"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Next INDIANA TEA PARTY @ NFL Opening Game on September 6th

The entire state of Indiana is invited
NFL Opening Game

Pan Am Plaza - Across from RCA Dome
Thursday, Sept 6th - Meet at 6pm
Bring your assessment (or facsimille) to put in the giant tea bag
At 8pm we march to the Downtown Canal to dunk the tea bag once more

National and local media will be downtown
...bring your signs or use ours

Make sure the rest of America
hears our message that we expect
property tax to be repealed in Indiana!

News from the north

Tax news from around Indianapolis.
(Commentary by local activist Jeff Hays.)

Daniels agrees to meeting on property tax issue-
"Have your people call my people. We'll do sushi..."

Blame for property tax troubles spreads to state finance agency-
The fickle finger of blame.

Tax board shying from cutting levies
Cockroaches run when lights turned on

Eliminating property taxes would force hikes elsewhere
LSA on LSD. Who spiked the Kool-Aid?

\u003d2007708280313">Citilink pushing for tax-levy hike-
The wheels on the bus IndyGo Round & Round. Get under the bus!

Taxpayer comments
Expletives deleted. Only text left: "Stop taxing our property"!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Melyssa's impressions of last night's CCC budget meeting with county & township assessors

Township assessors told their '08 budgets will survive was a headline in today's Indy Star with a picture of yours truly. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I have a few more to add about my impressions from last night's meeting.

Citizens, there is absolutely no way on God's earth that the reasssments will be pulled off without major incident. Mark my words.

Those of you who know me, know that I am the woman pictured with this article and a volunteer for HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION and coordinate many of the rallies. It was my first assessor's budget meeting.

The presentations gave me a pit in my stomach because I know it is impossible for the city to pull off what it is supposed to do. Not only that, the administrative and collection process is a dearly expensive to the taxpayers of an already crippled city budget. Our assessors' office is DOOMED to get the new assessments completed on time, correctly, and within budget.

County Assessor, Greg Bowes told me the new assessments will not be perfect and that a 5% or 10% error is not bad. Do you want to be one of the homeowners with an error on your statement?

The county assessor only has until Feb. 1 2008 to complete all the new assessments. They testified that our new tax bills will change little if any. Greg Bowes is implementing a new computer system, organizing a new staff, and has to have it all done by Feb. 1st. You all do know what it takes to implement a new computer system, right?

We have not forgotten the DMV disaster that Governor Daniels inherited when he took office, have we? I'm not aware of even the toughest, smartest, and most advanced companies in the corporate sector being able to pull off the task set before Greg Bowes...let alone that the poor guy has to do his job within an inept, city bureaucracy.

If you want to get involved with other courageous patriots who plan to take back our city and state for the People, then get involved because we're organized and we need you. We intend to end property slavery in our state.We will get property tax repealed and we will lead the rest of the country in reform. You don't want to miss out on being a part of these exciting times of victory for the people.

We're organized and we have the tools we need. We just need more people and more people to show up at rallies, government meetings, and volunteer opportunities. Give a couple hours a week to attend a rally and you'll help make a big difference.

There is a reason why we are now national news.

NEXT INDIANA TEA PARTY - Sept 6th, downtown Indianapolis
Bring your tax assessments (or facsimillie) to the Pan Am Plaza at 7pm before the Sept 6th NFL opening game. We'll be there with the giant INDIANA TEA PARTY tea bag and will march to the canal to dunk the assesments. Bring your protest signs!

"What Comes To Indy Is Killed In Indy"?

It's hard to argue with crime statistics. The editor of HFFT lives inside the city of Indianapolis and sees the crime daily and it is worrisome to anyone who loves Indianapolis and her people. Today it was reported by Indy Undercover that the prosecutor's office is being forced to post-pone more and more criminal proceedings each day because most of our police officers were not legally sworn in. These are only some of the reasons thousands of citizens who see what is happening attend tax forums, city council meetings, and rallies. We are fighting for our city! We can do it, but we only have one shot. We have to do it now or we will lose our city. Everyone needs to help.

