"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, March 2, 2009

UGLIEST MAN IN INDIANA: House Speaker Pat Bauer

Pat Bauer: Ugliest Man in Indiana
(inside AND out!)

Some of us are not blessed with physical beauty, and make up for it by by projecting beauty and our love for humanity from our hearts by our words and deeds. Some of us are physically beautiful, but ugly on the inside.

In rare circumstances we have creatures among us who are both physically and spiritually abhorrent. I believe we have such a creature among us in the Indiana State House.

This abhorrent creature made the immoral decision that property tax caps were to be killed in the Indiana legislature. Shelter is a basic physical need of all humans. And Pat Bauer recently decried that our property, our shelter, should be taxed at will by our local government without restraint.

If you know of an uglier man in Indiana, who looks as grostesque on the outside as his heart is on the inside, please let me know. I can think of no one else in this entire state who is uglier, greedier, nor more narcissistic than Pat Bauer! --Melyssa for HFFT

Will anybody Stand Up to the Speaker?

WTHR is reporting that House Speaker Pat Bauer has declared property tax caps DEAD for the session!

After House Speaker Pat Bauer's comments Thursday, it does not appear that property tax caps will be an issue this session!

"I would say that the law speaks for itself. Tinkering with the constitution is a very serious matter and you would preclude voters for many, many years to come to be able to adjust. So I would say at this time, 'no'. We have this stair-stepping - on and a half, two and a half, three and half, let's see how that works." said Bauer.

Twenty-seven House Democrats that are still in the House voted for the constitutional caps last year. I wonder which ones will stand up for taxpayers and demand the Speaker give the resolution a hearing?

And what about the Freshman Democrats?

Here is a list of good men and women of potential that we think might take a stand. God knows they should want to avoid sharing the same grotesque anti-populist elitist narcissistic fate as Speaker Bauer.

Kreg Battles (Vincennes)
Bob Bischoff (Greendale)
Sandy Blanton (Orleans)
Charlie Brown (Gary)
Dave Cheatham (North Vernon)
Bill Crawford (Indianapolis)
John Day (Indianapolis)
Nancy Dembowski (Knox)
Chet Dobis (Merrillville)
Phil GiaQuinta (Fort Wayne)
Terry Goodin (Austin)
F. Dale Grubb (Covington)
Earl Harris (East Chicago)
Ron Herrell (Kokomo)
Sheila Klinker (Lafayette)
David L. Niezgodski (South Bend)
Gregory W. Porter (Indianapolis)
Scott Reske (Pendleton)
Paul Robertson (Depauw)
Vernon G. Smith (Gary)
Steven R. Stemler (Jeffersonville)
Dan Stevenson (Highland)
Russ Stilwell (Boonville)
Vanessa Summers (Indianapolis)
Vern Tincher (Riley)
Dennis Tyler (Muncie)
Shelli VanDenburgh (Crown Point)

Hat tip to our friends at Frugal Hoosiers


Patriot Paul said...

The deep-sixing of SJR1 was news last Thursday morning. This bill for the 1-2-3 Cap was a pillar of the Governor's reform. Whether we agree with it or not, it deserves a hearing, yet the Indianapolis Star has failed to report this for 5 consecutive days; a virtual blackout. Other news media jumped on the story. I give the Star credit for exposing townships and fire dept. issues. But, repeal of property taxes is the only Permanent solution with a consumption tax, and Hoosiers deserve, nevertheless, the right to vote in a referendum.
Secondly, Senator Long indicated that the Caps that became law last session were illegal because they violate the uniform & equal Constitutional provision, thus another reason to put the bill in the Constitution. The first aggrieved party to hold good standing in a law suit may have a case. It would not be the first time legislators passed something for political expediency and the courts later ruled unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

He even ignores all the mail I send him. Not even sending a usual canned reply. We not only have bloated goverment we also have corrupt government.
But alas, how many people would show up down there to protest him? How many vote for him. We have gerrymandered these people into forever office. Like we are stuck with Carson forever.

Anonymous said...

Its all part of the stagecraft. HEA 1001 was dead before they signed it, last year. SJR 1 was the straw man for this year. Mitch and Fat-Pat-Rat-Hat have a mutual agreement that all property tax reform will die a lonely death. They want things to stay as they are or, worse. Its their "Stable form of revenue", until they have taxed us all out...

Anonymous said...

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Channel 13 news reporter, Steve Jefferson will moderate questions and answers. The public is invited