"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Indiana Democrat Congressman Brad Ellsworth & all Republicans vote against Bailout II

Bailout I was so successful, that Obama and Pelosi are pushing for Bailout II, the new and improved version. Yesterday's Bailout II vote in Congress was rejected by 100% of house republicans and eleven democrats.

HFFT would like to thank Brad Ellsworth for voting against Bailout II and learning from Bailout I, that bailouts don't work and everyone wins except his employer, the Indiana taxpayer.

Thanks Congressman Ellsworth!


Pete Boggs said...

People won't play, and spectators won't pay to see, a game, where referees; outnumber players, micromanage the game & disable the best expressions of human ability. These bureau-fascists, are so deeply, spiritually & psychologically disfigured, that their insecurities drive them to punish rather than appreciate & respect, the innate abilities of others; failing completely to be inspired or elevate the gift of their own abilities. Citizens have a "safe place," from which to protect themselves from such abuse- the Constitution.

Michael Breslin said...

So what? It passed. Get over it. But I'm really enjoying your obsession with Nancy Pelosi. This is almost as good as the old "Obama's Filthy Fingerprints" days. We all loved that performance. You're getting obsessed with Nancy Pelosi, Melyssa. Much like you were obsessed with Bart Peterson. But now you're on watch lists for anti-semitic and racist comments that are viewable through simple google searches. Even dirtier than before. I hope no one googles you too deep!