"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Harassing & Intimidating Comments on this blog traced to a U.S. Congressional office

It was widely reported last week that an unprecedented number of emails were received by Congress from citizens in protest of the bailout causing an overload the equipment and was unable to handle the volume.

You would think that with Congress' bandwidth compromised, staffers in our Congressional offices would not be on line harassing citizens who run taxpayer advocacy blogs such as HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION. Unfortunately it appears between September 30th and October 3rd, a congressional staffer was doing just that.

On September 30th, I blogged that Obama's filthy fingerprints were all over the sub-prime mortgage crisis. That was the first day this blog received derogatory, intimidating, and harassing comments directed at me personally. I am a staunch supporter of the 1st Amendment and approved the nasty comments from "Dorendera", "MissAnnHater", and "Todd Plugg". You can read the comments mentioning my "slave" and "dildos" here. Not exactly the language we want to hear coming from Congress, is it?

The reason I require moderation of comments is to keep the blog spam free, not to stop free speech. I didn't think to check our stat tracker to see if I could trace who wrote the comments figuring they were from someone local still holding a grudge that I played a key role in removing Bart Peterson from office.

The comments persisted and showed up again when I blogged that the Obama Crimes website received 1.7 million hits. This time appearing under just one moniker, "Todd Plugg". Again I approved the comments to be published and didn't check the stat tracker to see who might be posting them. You can read the comments again here.

On Friday October 3rd to poster showed up again with the similar moniker "Tadd Plugg", with the same tone and message. I approved the message, but this time checked the stat tracker to see from where the message came. I was horrified to learn that the only person on the HFFT blog during the date stamped time of the message came from an IP at the United States Congress and from taxpayer owned equipment and bandwidth. You can read the comment here.

On this date between 5:24 pm and 5:35 pm only two individuals were tracked by our stat counter on this blog. They were my I.P. at my office computer and an I.P. at Congress labeled housegate34.house.gov

To this unwise staffer, please know that I kept a screen shot of the stats in a time stamped email and plan to report the matter to our local FBI office on Monday. I've also notified friends in the press.

You've been caught and documented committing a crime from a Congressional office using taxpayer funded equipment.

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