"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Indianapolis Councilman Ed Coleman to give statement Tuesday morning at The Columbia Club

Below are the words of a true statesman:

This is not a decision I take lightly, nor did I come to it without deep reflection. I have found that the direction of the Republican Party has changed, and it is not the same party I joined many years ago. Nor do I believe its current leaders truly represent the ideals that the party markets and advertises to voters.

Both of the old two parties have forgotten their ties to the common man, and instead focus on power and control as elitists. I am a common man, I campaigned for the common people, and I still represent the common people; the voters and taxpayers.

I have come to find that my politics are actually more aligned with the Libertarian Party than any other; a party that still allows free thought, a party where dissent is not necessarily a dirty word.

Both of the old parties endeavor to silence dissent. During the Council’s previous period of Democrat control, the majority’s powers were used to silence Republicans. Now, under Republican control, the Council majority abuses their power to weaken Democrat influence. Over the past year I have been criticized for votes I made in response to the concerns I heard from my constituents. As a leader I have spoken out again the secretive and expensive affairs of the Capital Improvement Board; but the two old parties want obedient followers, not leaders.

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Anonymous said...

I am quitting the Republican party too. Like Ed Coleman, I am just too upset at the party leadership. They do not represent Conservative values and I know the Libertarians have stood firm on their idealism. You have to respect people with principles.

Anonymous said...

I heard about your blog from a local Realtor and that's good news that Ed Coleman has left the GOP. Where do I sign up to join the Libertarian Party because I am leaving the Republican Party too.

pot said...

So why how the same people who call Ed Coleman a traitor towhen their County Chairman to worked openly and aggressively to undermind his mayoral candidate? This the ultimate in hypocisy. Even if ed does only one term, he's still ahead of teh game because the GOP is finished in Marion County. All that has happen is that the chickens have come home to roost.

kettle said...

This will mark the end of the Marion County Republican Party. Tom: So you win re-election then what? Will you continue to use the GOP logo to line your own pockets? What else do you have in store for your party? Tell us will you top your election losing streak, I mean come on, you can't believe you're that good? Honestly if you can't keep your own under-funded Mayoral candidate from winning how can you take credit for gaining the Council? No party has ever won control of the Council without also winning the Mayor's office. How will you repair the growing racial rift in the GOP you created by inferring that African-Americans Republicans belong in a zoo or referring to the only a African-American female on the council as a pushy "b---k b----h"? These are things that you can't run from or intimidate others to keep quiet about. And as far as Ed goes, no MC Chairman in history has ever lost an elected official, particularly while in control of the City. Congratulations, you made history. You my friend have become the laughing stock of Indiana politics and a boon for the Libertarian Party. Your desire to "drive Conservatives out of the Party" will leave you with a flaccid organization unable to muster even a semblance of a message from this year forward. And unfortunately the only good thing that will come from all of this that you my friend, will finally get the reputation you deserve a cowardly, intolerant, Bulen wannabe whose arrogance and racist views will be prominently etched on the tombstone for the Marion County Republican Party. So please on March 1, 2009 make sure you enjoy the moment for that will be the highlight of your sad pathetic poltical career. Oh and while I'm not a Republican I and a few of my friends will be there to capture the moment with our cameras ...just for you. Good Luck Tommie boy.