"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, December 30, 2011

Senator Richard Lugar's employers request his correct Indiana address


The U.S. Postal Service returned letters mailed by Certified Fraud Examiner Greg Wright to the Lugars earlier this year and marked the envelopes "wrong address".

Wright presents evidence causing many Hoosiers to believe that Senator Lugar committed multiple felonies by registering a fraudulent Indianapolis address from which he voted absentee in Indiana elections.

Senator and Mrs Lugar use the address of the house they sold over thirty years ago for voting, vehicle registration, and drivers license. That address is 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis.

This is the same address Senator Lugar used in 1995 when he filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for President.

Ask yourselves this. If it was discovered that you registered your vehicle or your voter registration from a false address, would you not be held accountable?

With all the hot water that Secretary of State Charlie White is in these days for the exact same offense, I am reasonably sure he would like to know why all of Indiana's citizens and politicians are not equal under the law.

If we do not have the rule of law, can we claim that we are a fair and just society?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ron Paul to unite Occupy & Tea Party

All along, I've wanted the Occupy movement accomplish something meaningful like the Indiana Tea Party protests did in 2007 when we got property tax capped at 1% and threw out the crooked incumbent mayor who locked citizens out of city hall, gave us a budget with blank pages, and borrowed the city's operating expenses from the bond bank.

Witout the Tea Party, the Occupy movement does not represent the 99%. They represent roughly half, give or take. A united Occupy and Tea Party is the formidable opponent to the presstitutes and the elites who give the orders.

Advances are being made now to unite the two movements and Ron Paul is the guy to get the job done.

Back in September, I bought a catered dinner on behalf of the Tea Party and delivered it to 50 of our Occupy Indy protestors. Some of them were homeless, so I am sure it was appreciated. I made sure they all knew I was a tea party leader and they are not different than me. I wanted them to know that we are all in the same boat and that because of capitalism I was able to buy their dinner and crony capitalism (corporatism) along with the Federal Reserve is why America finds herself where she is today.

Both Occupy and the Tea Party is disenfranchised by people we are supposed to be able to trust.

Ron Paul’s full comments on the Occupy Movement:
That in a way is a challenging question, because along with that question, I get a lot of times asked about the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement started here, gets big, a lot of different people come in. I think the same thing has happened with Occupy. I put them together—I put both groups together. Because I think both groups are unhappy about what’s happening in Washington, and around the country, and the economic conditions. But their complaints are somewhat different.

The Tea Party people basically say the debt is too big and we should shrink the size of government. Occupation seems to be more addressing the subject of the very rich, and I think that can be a mixed blessing in the sense that in my talk already I’ve criticized many people on Wall Street and the people who get rich because they get special benefits from the government, whether they get contracts or whether they benefit from the devaluation of the currencies, or whether they get their bailouts, yes, we should address that. I think the Occupy people are.

But people who are wealthy in a free market who give an honest service or an honest product and they are rewarded by the consumer, they’re quite different. They have to be protected. We shouldn’t be jealous or envious of those people. So you can’t put them all together. So in many ways, I identify with both groups. There are some things the groups have changed a little bit. The first time the tea party movement was noted was December 16th four years ago when there was a spontaneous fundraising rally for our campaign. But it’s changed a lot. A lot of people come in. But I think it’s healthy.

I think if some people like to paint Occupy left and the Tea Party people right, but I think it makes my point. There’s a lot of people unhappy, and they’re not so happy with the two party system because we have had people go in and out of office, congress changes, the presidency changes, they run on one thing, they do something else. Nothing ever changes. And I sort of like it because I make the point that if you’re a Republican or Democrat the foreign policy doesn’t really change, even though there’s a strong Republican tradition of the foreign policy I’ve been talking about where we don’t get involved in policing the world. Does the monetary policy change? Do they really care about reining in the Fed? Would the Fed bail out all these countries around the world? More and more people know that now. But monetary policy doesn’t change .

