"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Town Hall to discuss downtown ICVA & CIB

Jose Evans, CityCounty Councillor, District 1

Invited: All members of the public.

Future of the Convention Center, Downtown & Proposal from the Special Session of the General Assembly

Don Welsh, President & CEO of the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association,
Barney Levengood, Executive Director of the Capital Improvement Board
Craig Huse & John Short, members of the CIB

WHEN: Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Reception at 6:00 pm
Program at 6:30 pm

Opportunity to comment and Q&A to follow.

Public input & feedback is vital!!!

WHERE: 4925 S. Shelby Street Perry GovernmentCenter
(Behind Fire Station on Thompson Road near Northwest corner of Madison Ave. & Thompson Road)

Contact: Mike Speedy, 317-786-6689


Pete Boggs said...

Citizens need a referenda styled game show to shut this stuff down, a prime time weekly hosted by Ann Coulter, welcome to "That's Crap & You Know It."


LOVE IT, Pete!

Anonymous said...

I'm open to the idea that I know relatively "nothing" about education. It's plausible that Dr. Mervilde is deserving of a raise of some sort, based on my lack of scrupulous knowledge of his day-to-day and cumulative accomplishments on the job. It's also possible that with double digit enemployment, record foreclosures, and a school district absolutely depending on volunteer time and money to achieve it's accomplishments, that we can't fund a raise even if it's deserving. However, there's NO way the MSDWT school board are performing their duties in representing the taxpayers of the school district if they deny public input, in a public form, prior to such a measure coming to a vote.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing more then a dog and pony show. Mike Speedy is bringing down Jose Evans from Pike Township. It appeaars that Mike is supporting Jose Evans for Mayor against Greg Ballard.

Has Mike Speedy seen the writing on the wall or is he helping to write it in his own style?

Mike, I knew that you were upset at the Republican Party. but helping a Democrat? Why not just become a Libertarian?