, OK to serve for 2009 Indiana Senate

Ok, you all know I HATE having to be a bitch and call out the bad boyz. And you all read this blog cause you know I have the ballz to do it when they need their azz paddled. And believe me when I tell you that every time I have to do this, my stomach gets twisted in a nazty knot.

I much prefer lavishing praise like I did lately for Senator Brett Waltz and Congressman Mike Pence. And there are other good Indiana legislator guys like Senator Mike Delph, Representative Phil Hinkle, and Senator Mike Young I haven't gotten around to praising like I should yet.

I'm going to lay this out for you and, while it is longer that I would like, I hope you all will be patient and follow the links to learn of yet another political deception that is being levied upon you. I'm calling bullshit and, when I do, you all know it is absolutely for real. And don't you dare expect the mainstream controlled media to call it out for you. We no longer have journalists that care about anything more than doing the bidding of their bosses who only care about selling papers. And THAT is precisely why papers aren't selling anymore.

I don't know what is going on with our county and state democratic party, but evidently those in charge of campaigns and things think it is ok to run a hospitalized (maybe critically ill) candidate who cannot fulfill a campaign schedule, let alone the very demanding schedule necessary to properly represent many thousands of constituents who need so many important issues, tied directly to their tax outlay, to be aired on the floor next year.

Over the weekend, Advance Indiana reported that the democrats were yet again hiding a serious illness of one of their politicians; this time Todd DeGroff who is running for Indiana Senate District 30. Todd DeGroff is too ill to speak at functions. His wife attends in his place and speaks for him. Todd DeGroff has no campaign website. Todd DeGroff has no phone number or email easily acceptable to taxpayers. Todd DeGroff cancelled his October 25th debate appearance. And consequently, so did incumbent challenger republican Teresa Lubbers.


I don't know why Todd is in the hospital right now, we've heard different stories ranging from an infection to a transplant. However, I do know what his overall health condition is and I have every confidence that it would not stop him from being able to serve in the Senate if elected."

As you read the post and comments linked above, please note that Russell Bennett publicly declared that he does not know the condition of the candidate being offered to us, but yet insists regardless, he is fit to serve. As you read all the comments linked above, you will also learn that he does not believe that taxpayers have the right to know the health or fitness of our candidates who are running for office.

As campaign director, he went on to attack the very principled Libertarians, who right now, seem to be one of the few organized parties calling all the shots right in regard to government accountability, the economy, and the utter failure of our politicians to uphold the U.S. and State Constitutions.

Meridian Kessler, Butler Tarkington, Broad Ripple, and northside Indianapolis property owers have major tax concerns that come before your petty politics.

HFFT asks that you email Russell Bennett at
rbennett@indems.org to ask him why he thinks it is appropriate to attack senate district #30 taxpayers who ask legitimate questions about the health of the democratic candidate when we express doubts in our confidence of his ability to powerfully represent us and our interests in next year's legislative session.

That's totally fair to question!

By all of our research, we conclude that there is ONLY one candidate in this race that is readily available to speak to the burden of the taxpayers. His name is Steve Kelter and he is readily available to outline detailed policy solutions for all of problems faced by ordinary Americans in these extraordinarily difficult times.

If we are wrong, please speak out and present a candidate who is better. But for now, we've learned we have one candidate too ill to engage us, and another political elitist insider who is too afraid to debate.

And there is only ONE who is reaching out to us with answers. His name is Steve Keltner and he'll take your call.


Anonymous said...

Melyssa, that man was rude.

Downtown Indy said...

I would think handling the long, grueling days in legislative sessions, reading bills and debating issues would be far more difficult for an invalid to handle.

Russell said...

Wow Melyssa, it's been hours since your post and I can't tell you about the flood of emails I have received. Pouring in like crazy! I might be up to 1 email by the end of the day!

Somewhere in Meridian Kessler a businessman is missing his afternoon bondage session...

Melyssa said...

Russell...You sure are a tacky thing, aren't you?

But since you've asked. Here's the latest.

I've moved on. Got all my very rich naughty businessmen well disciplined and behaving nicely.

Now I've moved on to the public discipline and humiliation of lying deceitful politicians instead.

I even received a national award last year for my part in orchestrating the humiliating defeat Bart Peterson suffered on a very public national stage last year.

Didn't you hear?

You're welcome to write anything you like here about your candidate, Todd DeGroff. I'm sure our audience would hang on every word.

No worries either that I won't publish your words. To the contrary, I am a defender of 1st Amendment freedom.

I am also quite sure from watching you in action that your words do far more to hurt you, your country, your party, and your candidate than I ever could.

Severine said...

Melyssa, you're not humiliating or disciplining anyone. You're just up to your old tricks of lies and smears. Can't you see that the public doesn't respond to these things? Besides your own "anonymous" posts, you average about .5 responses per blog entry. Are you going to head out to the Obama rally on Thursday in your poncho and crocs with your slave and your placard questioning citizenship? If you do, we'll be waiting for you with our cameras! Photo op!

Russell said...

I've been bad. So bad. I've been a naughty, naughty boy.

Just wanted to make sure I spoke in a way that you would understand.