Fort Wayne Libertarian Greg McClain, who calls himself "America's Most Dangerous Blogger", weighs in on Indy's crime, urban blight, police morale, and urban blight in a post called, "Indianapolis' New Slogan: What Comes To Indy Is Killed In Indy!"

"Indianapolis, known as the home of the NFL World Champion Colts, the Indy 500, the Brickyard 400 and the Pacers should consider a new slogan for the capital city of Indiana.The bloated bureaucracy of Mayor Bart Peterson, left unchecked in every avenue of his administration, has done nothing to fight, deter or curb the ever growing increase of crime rapping Indianapolis each day." Read the rest here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Call Your Legislator TODAY to demand property tax repeal !

The Indianapolis Star reports today that legislators are getting the message that we expect property tax repeal. Now is the time to telephone your state legislator. If they already support property tax repeal, please take a minute to telephone and thank them for listening to your voice.

If your legislator does not support the abolishment of all property tax in Indiana, call to inform your legislator that overwhelmingly the people want repeal and that he/she will not have your support unless they publicly step up and support a full repeal of property tax.

With today's Indy Star article, now is the perfect time to flood your legislator's office with phone calls.

Tonight's Council Budget Meeting -- PACK THE HOUSE !

Tuesday August 28, 2007: Christian Theological Seminary at 1000 West 42nd Street at 5:00 pm.

The Administration and Finance Committee (the folks who recommended the full Council pass Bart's 65% COIT increase) will be hearing testimony from the public. This is another opportunity for you to show solidarity and let it be know that we will fight and the People WILL have their way with OUR government!


Be sure to come with recommendations to slash the budget. One recommendation which has not yet been heard by the councill in a formal meeting is to cut all of the city patronage positions. One such position is the $80,000 a year job (plus city vehicle) held by council president Monroe Gray. Believe it or not he is a "communications director" for the fire department. We are not sure why anyone would put Monroe Gray in a communications job.

Corruption Cover-Up: Monroe Gray may not be investigated for ethics violations

Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana reports on the vote that may cause Monroe Gray to not be investigated for ethics violations. Now is the time to contact your city councilperson and all of the at-large city councilpersons to insist that Monroe Gray's concrete company is fully investigated. Monroe Gray failed to disclose his ownership in a concrete company, that received no-bid city contracts, to the council on his ethics paperwork.

You also may recall that a citizen complaint was made by Abu Henderson to Monroe Gray in January 2007 that councilor Patrice Abdullah did not legally reside in the district he represented. Although Monroe Gray had knowledge of this, he did nothing all year to bring the illegal residency to public light or prevent Abdullah from voting. Monroe Gray allowed Patrice Abdullah to vote to raise your county income tax by 65%.

The public needs to continue to demand an investigation of Monroe Gray. Please flood your city councilors with phone calls and emails.

Monday, August 27, 2007

VIDEO: Hudson Institute Economist Bill Styring advocates property tax elimination

Our economist friend Mr. Bill Styring, who spoke by video at the Constitutional Conversation, is soon headed to South Africa to receive the Gold Medal of Freedom. A Hudson Institute senior fellow, he was hired by Nelson Mandella some years ago, to manage their then new currency the Rand & fiscal policy. The Rand is the base currency for the Common Monetary Area (CMA), currently composed of South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland; and likely to soon add the nation of Zimbabwe into this monetary union. He sees the property tax issue, clearly- it's got to be eliminated and replaced.

Pleaseview the "Solution to property tax" video on the StopIndiana.com website. Mr. Styring makes an irrefutable case for elimination and replacement; which is getting the attention of legislators, as he explained to Dave Bond of Stop Indiana by phone this afternoon.

LA TIMES SAYS: "In Indiana, it's war on property tax"

Indiana's Tax protests are getting national attention. First the Wall Street Journal, then Sylvan Lake's Tea Party was picked up by CNN, and last week The LA TIMES contacted Hoosiers For Fair Taxation to write an article about the tax crisis facing homeowners in Indiana.

