"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, April 20, 2009

CITY VOLUNTEERISM: Join April 24th Great Indy Clean UP!

HFFT encourages volunteerism and self-reliance. One way to help keep taxes low, is to take ownership of your neighborhoods. Notices are going out now in neighborhoods. I received my notice from MKNA over the weekend. I hope you will take a few hours on Saturday and help do a little spring cleaning in your neck of Indianapolis.
--Melyssa for HFFT


INDIANAPOLIS - On Saturday, April 25, 2009, Mayor Greg Ballard will be the
first among thousands of volunteers from 70 different neighborhood
organizations to flood the streets of Indianapolis in an effort to give
Indianapolis a spring cleaning. Volunteers will pick up litter, clean
alleys, and plant trees during the kickoff of the "Great Indy Cleanup,"
a litter abatement program which runs annually from April through October.

"The Great Indy Cleanup is a great opportunity for everyone to do their part
to make our community cleaner and safer," said Mayor Greg Ballard.
"I encourage all residents to not only get involved today, but to commit to
keeping our neighborhoods clean throughout the summer and all year round."

The "Great Indy Cleanup," a program of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.
(KIB) in partnership with the City of Indianapolis, South Side Landfill,
Covanta Energy and Republic Services, aims to relieve streets, walkways and
alleys of the obtrusive eyesores left behind by litter and illegal dumping.
Neighborhoods receive help from DPW crews with trash trucks and dumpsters.
KIB coordinates the event and provides gloves, garbage bags, banners and
donated Coca-Cola products to help make the cleanup a success. Disposal of
the trash is generously donated by South Side Landfill and Covanta Energy.

Last year, volunteers removed more than 2 million pounds of litter through
277 neighborhood cleanups as a part of this program. The "Great Indy
Cleanup" is part of the "Great American Cleanup," the nation's largest
community improvement program, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

The kickoff ceremony will be held at 8:00 a.m. at Charles A. Tindley School,
3960 Meadows Dr. and will include a call to action from Mayor Ballard for
all residents to pick up litter throughout the month of April. Mayor
Ballard's "Pledge to Pitch In" program encourages all residents to do their
part throughout the month of April by cleaning up yards, streets and alleys
to help keep their communities free of litter and debris. Residents can
register to "Pledge to Pitch In" by calling 317.327.5300 or visiting


8 a.m.
Opening Ceremony Speakers: Greg Ballard, Mayor of Indianapolis; Olgen
Williams, Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis; David Forsell, President of Keep
Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.; Marcus Robinson, Principal and CEO of Charles
A. Tindley Accelerated School and Dr. Charlie Schlegel, School Director of
Challenge Foundation Academy. Great Indy Butt Out high school winners
announced. Top two high schools that picked up the most cigarette butts in
the month of April will be acknowledged by Mayor Ballard.

8:45 a.m.
Volunteers and residents start cleaning the city. Mayor Ballard and staff
will be joining neighbors and volunteers to clean up litter throughout

1 p.m.
Mayor Ballard will join Warren Pride for the Wrap-up Celebration at Creston
Middle School, 10975 East Prospect.

"Every Litter Bit Helps"
Beginning April 6th, residents have been able to register for the Every
Litter Bit Helps campaign. Sign up at any YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, any
Marion County Public Library, or any Marion County Papa John's Restaurant.
Volunteers will receive a trash bag and gloves, and can place their
collected litter out for their standard weekly trash pickup.

The Great Indy Cleanup program kicks off on Saturday, April 25 and runs
through October. Neighborhoods can organize their own litter cleanups and
receive resources through KIB. KIB provides gloves and trash bags as long
as supplies last. Limited dumpsters are available. To sign-up, visit
www.kibi.org or contact Tammy Stevens at tstevens@kibi.org or 264-7555, x116
for information.

While KIB encourages private beautification projects around the home and
personal property, the resources allocated to this neighborhood development
initiative are reserved for cleaning public spaces only-not for
personal/household use.

For more information about other beautification programs and resources that
can help your neighborhood, visit www.kibi.org.

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Anonymous said...

It always amuses me that the ones this should really reach are never the ones to participate-During alley cleanups only a handful of people would step out their door to, at the very least, clean up their own area of the alley. The usual ten people would do the entire alley- and even when approached to participate the slob house owner made an excuse and as usual it looks like a mess to this day. So people participate, you feel good after.