"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Voter Registration Fraud in Indiana...the lawyer bloggers from Indiana Barrister, Ogden on Politics, and Advance Indiana weigh in

Abdul, one of the hardest working political journalists in Indiana, rang last night to set the record straight about ACORN'S activities here in Indiana and explains that 105% of Marion county citizens are not registered. He writes on his Indiana Barrister blog that the number of active registered voters is 561,234 voters and there are 118,415 inactive voters. Those are people who moved, died, or haven’t voted in at least one General election.

Yesterday, local activist/attorney/blogger Paul Ogden's assertion that 105% of our eligibles were registered made national news and was all over the net. FoxNews, in town to cover the Obama rally, interviewed him. Today, armed with more information, OGDEN ON POLITICS asserts that 92% of our eligibles are registered and suggests that it is highly unlikely voter registration penetration would be that high.

Over on ADVANCE INDIANA, Gary Welsh blasts Beth White, the Marion County clerk, for not purging the inactive registrations. He then rails against heavy democrat precincts and accuses them of not following Voter ID laws.

I called the clerk's office yesterday and spoke with a very agitated supervisor who suggested I was drinking Republican koolaid. I admit sometimes I partake in a sip or two, but much prefer the taste and effects of the Libertarian Juice. The clerk's office representative explained the lengthy process which requires more than two years to legally purge inactive voter registrations from the record. He also indicated that they received calls all day about it.

While I don't get cable television or often watch the controlled mainstream news propoganda, I did get emails this morning indicating that ACORN was the talking heads' topic du jour on the major news networks last night.

ACORN gets millions, yes MILLIONS, of your tax dollars every year to carry out their self-proclaimed non-partisan mission. However, it is obvious to most that ACORN (by their actions and associations) is anything but non-partisan. If ACORN were truly non-partisan it would not do its registrations only in the poorest neighborhoods which are heavily democratic, but would make an effort to extend its activities to ALL citizens regardless of race or economic status.

The organization has had many indictments and hopefully, this time, the wide spread exposure in the media of their lax voter registration efforts will lead to an effort to successfully outlaw their voter registration activities in America for good. And at the very least, block further earmarks and grants of public money to flow their way.

Everyone should be thankful that Indiana fought for the Voter ID law which helps keep our elections pure here.

--Melyssa for HFFT


Paul K. Ogden said...

No, Melyssa, there is a misunderstanding. The voter registration level in Marion County is 105%, not 92%. The fact that people are "inactive" is because they have moved or died and they are nonetheless left on the voter registration list is a huge problem that can lead to voter fraud. They shouldn't be on the list. When turnout numbers are looked at the turnout is compared to the total list of registered voters, which includes deceased and voters who have moved.

What I did by subtracting out the "inactive" voters was to show that even if those voters were removed the registration rate of 92% is still laughable.

When you have bloated registration lists where numerous people are listed who are deceased or who have moved (and are registered more than one place) you have a huge problem that affects the credibility of the election results.


I see your point Paul. It might be helpful if you explain to our readers from Indiana (and readers over at your blog) what is legally required to remove these inactives.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I may do that. Part of the requirement now is that the Marion County Clerk send out correspondence to the non-voters and delete the ones that come back as undeliverable. It's an expensive process fraught with problems. Doris Anne Sadler, the former Marion County Clerk, tried it and was given considerable grief for her attempt. I do believe part of her problem was she did it too late.

Now our Secretary of State's Office is taking some national grief for using social security numbers, or at least the last four digits, to try to identify duplicates and deceased voters on registrations. According to the feds, Social Secutiry numbers are only a "last resort" option for identifying duplicates or deceased voters.

It's a no-win proposition. Republicans get beat over the head for trying to purge non-voters, no matter how long it's been since that person voted in that precinct. The claims that Republicans are trying to "suppress" votes is so much nonsense. There is nothing wrong with automatically purging voters who haven't cast a vote for the last 4 years or so. That would do wonders with fixing the problems. If you don't allow those purges and your not allowed to use Social Security numbers, it's very difficult to maintain an accurate voter registration list.

Anonymous said...


By Michelle Malkin • October 10, 2008 01:57 PM Netherlands blogger Michael van der Galien reports that a group of young Dutch Socialists will be flying here to campaign for Barack Obama:

… I received an e-mail I found quite interesting. The Jonge Socialisten asked me whether I would like to travel to America with them shortly before the U.S. elections in order to do ‘research.’

Now, before readers will think this would be a great opportunity for me to visit the country I write about so frequently, the trip had a specific partisan purpose despite it being described as ‘research’: They would travel to the United States to campaign for Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for the presidency.

In fact, one of the demands of potential applicants is that they need to have a “great affinity with the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.”

Pete Boggs said...

Shouldn't Dutch socialists vote for Al Gore, to exercise their "wooden choose." Sure it's a reach, but they've traveled so far, to get... here.