"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Nothing to do this weekend? Here's an invite!

Come to Clarksville Indiana for the Indiana/Kentucky State Libertarian Party Convention!

There is record attendance this year from both sides of the river! It's an off-year with no elections, the Libertarians have filled the host hotel (Holiday Inn, Clarksville, IN) and reportedly this Libertarian Convention is one of the largest in the country!

Check out the agenda!

The Hospitality Suite opens at 4 PM tonight (Friday). Drop by whenever you get off work, drive down (or up if you are in KY), get checked into the hotel, and are ready to mingle. We will have some early registration tonight. Formal Registration begins at 8 AM tomorrow. The convention begins promptly at 9 AM tomorrow. If you will miss either of these registration times, no worries. you will be accomodated and welcomed!

If you have some friends on the fence about attending, they still can! They will register people at the door tomorrow morning.

If you have any further questions today or tonight, please call
Chris Spangle
Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana
(317) 997-558.


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