"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is Barnes & Thornburg Cashing in on Simon Pacers Bailout?

With the recent claim from the Pacers that they did not ask for the $15 million bailout from the Capital Improvement Board, it makes us ponder why the CIB put forward a dire request for $15 million, while allowing the Simons (team owners) to be vilified.

One possible reason is that CIB President Bob Grand, also managing partner of Barnes & Thornburg law firm who represents the Pacers, wants a cut from the bailout of your money. Assuming Grand's firm got 30%, that's a cool $5 million.


Anonymous said...

Or, it could have gone down like this :

"Bob, we need to talk. Do you remember that discussion we had before putting you in charge of CIB - the one where we told you that if anything were to happen that reflects negatively on the Pacers, that CIB would take the fall? Well buddy, that time has arrived sooner than we expected. Rest assured, you'll be well compensated, as promised. We have a friend over at IBJ putting the final pieces on this thing right now and it's gonna fall out in front of the public over the next couple of days. I want to thank you for everything that you've done for us. I'll be in touch."

...just a thought.


Shorebreak, you scare me. Thing is your version sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Pacers wait until now to claim they never asked for the $15 million?