Property Tax News From Around Indiana

Foreclosure filings up in county-Indiana's new cash crop

State approves assessments of 3 more in areas-Musgrave love, by Craptain & Toenail

Daniels extends review of taxes-Time lapsed movie of a political suicide

Henry County to have hearing on income tax-Corpse receives lecture, but refuses to comment

School, government building projects targeted-More bureaucracy will fix it...It fixes everything

Counties get another extension on income tax decision-Push it to Dec '08 please--XOXO, Mitch

Tax reform is officials' goal in 6 counties-Rats demand 1st class passage on Titanic

Bring Solutions to Tonight's CCC Meeting

The city council meeting starts tonight at 7pm. It is a public budget hearing. Instead of complaining, let's present solutions to the CCC on how they can cut costs.

Let's start by axing the do nothing patronage positions and the mayor's political lackey's.
We can think of a couple that do nothing to help the taxpayer and earn over $80,000 a year.

Monroe Gray (CCC president) works in an administrative job in the fire department. Chief Greeson says Monroe Gray's job is a legislative communication position. Monroe Gray can barely be understood, why would anyone place him in a communication position? That just doesn't make sense.

Justin Olhemiller was just promoted from press secretary to a new $80,000 + position. What has he done for you lately?

There are many more such positions in local government. Be sure to tell the CCC tonight which positions you would like to eliminate.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hudson Institute senior fellow Bill Styring states property tax repeal will work!

Economist Bill Styring explains why the only solution is total elimination and replacement of the property tax system! Thanks to the good people at StopIndiana for getting us links so quickly.


IndyCorrupt blog is scanning and publishing internal city documents

We found this document which appears to be an economic study by Reedy & Peters, LLC Certified Public Accountants to detail the impact of the IndyWorks merger touted by Mayor Peterson as a huge money saver to the public. The document is dated November 8, 2005. A copy is scanned on a blog site called Indy Corrupt. If this is a genuine document, then the mayor knew all along the merger would cost the taxpayers a 97% increase in property tax. The site makes claims it has more information, so we will watch it.

Part of the analysis warns:
We find that although the Works proposal shows property tax reductions from its implementation, no property tax reduction is anticipated. Also, we find the result of not providing property tax reductions would cause a $40.5 million tax shift out of the IPD and IFD areas onto the township areas outside IPD and IFD. Further, we find the graphs and table in the "Property Tax Benefit Section" in Works to not be representative in base data or potential savings.


Everyone is encouraged to attend!

Tax Refund Hearing
Friday, August 24th, 2007 from 8:30 am
The Court House, Greenfield, Indiana
Judge Richard D. Culver will address refund issues for taxpayers who paid '07 taxes

This hearing comes after the initial filing in Marion Co., requesting: reassessment &
a 2006 cap on taxes; both of which were responded to, or ordered by the Governor.
City & county attorneys (Baker & Daniels LLP) are attempting to have the case dismissed.

Attendance is encouraged, but no signs or demonstrations in court please.

Stop Taxing Our Property
STOP Indiana
P.O. Box 40335

Indianapolis, IN 46240

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Illegal Vote to Double Your Tax by the City County Council

Please plan to attend two highly important meetings with signs demanding accountability from Monroe Gray (City Council President) for his failure to act on the citizen complaint he received in January 2007 that Patrice Abdullah did not reside in the district he represented as required by law.

Also make signs and prepare to protest the Patrice Abdullah's votes as illegal since the city council president had knowledge Abdullah held office illegally. In that Patrice Abdullah's vote to DOUBLE your county tax was an illegal vote, the vote is illegal and therefore there is not a majority to carry the adoption of the county income tax increase.

As an aside, Patrice Abdullah attended the Super Bowl and received the $600 tickets, yet he cannot pay his property tax inspite of the fact that he voted to raise YOUR tax. When a reporter asked him how he could go to the Super Bowl when his taxes were not paid, he said the trip was a "gift". When asked who gave him the gift, he replied "none of your business."

