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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Benjamin Fulford vs. David Rockefeller Sr.

CONSPIRACY THEORISTS: Don't believe a word of this nutcase and whatever you do, don't ever google him, the journalist Benjamin Fulford. More importantly don't do an internet search for his most recent interviews in November and December of 2008.


Anonymous said...
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Shorebreak said...

Melissa - this guy has important points, but they get skewed very quickly by his unproffessional and immature approach. After looking into his questionable background, I'm very skeptical that he's a credible source for legitimate analysis or material.

Fulford blew an excellent interview opportunity by being completely uninformed and by asking very stupid questions. He did exactly what he said he wouldn't do.

Why didn't he use the Japan backdrop to start by focusing on current progress with ASEAN and asking for a description of how such a regional body is envisioned to fit into a larger geopolitical construct? He could have easily shifted focus away from initial concerns that Rockefeller was warned to avoid. Focus on challenges presented by the traditional Japaneses business model that relies upon trading houses like Itochu. How will they fare as economies moves from national to regional? That's the kind of talk that Rockefeller and his lackeys are comfortable with. Their responses confirm their goals without ever calling them on the carpet.

Ultimately, you could eventually prompt him to address challenges to the regionalization process. Like expanding populations, religious polarization, and populations or national leaderships who are "stuck" on nationalist priorities rather than embracing regional "Participation".

Also, When the interview was made Fulford had already established himself in Japan as anti-NWO and was widely promoted as a crackpot. How could he possibly arrange a private interview with Rockefeller during a surprise, unpublished visit? It's easier to get face time with a sitting President. Fulford seems more like a gatekeeper. His stupid and immature activities make people believe that by questioning globalism, they are embracing his mentality.


I hear you Shorebreak...a nutcase.

Anonymous said...

You are just NOT finding out about the interview with Rockafeller? Hell I listened to THAT one at least it seems a year ago. You are behind, man. Fulford explained why he approached the interview the way he did, he is NOT a nut, and I totally enjoy his interviews - because through it all he is an optomist. He gives some very incredible world views that "just might happen." He also give some insight into "things that might be going on" behind the veil of mainstream news media coverage. I love his interviews, have him on Google alert, and am happy to listen. You can stick your head under the sand if you like. and of course, you have enabled comment moderation.


Heavens no. Watched that interview eons ago. I recently rewatched it and thought "what the heck", I'll put it on the blog.

The Nov/Dec 2008 interviews with him are interesting. Don't really know what to make of it.