"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Indianapolis is not on The Forbes list of most recession-proof cities

Is the price of gas versus your monthly budget worrying you? What about the rising cost of food?

How about that property tax bill that's going to show up next month with a big fat increase packaged by Indiana's legislature as "relief"? Does that worry you? Or how about a state property assessment that is drastically higher than the real value of your home in Indiana's declining housing market?

If you are bothered, you can blame our status quo government here in Indiana, you can consider moving to one of the cities that made The Forbes List, or you can stay and fight the status quo republican and democrats that are responsible for our rising sales and property tax and declining home values.


David Myers said...

WWhy is it always the government fault? Who is forcing anyone to fill up those big cars and trucks? When I go out on the week-end I see traffic is just as heavy as it always was. I see people sitting in the drive up burning that high price has as you put it, while no one is at the inside counter. There are many ways of bring this price of gas down. I use a whopping 2.3 gallons last week and I have not even gotten my scooter out yet. It will take three years for the full 1% cap to go into effort. Yes this year the property taxes will be high, but they will recline the next three years still the 1% goes into effect. When are you ?

Taxpayer said...

The previous reader is assuming the bill passed this year has no hidden surprises, and that no changes will be made to it next year. Sorry, but I expect to see the General Assembly go to work picking away at whatever minimal "relief" was there, starting with the caps. Remember, big business is NOT happy with property tax "reform", the educrats are furious, and the election will be over by then. What incentive do they have to do what the People want now? If you think those caps will ever be permanent reality, I'm afraid you're in for a big disappointment. Trusting the politicians is risky business, friend.