"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ed Delaney won't return phone calls or emails from constituent in his district #86

Tip for Ed Delaney: It's easier to win elections if you are actually accessible to the people who live in your district.

Several months ago, I started to get multiple flyers from Ed Delaney, the unapproachable elitist democrat who is running for State Representative in District 86. That's David Orenlicter's old district.

The first flyers mentioned property taxes and how much Ed Delaney wanted to hear from us. The flyer gave the phone number to the offices of Delaney & Delaney. Since he genuinely wanted to hear from us, I called. I left a message and did not hear back. So I left another message. I did not hear back. I even emailed through his website and never heard back.

Advance Indiana reports today that Delaney will NOT SUPPORT THE PROPERTY TAX CAPS, to give the residents in his district immediate relief from our sky high property tax bills.

I guess to Ed Delaney I don't count. Though I've owned a home in his district for 10 years and know far more about the property tax issue than most, I don't rate a phone call. Even though Delaney asked us to call him! You would think he would want to talk with the woman who led the property tax rallies in 2007 that caused such a media stir, led to ousting the incumbent mayor, and forced the Indiana legislature to make it their number one issue in 2007/2008.

Delaney doesn't return the call he asked me to make to him, but he continues to send JUNK MAIL pieces to my home. Sometimes I get 10 pieces of junk mail from Delaney in a week.

If Ed Delaney will not return a call BEFORE he is elected, do you think there's any chance at all he'll listen to us after he's elected?

VOTE ADAM NELSON if you want your voice heard in District 86!

I've met Adam and he's a sweetheart. He's a regular guy who will return your calls even during this last busy week of campaigning while he is also teaching school. He thinks what you think is important.

Unlike Delaney, Adam Nelson will work for you and not the lobbyists. So if you are concerned about education AND the high cost of property tax, Adam Nelson is your guy.

Word is that he's well liked already among the guys already in the state house that want to see real property tax reform take shape. Adam supports the property tax caps and Indiana's teachers.


Taxpayer said...

Glad to hear it's not just me! If these people want to REPRESENT us, wouldn't you think they'd have the sense to RESPOND to the people they claim to want to represent BEFORE the election, at least?

Adam Nelson gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

Ed DeLaney is a great guy and is always willing to talk to people in his district. I met him while he canvassed and also at a few neighborhood functions. He is an advocacy lawyer and will definitely continue to help all of us now that he IS elected. I have a hard time believing that anyone thinks Adam is a better choice. The Star even said he stumbled through an interview over common issues.

Melyssa said...

Well he didn't return MY calls, nor was he easily accessible to ME and I started calling him back in August.

Dan Martin, Disabled American Veteran said...

I am a disabled American Veteran in Ed Delaney's District. My disability is a cognitive disorder brought on by a service connected traumatic brain injury.

I have overcome these challenges by a combination of help from Roudebush VA Medical Center and alot of tenacity and persistence. On May 10th I become the first person in my family to graduate from college when I received an electrical engineering degree from IUPUI. My next step was to go to law school so that I could advocate for veterans. Unfortunately I was turned down from IU Law Indianapolis because the dean of the law school felt that I do not have the tools to be successful in the program. I went to every member of the Indiana House and Senate that sits on Veteran Committees. I also contacted my District #86 representative. Mr. Delaney did call me to offer to help and asked that I give a a few days to contact the school. That was over a month ago. It seems that Mr. Delaney would rather advocate for a law school that has biased admissions practices against disabled American Veterans rather than for a fellow Navy Veteran that was injured in the service of our country.

When Delaney comes up for reelection, my brothers and sisters that have worn the uniform will be out in full force to ensure the constituents of House District #86 know that Mr. Delaney is not a friend of American Veterans.
which resulted from mythe service to the country I love. On May 10th