"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

U.S. Government forces Americans to work four extra days in 2008 to pay tax bill

Illustration: Tarred and feathered tax collector of colonial times

Today is Cost of Government Day according to Americans For Tax Reform.

Today marks Day 197 when you are finally free of your role as slave to the government's extortion of your labor. Last year you were free on Day 193.

This year your government demands nearly another full week of your labor. Do you realize your government is now more than half way toward the goal of owning 100% of your labor and ultimately your life?

At this rate, how soon until Americans work 365 days each year to pay the cost of a lawless government?

Keep on voting for that "lesser evil" member of the republican or democrat party. Afterall, the republican and democrat parties worked out great for us so far, haven't they? Each year they own more of our labor and we own less.

The American government run by republicans and democrats, who by account of how much of your labor they extract each year, have the opposite of freedom in mind for your life and the lives of your children.

Call your Congressperson now to insist they co-sponsor the FairTax.

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Anonymous said...

Think about that number. Imagine how you’d feel if you’d just lost over half of everything you own. Half your business, half your investments, half your income. Imagine how you’d feel if a group of dangerous criminals, breaking every law that applies to them, took half of all you possess, or even want to possess.

Well, according to the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation, you don’t have to imagine very hard. You just have to think about how you feel right now. Because they’ve calculated the current cost of government, by taxation and direct regulation (but omitting the horrendous cost of the Fed’s devaluation of currency), at 53.9 percent; and the Cost Of Government Day (or Tax Freedom Day) is today, July 16.

Welcome to the USA, where government takes well-OVER HALF OF EVERYTHING!

Sheesh. In the Old Testament’s I Samuel 8, they thought it a horror that the King would take ten percent!

Oh, and if all this isn’t bad enough, the EPA has done a little calculating, and they’ve decided that the value of a human life has dropped almost a million dollars, to 6.9 million dollars.

As the value of each dollar plummets, that is not very good news at all…