"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ed Coleman writes national history: Proud moment for Indianapolis

I'm not sure if our readers understand the magnitude of what has happened.

An important spark of America's Re-volution just ignited in Indianapolis. And it is because of you. For without you, the citizens of Indianapolis who yearn for Libertarian policy, an environment upon which a seed of Libertarian ideology could not catch air to ignite.

Air is given in abundance by Abdul on his WXNT 4-hour morning show. Sources tell me that Ed's surprise departure from the Republican party just might be the topic tomorrow morning. HFFT is certain that Abdul's close pal, Tom John, is already in touch in an attempt to see if he can influence tomorrow's show spin.

However, it is YOU, Abdul's audience of loyal listeners, callers and advertiser patrons that have the say. It's that way because Abdul and WXNT saw fit to set it up that way.

I suspect Abdul's ratings will be the highest in his show's history tomorrow. Be sure to tune in to thank Abdul for giving the Libertarians, as well every other political party, a generous platform to discuss policy. While you are at it, remind him that you shall remain a most loyal listener as long as he keeps it up!

Most of all let Ed know by your comments here, on his Facebook page, and when you see him, that he has your support and deep respect for this amazing act of Courage. Ed shows us an example of a true American Patriot. And hopefully, with a little luck we make for ourselves, Ed's display of political strength will not create enemies, but shall serve to bring us together around sound and practical ideas that benefit our citizens before party.

God Blesses Indianapolis today.

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