"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Data Don't Justify Financial-Market Panic

I talk to small business owners every day for several hours to find advertising prospects. This is what I hear all day long, "we're swamped", "we are booked three months out", "we can't handle more business". Last week I called "A" rated dry wall companies listed on Angie's List to get some help with a project in my home. Only ONE company returned my call and told me he was very busy...so much so, that he didn't want to come to my house to do an estimate, but wanted me to send a picture of the project. What is coming out of Washington and the media does not fit what I'm hearing from Main Street.

Are the Feds and media creating fear to bring in the ONE WORLD BANK?

One of our local patriots, Kurt, sent this message to me today:
"Many commentators claim...that virtually no transactions are occurring in this market. These claims are completely false. For the week that ended October 1, which is the most recent week currently reported, total commercial paper outstanding amounted to $1,607 billion. Yes, this amount was down from the $1,702 billion reported for the previous week, but is a 5.6 percent drop a good reason to panic? If we go back to March 2008, when nobody was talking excitedly about the commercial market’s 'freezing up,' we find that the total amount outstanding, on average, was $1,822 billion, or only 13 percent more than last week. In March, the market was working fine; now it’s 'locked up.' This sort of hyperbole, with which we are being bombarded hourly around the clock, is totally without a basis in the facts."

excerpt from
- The Data Don't Justify Financial-Market Panic

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