Do we ever cut back? No. There’s no pretense to cutting back. They’re not even talking about cutting back. They’re talking about a token cut to proposed increases. All that talk about cutting a trillion dollars over the next 10 years, they don’t even want to start until 2013, and then they want to string it out. And it’s just cutting what’s automatically built into the budget.

But the Tea Party and Occupy people are just tired of it all. And they would like to see changes. And if the conditions get much worse, the demonstrations on the streets could get much worse, too. And that’s what we have to be aware of. But fortunately we still live in a free enough society where they can speak out. If they violate property rights, if anybody violates property rights, they do it at risk. Because that means they’re practicing civil disobedience and they might have to suffer the consequences. But there are sometimes people believe civil disobedience in order to make a point on what’s wrong with our laws that’s, they have to understand, that’s the risk they take. But basically I think it’s healthy on both sides, both the Tea Party movement and the Occupy movement.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul: If Netanyahu Says Israel Doesn't Need Our Troops, Why Can't I ...

Benjamin Netanyahu agrees with Ron Paul that Israel can take care of herself.

"My friends, you don't need to do nation building in Israel. We're already built. You don't need to export democracy to Israel. We've already got it. You don't need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves."

~ Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, - May 2011 before the U.S. Congress

Attacked and disowned for my Ron Paul support

A friend of mine (I guess ex-friend now) just wrote off my friendship forever because I support Ron Paul and will not support Newt Gingrich.

His name is Charles "Chazz" Sifers and he owns Stillwind Creations, a struggling hardscape company. I have known him for more than 15 years and never would have believed that my friendship to him meant less to him than Newt Gingrich.

Over the years I have supported and loved him. I've hired him to do hardscaping work for me when he was broke. I've referred him to work when he was broke. I've submitted on line reviews to boost his business and reputation. I've tried to be a good caring helpful friend.

Today he told me I was evil. He told me I was racist. He told me I was anti-Semitic. And he also told me his heart is much lighter now because he no longer needs to think of me as a friend.

I'm not sure what to think of it, but I am sure the post will generate a few comments. I cannot believe an adult would act this way.

Black Response in Defense of Dr. Paul -- True Voice for Black Voters

Ron Paul is looking better to me every day.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul Ad: Staying on the Right Path

They are calling this message Ron Paul's abortion commercial.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Max Keiser: JPMorgan Ordered Corzine to Pillage Personal Accounts at MF ...

Message from Ron Paul on tomorrow's Tea Party money bomb


Word is coming in from all over the country that the government is beefing up supplies at the now empty concentration (FEMA) camps.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Max Kaiser reports Jamie Dimon threatened to kill Corzine

Dimon threatened to kill Corzine?

Today Max Kaiser reports on InfoWars.com that he was told what really happened to investors money in MF Global.

He said that Corzine, an inept businessman, speculated and could not cover his losses owed to his creditor JP Morgan and was going bankrupt. JP Morgan was told there was not collateral to cover the speculation. JP Morgan chief James "Jamie" Dimon ordered Corzine to raid the segregated customer accounts or be killed.

The interview is linked today on InfoWars.com. I'm trying to find a commercial free You Tube broadcast of the segment with Kaiser and will link it here when I do.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ron Paul and American Optimism

Curious to know why so many Americans, upon learning Ron Paul's message, take to their feet, open their checkbooks, and become activists? Watch this interview from today with info warrior, Alex Jones.

Ron Paul discusses his plan for first year in office, how to handle the Federal Reserve, on peace and the plan to bring home our troops, and his well-organized campaign complete with grass roots troops throughout the country.

He also talks frankly about Eric Holder's Fast and Furious false flag on the American people, that if he was president he would fire Holder, issue an indictment, and conduct an investigation.

I think we deserve a moral president that defends our Constitution and stands on principle.

Ron Paul polling within 1% of first place in Iowa

According to "The Hill", Ron Paul is polling within 1 point of Gingrich.

