"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"C'yall! I don't need you anymore!"

1. Raise Taxes
2. Increase Spending
3. Break Campaign Promises


melyssa said...


Melyssa said...



Downtown Indy said...

Looks like he's really packed on the pounds in the past 18 months. is the lamb being fattened for the slaughter?

Anonymous said...

The first thing that really bothered me about Ballard was when he proudly attended a speech by Bush in southern Indiana just after Ballards election victory. He looked as though he was proud to be acknowleded by the draft-dodger-in-chief, whose VP went to even greater extremes to avoid Vietnam. If I were a recently retired Marine I'd have wanted nothing to do with them. I would have accepted acknowledgement from ether of them as an insult to my intelligence and to my allegiance.

But Ballard did the opposite. He was positively glowing when Bush acknowledged him. I knew then and there that Indy had elected a yes man, suitable to be molded to the will of inflated ego's, money power, and influential private interests. After all of Ballards training in leadership, the voters forgot one key element: Before being trained to lead, Ballard was reformed to follow. And that's what we've got - a follower who will take his orders to the people.

Advance Indiana said...

But who rode in the car with Ballard on the way to that Bush speech in Southern Indiana, Shorebreak? Answer, Bob Grand and Joe Loftus. That marked the beginning of Ballard's decision to cede total control of the city to these two men and simply take orders from them. That's why the man isn't growing in office; only becoming smaller. His inability to think for himself has become painfully obvious.

Anonymous said...

So then.... knowing that the mayor is not acting in the interest of the community, the question then becomes "are his actions legally valid?" I've proposed this before, and my response from you (Gary) was that in the case of Indianapolis Water, rate payers were not granted the option of a legal ruling on the matter.

I believe that what we need from elected officials is a legal contract with "will do" and "won't do" contained within, as part of a campaign platform. Once the person is elected, any violation of the contract becomes grounds for dismiassal and punitive legal action. Any changes to the contract subsequent to the election must be approved by referendum.

Flipper said...

I drove Ballard to New Albany that day along with his new best friends Bob Grand and Joe Loftus. In the 2 1/2 hours down there and 2 1/2 hours back Ballard had quite a lesson on how to be a politician.
Email me sometime and we can discuss a lot of issues.

We need to get together before June 10th to plan our little hell raising adventure.