"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, January 16, 2009

"The Ascent of Money" - On PBS Sunday January 18th

"The Ascent of Money", airs at 2am and 2pm this Sunday, January 18th on Channel 20. It's been described as the "Naked Ape" of modern economics.


Anonymous said...

Warning: PBS is home to nationally recognized propagandists like Jim Lehrer. Any time you see or hear anything on PBS, never accept it at face value.


Shorebreak, that's very good advice. I don't like to dog PBS because I watch it all the time. But I do see documentaries on there that are so blatantly false, that I turn them off.

This one, I'm told, is well worth watching. However, they do make a case that capitalism (greed) among the guys who set up lucrative financial scheme are behind the mess. Of course, this IS designed to turn folks off on the idea of capitalism.

Anonymous said...

If the show was honest they'd explain how the greedy capitalists who set everything up did so by obtaining the White House after they gained control of media.

They'd also explain that the goal of the greedy capitalists has transformed from wealth to control, and that the ultimate monopoly would be one that succeeded in creating a single global economic system - under their control.

And finally, they'd explain that by turning people off from capitalism, they are playing into the hands of the monopolists, who would require a nationalization of the finance industry in ordet to achive complete control. Like the nationalization process that we've been undergoing via TARP, where the US government (which is under corporate control) is now the leading shareholder of most major banks.

If PBS isn't covering any of those facts, they're just blowing smoke to keep the public uninformed and to allow the thieves to continue robbing us dry before the whole thing comes crashing down.

Pete Boggs said...

Additional Warning: PBS is full of closet capitalists who subsidize their programming with the confiscated earnings of taxpayers, advertising revenues & donations.


What a very tangled and confusing web they have made!

Melyssa said...

Perhaps the special should have been called "The Descent of Money".