Gingrich - 22%
Ron Paul - 21%
Romney - 16%

Supporters are planning another big money bomb on Friday December 16th. Ron Paul bulletin boards are buzzing with pledges to double and triple normal donation amounts.

The money bombs are buying massive amounts of media in Iowa and New Hampshire to air his compelling campaign ads.

None of the other candidates have campaign ground troops that can compare with Ron Paul's.

Don't be surprised when Ron Paul wins Iowa.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ron Paul: Wants America to be "best friends" with Israel

Ron Paul understands a central theme of Judaism: self-reliance.

Alex Jones Channels Cartman

It's actually no laughing matter. This fake interview with a Corzine characterization is probably not too far from the truth.

Change For A Dollar

Poignant. Tear Jerker.

Revealed: The Top 50 corporations that control economies

Goldman Sach's is #18.
JP Morgan is #6.
Bank of America is #25.

Care to guess who is #1?

Here is the list to check the top 50

Thursday, December 8, 2011

new Ron Paul Video: The American War-Machine

Who is Newt?

Hat Tip to Who is Newt Facebook Page


10/22/1991 – Voted for an amendment that would create a National Police Corps.

03/1993 – Voted for sending $1.6 Billion in foreign aid to Russia.

11/19/1993 – Voted for the NAFTA Implementation Act.

11/27/1994 – Supported the GATT Treaty giving sovereignty to the U.N.

08/27/1995 – Suggested that drug smuggling should carry a death sentence.

04/25/1996 – Voted for the single largest increase on Federal education spending ($3.5 Billion)

04/10/1995 – Supported Federal taxdollars being spent on abortions.

09/25/1996 – Introduced H.R. 4170, demanded life-sentence or execution for someone bringing 2 ounces of marijuana across the border.

01/22/1997 – Congress gave him a record-setting $300,000 fine for ethical wrongdoing.

11/29/2006 – Stated that free speech should be curtailed in order to fight terrorism. Called for a “serious debate about the 1st Amendment.”

02/15/2007 – Supported Bush’s proposal for mandatory carbon caps.

09/28/2008 – Stated if he were in office, he would have voted for the $700B TARP bailout.

10/01/2008 – Stated in an article that TARP was a “workout, not a bailout.”

12/08/2008 – Paid $300,000 by Freddie Mac to halt Congress from bringing necessary reform.

03/31/2009 – States we should have Singapore-style drug tests for Americans.

07/30/2010 – States that Iraq was just step one in defeating the “Axis of Evil”.

08/03/2010 – Advocates attacks on Iran & North Korea.

11/15/2010 – Defended Romneycare

12/05/2010 – Stated that a website owner should be considered an enemy combatant, hunted down and executed, for publishing leaked government memos.

01/30/2011 – Lobbied for ethanol subsidies.

01/30/2011 – Suggested that flex-fuel vehicles be mandated for Americans.

02/13/2011 – Criticized Obama for sending less U.S. taxdollars to Egypt.

02/15/2011 – Wrote book saying he believes man-made climate-change and advocated creating “a new endowment for conservation and the environment.”

03/09/2011 – Blames his infidelity to multiple wives on his passion for the country.

03/15/2011 – Stated that NAFTA worked because it created jobs in Mexico.

03/19/2011 – Shows no regrets about supporting Medicare drug coverage. (Now $7.2T unfunded liability)

03/23/2011 – Completely flip-flopped on Libyan intervention in 16 days.

03/25/2011 – Plans to sign as many as 200 executive orders on his first day as president.

04/25/2011 – Became paid lobbyist for Federal ethanol subsidies.

05/12/2011 – More supportive of individual health-care mandates than Mitt Romney.

06/09/2011 – Campaign staff resigned en masse.

07/15/2011 – Poorly managed campaign is over $1 Million in debt.

08/01/2011 – Hired a company to create fake Twitter accounts to make fake followers.

10/07/2011 – Stated he’d ignore the Supreme Court and bypass the constitution and congress

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Latest Ron Paul money bomb funding large media buys

Ron Paul raised another million in the last day. He still needs more.

