"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are we left to the mercy of last-minute deals, spin doctors and fast-talking lobbyists?

"Indiana government has grown so complex there are not enough reporters or even informed activists to stay with its twists and turns. There is simply too much going on. We are left to the mercy of last-minute deals, spin doctors and fast-talking lobbyists."

If Indiana's Tea Party activists would work toward the goal of reform of local government, I believe we could get Indiana's government under control with the help of a handful of good politicians who are doing all they can to serve us well. It's time to take the tea parties to school board meetings, city council meetings, and the state legislature. --Melyssa for HFFT


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree and respect your leadership and experience, but I believe in a type of focus and discipline. Focus in having a compelling, understandable case on a particular issue. Discipline in staying on it and not drifting to others that are divisive, either from those disagreeing within your own big tent, or those that want to splinter your movement. I see opportunity from the townships to D.C. in spelling out the consequences of economic fantasy- California being the petri dish & majority of polled America expressing concern. Mervilde's raise was batted aside for now. There was some rising in the rabble against the economically dysfunctional state budget proposed at the end of the regular session. There is a stirring. But, I again, respectfully, suggest that unless we want to see the pepetuation of this childish notion that everybody can have everything, we need the incredulous middle of America to move abortion, immigration, et al, down the list for now. To pull this out of the fire, we have to focus on government that is accountable and expects sacrifice from ALL- not just the constituency of the other party.


Well put, anonymous.

Why not sign your name to your opinion?

Anonymous said...

I suppose a high sales tax makes sense if you want it at local level, or even state level.

But its a different animal entirely at federal level. What you don't address -- ever -- not once, is the preposterous notion of Fairtax at the national level that all cities and states would have to pay huge sales taxes to the federal government.

Yes -- Fairtax at national level is based on getting massive taxes FROM cities and states -- including Indiana. And every city in Indiana. Even the federal government would have to absurdly pay ITSELF a tax -- which is fine, but they count that as income, not as an expense.

Its as crazy as anything the mad hatter ever said to Alice in Wonderland.

Don't get me wrong - Im all for Fairtax, crazy as it is. I would love to see it. I would love to see the shock on people's faces and the disblief in state legistlatures and city councils when suddenly they have to pay massive sales taxes.

Fairtax is not just a tax on people -- oh no. In fact, thats not even the biggest part of Fairtax.

The biggest part of Fairtax revenue would come form GOVERNMENT.

Neal Boortz has tried to hide it - but it's there. Read page 148 of the Fairtax book, for example. "The federal government ITSELF will become a MAJOR taxpayer" .

Read pages 138 -142 Fairtax Answer Book, where it justifies taxing the federal government, by sayingn they will tax city and state government too.

It's all nonsense -- take away the almost 2 trillion dollars Fairtax would be charging the cities and states, and they would have to raise the sales tax to over 60%.

Fairtax only gets 23% because it pretends it can get all this money from government.

Which is why Fairtax has never gone anywhere on national level. Corporations laugh at it -- this ruse never fooled them for a moment. National Retails have blunty said it would "decimate" our economy.

Sure -- it sounds great. It sounds fantastic. But sadly, its a shell game, a deceptive hoax.

Its actually a massive HIDDEN tax itself -- which is ironic, because thats supposedly what it is agains, hidden taxes. This would be the biggest hidden tax in history.

But it will never pass -- Fairtax isnt about to try to tell every city and state to pay massive taxes to the federal government. They did all they could to hide this huge tax in their own books. And they hid it for a reason - they don't want anyone to know.

They are not serious about passing this at a national level.

Oh sure, a sales tax would simplify everything -- it would do many of the things Fairtax claims. But our spending is so high, so amazingly high, that a sales tax that really paid all the taxes we now pay, would have to be more like 60%. Not 23.


Thank you.