Russell, you are speaking in a way that the public understands. And that's what counts most.

You see, forever, your comments harassing a citizen and a taxpayer will be visible here. And as I stated earlier, you do more to damage your reputation and your candidate's reputation than I ever could.

Russell said...

You seem to not understand that even with the world's most powerful microscope I still wouldn't be able to find my interest in your complaint. I do not care about your opinion, plain and simple.

Also, seeing as how that flood of emails you wanted have yet to come in (or a single email, in fact) it is obvious that no one else cares about your opinion either. You have a very small audience, most of whom aren't voting for any of my candidates anyways.

Every single one of us is a taxpayer, and not to brag, but I guarantee that my spouse and I pay WAY more taxes than you do. But that aside, it's important to note that I don't work for the taxpayers and my position is not funded at all by tax dollars. This is politics, a pissed off taxpayer is nothing new, and in my experience dealing with people, they rarely are ever satisfied. So, even if I had one iota of interest in you or your complaint, I know that addressing it wouldn't matter (as evidenced by the banter we engaged in on Advance Indiana) to you or satisfy you.

As you may have noticed, I stopped addressing your issues yesterday because I simply do not care. I keep stopping by because in my otherwise busy life, it's fun to just watch you get your panties in a bunch as you swing at windmills all day.

melyssa said...

Your actions prove I matter a great deal to you, for you followed me to check in for attention like one of my former submissives addicted to his masochistic needs. But unlike most of my former clients, you are boorish and lack sophistication.

You really think you unnerve me? **laughs**

I took on a powerful well funded mayor and had my way with him.

Each week through the campaign he became more paranoid and weak. My goal for Peterson was simple. Keep him from being re-elected and humiliate him in the national spotlight. DONE.

A very close friend knows Todd DeGroff from high school and he does not speak well of you or the party behind closed doors. You failed to check the loyalty of your candidates. He back stabs you in private conversations.


Keep coming back to chat. The documentation of your behavior is simply priceless.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa, google Todd DeGroff?

Russell said...

Wow, someone thinks awfully high of themselves.

Last year we saw a significant number of incumbent Mayors, both Democrat and Republican, dumped out of office because of the unrest over the property tax situation. So, for all of the power you think you have in getting people un-elected, the exact same thing happened in dozens of cities around the state without you. A washed up prostitute from Meridian Kessler who most people have still never heard of had zero effect on the outcome of the election.

BTW, on the subject of DeGroff, if you saw the Star endorsements in the paper today, it made mention of him being severely ill. Know how they knew about Todd's condition? When they called me a few months ago to set up the editorial board interviews, I informed them of Todd's condition so that they were aware of it. Regardless of his condition, Todd still showed up for the interview, and the Star didn't think it was important to run a story about it. So, the biggest paper in the State doesn't care, and the fact that I have still not received that influx of emails you promised points in the direction of NO ONE GIVES A SHIT.

melyssa said...

Russell Bennett...I do declare, you ARE addicted to little old me!

So much so, that you've now lowered yourself to slandering a private citizen in this very private forum, while in the professional capacity as state senator democrat campaign director.

Keep coming back, I just love our chats.

Russell said...

Vox said it best on Advance Indiana: It's only slander if it's not true. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

she should sue him

Russell said...

Oh, but haven't you heard? She's sending the "National Media" after me! Oh no!

melyssa said...

I seriously think the national media has bigger fish to fry, Russell.

Russell said...

That's exactly my point. You had someone call from the "National Media" (ironically with a 317 area code, darn caller ID!) to threaten me and try to make me stop posting on here. Sorry, but it didn't work!

Oh yeah, and today's update: Still no flood of emails!

melyssa said...

Russell, I asked no one to call you.

However, an activist I know called me and said he was going to call you. I know this guy does have relationships with the media.

However, knowing what I do about the media, I would be doubtful that they are interested in what you are saying on a blog, even though you did slander me and you damaged my reputation here and on the widely read Advance Indiana blog.

Russell said...

Sorry for the delay, I've been out working with some candidates this weekend.

As I mentioned before, it's only slander if it's not true. In exchange for money, you performed sexually related acts (note, I am not saying you had sex with them, which would be illegal, I believe you when you say that you didn't do that). Most people would qualify that as prostitution, or at the very least it would be a very gray area of law open to interpretation.

As for hurting your reputation, just google yourself, you'll see that I didn't say anything you can't find on a hundred different sites.

HOWEVER, here's my olive branch: I 90% agree with you that Peterson had no right to close down your business. The 10% is the "good neighborhoods" argument, but I think it's pretty weak. He tried to score political points by busting your business. Being uber liberal, I don't think that the Government has any say on what happens within the confines of my house, as long as I am not causing harm to others. So, for that, I strongly believe that Bart overstepped his position as Mayor.

Russell said...

Melyssa feels that calling her a "washed up prostitute" is a false description of her past, and she is correct, I agree that prostitute is incorrect and she does not qualify as such. My apologies for that.

I amend my comment to "washed up dungeonmistress." As a proud former dominatrix, this statement accurately reflects her past.


And Russell, thank you for this SUBMISSION to me.