"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Formal Introduction

As of today, I City-County Councilman Ed Coleman am taking over as editor of the HFFT blog for a few months while Melyssa completes an important project. I have been given full authorization to give HFFT a new feel while I am the editor.

The first change will be that I will not be blogging daily. With the acceptance of two new writers you will be hearing from Sean Shepard and Mike Kole. The two of them will be bringing to you the issue of the day to keep you well informed on the issues that matter most to fellow Hoosiers. Hopefully you will enjoy their fresh views and comment regularly.

I personally plan to post once or twice a week. I will be posting on the big issues that pertain specifically to Indianapolis. I plan to keep you all informed on the goings on in the city council and provide my own take on each issue. I hope to get great feedback as I will be using your opinions and advice to help in my decision making process to help make Indy the great city that it can be.

For those of you that will miss Melyssa's somewhat interesting reporting from time to time, don't fret. Melyssa will pop in from time to time to give us great input as well. Don't think that I am trying to change this blog. This is the blog that Melyssa created and will stay that way.

Hopefully you will all enjoy the temporary change and continue your loyal readership.


Melyssa said...

I did not create this blog for it to be solely my voice. My vision for the blog was that it was a place for The People.

HFFT's web traffic has consistently achieved 200 to 400 unique readers daily with spikes as high as 850 unique readers.

I'm very thankful that Ed agreed to take over for a bit while I get a big personal project started and take care of my personal life and my sales career, which at times, was neglected for my activism.

David Coker said...

Some of you might be interested in taking a look at this, my latest column in the Evansville Courier & Press.


I make reference to the tax rally in the routunda of the statehouse which we all participated in a few weeks ago. I also share a personal experience pertaining to out-of-control spending and borrowing which I have monitored for many years.

Some of you might even log into the web site and post a comment -- most of the readers down here in the People's Republic of Vanderburgh County are pretty hurtful and stupid.


David Scott Coker

Anonymous said...


Next chance you get stop in New Albany and say hello. We appreciate all your support keep in touch.

Freedom Of Speech
New Albany, Indiana