"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Citizens suggest Obama to spread his campaign wealth with McCain!

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Appeared in today's Augusta Chronicle by Rich McKee


knut rockne, all american said...

Never ceases to amaze me how people took and continue to take that statement completely out of context. Not surprising, though, for a bunch of conservatives facing obsolescence in a week.


Knut rockne...if you are going to make a point and insult conservatives, at least back your point up.

How is the statement "spreading the wealth" taken out of context?

Does not Obama plan to take more money from some people (who have more) and give it to others (who have less)?

Please elaborate.

A newscaster from Florida tried to pin Biden down on that question this week and the Obama Campaign banned both the reporter and the news station for asking the question and trying to get a deeper understanding of what it means and how (if at all) it relates to the Communist Manifesto.

I think it is a valid question, since most of Obama's bestest and closest friends are linked with Marxism, communism, or socialism.

So please elaborate. And if you cannot, we'll just dismiss your comment as being indefensible.

bobisimo said...

I wasn't going to respond because I liked the comic, thought it was funny, and that was that. The potential comment discussion appears interesting enough to jump into, though.

First of all, both candidates have made a ton of money. I read one report that listed McCain's campaign earnings at $200 million and Obama's at $450 million. Another report said that each candidate had about $100 million in campaign cash on hand right now.

Neither candidate is in any way hurting for cash.

Second, Obama's comments regarding "spread the wealth" have always been about about taking money from those who can afford to give extra to those who need extra - same as McCain wants to do. As we all know, this is the American way and has been for a very long time. It may not be "fair", but it is what it is.

Third, unlike the comic, Obama has never denied his willingness to help those in need. He even mentioned it during the debate - that everyone hates taxes but he's willing to pay more to help those who have need. Same as McCain.

The comic is funny but if we're going to devoid ourselves of humor we're going to say that McCain's personal wealth (thanks to his wife) far exceeds Obama (at least for the moment). We're also going to say that under Obama, both will pay higher taxes and not be receiving any cuts or breaks. Under McCain, they're both going to pay a good bit less.

Biden turned me off a bit with how poorly he handled the news interview. It also turns me off that the party has basically written off that reporter. Sure, she had something of an axe to grind but that's her prerogative. It's not like McCain and Palin haven't had to endure the very same things - and they've managed to do it with a bit of grace, even when they looked bad. Biden didn't manage that, here.

That said, I can empathize with him to a degree. The reporter seemed more interested in getting her point across and making sensational accusations. Biden came across as incredulous and unwilling to deal with it. An experienced politician like Biden should have more than enough skill and calm to answer her questions, over and over if he has to, and explain exactly how wrong she is. If he plays it right, she looks like an idiot for harassing him and not getting it. But he played it wrong and now he looks cantankerous, at best.

Anonymous said...

So Obama made twice as much as McCain. It's not McCain's fault he didn't get as much cash. Obama needs to share. And we need full force of the law (backed by guns and tanks) to force Obama to give some of his wealth to the weaker McCain. That's only FAIR. And we must have everything FAIR.


Bobismo...I hope you keep coming round here. Your remarks are always thought provoking and spot on.