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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Senate District 30 -- Is the Democrat challenger Todd DeGroff well enough to hold office and why Teresa Lubbers won't debate Steve Keltner

Hat tip to Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana for asking the question concerning Todd DeGroff's health and fitness to serve district #30 in the state senate. Advance Indiana tell us that Todd DeGroff was too ill to attend a recent campaigning event in Washington Township and that his wife spoke in his place.

We're not sure what grave illness DeGroff suffers, but his wife said he was hospitalized for an internal "infection" the night she spoke in his place. We've heard from more than one eyewitness that DeGroff was seen with a beeper used by patients awaiting organ transplants, although we've not been able to confirm that DeGroff is on a transplant list.

We reported in late August that incumbent Senator Teresa Lubbers knows of DeGroff's illness and has not publicly disclosed her challenger is too sick to hold office. In fact, she went to DeGroff and begged him to stay in the race instead! Why would Senator Lubbers beg her her ill (now hospitalized) opponent to stay in the race?

The answer is that she fears facing challenger Steve Keltner in a two-way race. So much so, that Teresa Lubbers cancelled a previous pledge to debate.

The third party challenger Steve Keltner plans to back many new winning ideas. He plans to reduce the cost of government by bringing down insurance costs, he will work with other legislators to introduce an innovative gun crime law that has drastically reduced crime in Florida, he will support property tax caps only as a step toward PROPERTY TAX REPEAL, and he will support much needed education reform.

Senate District 30 cannot afford another term with Teresa Lubbers. She has shown herself to be an out-of-touch elitist who serves politics and not the people in her district.


Anonymous said...

Teresa Lubbers was supposed to be at a debate on Sunday Oct 25th moderated by Abdul. She cancelled? For real?

Anonymous said...

Teresa Lubbers is part of the problem in Indiana. It's time to remove the political class - professional politicians - from office. She must be replaced by Steve Keltner.


Anonymous said...

Lubbers promised citizen whistleblower, Diane Vice, that she would not allow lobbyists for roofing giant TREMCO to speak to the legislature. TREMCO pays top law firms to bully government into allowing its bidding schemes within school districts to continue.

Lubbers broke her word to the whistleblower, took the side of lobbyists, and set the fight against the bid schemes of the roofing company back months.

Not only that, but Lubbers accepts plenty of money from the spouses of lobbyists so as to not appear that she takes big lobbyist dollars.

She has to go.

Anonymous said...

Any truth to this particular nugget I found posted on this blog?

Anonymous said...
Lubbers is in big trouble. Neighbors are talking of picketing her house before the election over leaving them out in the cold with their property tax bills.

August 31, 2008 12:27 PM

Anonymous said...

If indeed Lubbers let her neighbors down with property taxes, they have even more fuel for their fire with her refusal to debate this Sunday.

With so much anti-incumbency in the air since the property tax crisis, WHY WOULD LUBBERS REFUSE TO DEBATE? The only reasonale answer is that she is frightened of her challenger, Steve Keltner.

I watched him testify in a summer legislative session. Keltner is formidable, prepared, and quite knowledgable on Indiana policy and economics.

Taxpayer said...

Perhaps this explains why Todd DeGroff can't be reached by the people he claims to want to represent. There's no e-mail address for him, and the Democratic headquarters never returned an e-mail requesting contact information for him. How can people claim to want to represent me and refuse to talk to me?

Lubbers has GOT TO GO!!!! Perhaps this is the chance we need to get a NON-politician in office.