The latest money bomb is funding two commercials on cable television in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Supporters are sending all they can to push Ron Paul's message out there to more people.

The commercials are sharp.

"Serial Hypocrisy" and "Big Dog". They are both excellent. Big Dog is way out of the box and is compelling.

I urge you to learn all you can about Ron Paul, and if you are already a supporter, I urge you to make a donation now.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The bloggers are taking notice: Google "Lugar Voting Fraud"

I checked to see how much coverage is published on the Lugar voter fraud story first told by Lafayette housewife, blogger, and tea advocate Diana Vice. I was pleasantly surprised to see many of the state's well known bloggers are not shying away from the story, even though our local media is timid.

Google: "Lugar voting fraud".

We need a major spotlight put on this legitimate complaint because it is up to us to demand the rule of law in Indiana. That's how it works.

Don't fret. The news is almost always on the blogs first these days.

WELCOME TO MY TEA PARTY - December 2, 2011 (first to report)

ADVANCE INDIANA - December 2, 2011

OGDEN ON POLITICS - December 2, 2011
OGDEN ON POLITICS - December 3, 2011

CITY BY THE LAKE - December 2, 2011

RUTH HOLLADAY - December 6, 2011 (former writer for Indy Star)

There is even an amateur You Tube news video made by a young freelance reporter named Jessica working the beat for WNOD.

State auditor finds $300 million surplus of corporate tax electronic transfers

This looks like good news, eh? Governor Daniels is on the record saying that each taxpayer would get a approximately a $50 credit in 2013. The Governor is also is on record saying that he thinks it should go back into the pockets of the taxpayers who earned it, yet stopped short of completely endorsing refunds by stating he is open to listen to the legislators.

Of course, it is the state democrats who want to spend the money now!

Fox59 has the story.

Make a polite request to local media to air the Lugar voting fraud complaint

Evidently Fox59 is shying away from covering the Senator Lugar voter fraud complaint filed by a certified fraud investigator and former school board member, Greg Wright. The charge, which appears to be irrefutable fact, gives evidence that Lugar is voting from a registered address to a home he does not own or reside.

It is being reported that lawyers from Barnes & Thornburg may have intimated a Fox59 reporter to put the chill on a story which deserves to be heard in light of the same type of investigation of Secretary of State Charlie White.

The question is simple. Does the rule of law apply equally to all who live (or say they live) in Indiana or not?

Niki Kelly continues to impress and covered the story in the Ft. Wayne Gazette.

Please consider sending polite emails to Fox59 in effort to offer public courage to air the story in Indianapolis, the state's capitol. Maybe Russ McQuaid has the moxy and journalistic integrity to do it. I am sure the story would garner national attention.

Fox 59
6910 Network Place
Indianapolis IN 46278
Main Switchboard: (317) 632-5900

VP/General Manager: Larry Delia
News Director: Lee Rosenthal

Ron Paul Ad - Newt Gingrich Serial Hypocrisy 60 second

This video is the big Drudge headline today.

Ron Paul is making good use of the money I'm sending! I'm going to send Ron Paul's campaign more money and so should you! Let his supporters finance our own media in Iowa to get his word out since he is not treated as an equal to the other candidates.

(since the presstitutes don't do their job)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Your child's Christmas happiness made possible by slave labor

Disney and Lego are the latest human rights violators forcing Chinese factory workers to slave from 8am to 10pm six or seven days a week to produce cheap toys for western children. The slaves who make the toys you buy this Christmas don't get to live with their children. Instead they see their children just a few times a year and sleep in bunk beds in a large dormitory without proper sanitation.

Do you really need to buy that crap for your children?

Read the details here.

Democrats For Ron Paul 12/03/2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy

Lincoln Plowman gets 40 months in prison

He always did say he was a public servant. Perhaps this might be the best we he can serve us by serving behind bars an example to other corrupt politicians.

I only wish the Feds would go after bigger fish than Plowman.

Related story.