Monday, August 27th Meeting: City County Building @ 7pm
Tuesday, August 28th Meeting: Christian Theological Seminary @ 5pm

MEDIA CONTACT: Christina Cesnik(317)327-4245

Budget Hearing Goes on the Road
Indianapolis - In an effort to increase public input on the budget, the Administration and Finance Committee is taking the August 28, 2007 budget hearing to the Butler-Tarkington Area.

The meeting will take place at Christian Theological Seminary at 1000 West 42nd Street at 5:00 pm. Because of construction, people who wish to attend the meeting will need to enter the front door of the building and the meeting will be held in the Shelton Auditorium. Shelton Auditorium and parking is located at the second entrance west of Haughy Avenue or the fourth entrance east of Michigan Road. Signs will be posted directing people to the auditorium entrance.

The following agencies are scheduled to present at the meeting: Information Services, the County Assessor, and the Township Assessors

“It is my hope that holding this meeting outside of the City-County Building will make it easier for people to attend,” said Joanne Sanders, chair of the committee. “Council Committees were created to serve as the vehicle to solicit public comment on ordinances and resolutions. Committee hearings provide us the time to consider public input before we go to a full vote of the Council” Sanders continued.

President Monroe Gray said, “I am glad that this meeting is being held outside of the City-County Building. This is yet another way to get people involved in the budget process.”

The final agenda for the meeting will be posted online at Indygov.org on Friday, August 24, 2007 Information is also available by phone at 327-4241.

Polis Politics Commentary: Untaxed property is not the issue in tax crisis

Here's some good reading. Polis Politics is a good blog to check in with a few times a week.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The LA TIMES wants to talk with you if you are in danger of losing your home due to unfair taxation

We just received a call from an LA TIMES bureau chief who is doing a story on the tax crisis in Indiana. She would like to interview a couple homeowners who are in grave danger of losing their homes. In particular we would like to direct her seniors, but any homeowner or family in danger of losing their property is needed.

Please keep in mind a lot of seniors don't have computers. If you know of a senior, we would love to talk with them.

If you will consent to be interviewed, please call Melyssa 317-938-8913 with your contact information.

Mayor Bart Peterson confirms appearance at the Tax Forum @ Light of the World Church

Please spread the word:

Bishop T. Garrott Benjamin, Jr.
Invites you to a
Light of the World Christian Church
4646 Michigan Road
Sunday, August 26, 2007 , 5PM-8PM

Dr. Craig Johnson, Indiana University Department of Public & Environmental Affairs
Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Senate
Vanessa Summers, Indiana House of Representatives
Greg Ballard, Mayoral Candidate
John Price, Attorney @ Law
Joseph Slash, Indianapolis Urban League
Bart Peterson, Mayor of Indianapolis

Indiana’s tax situation has to be on just about every citizen’s radar. Light of the World Christian Church wants to explore solutions to this issue. Therefore, we are hosting a forum to discuss solutions to the recent increases in property and income taxes. Our goal is to assist the government in their search for a solution. We pray that God continues to order our steps as we seek a solution that is not unfair to the tax payer and still gives the government the revenue it needs to carry out city and state business.
Pastor Mmoja Ajabu
Minister of Social Concerns

Had Enough? NUVO "Indy's Alternative Voice" criticizes Peterson

Indy's tax activists will not soon forget how it felt to be locked out of our constitutionally guaranteed public forum at the city county council meeting with Bart Peterson on August 6th. It seems the liberal newsweekly NUVO took notice too.

Today's editorial by David Hoppe criticizes the weaknesses of democrat Bart Peterson.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Corruption in Indianapolis City Council? Say it ain't so!

Lots of rumors are circulating around the circle city regarding the corruption inside the Indianapolis City Council, which is the governing body that controls YOUR tax dollars. HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION activists are learning of a scandal that is going to blow wide open in the next few days. A lot of people think bloggers just have an ax to grind, but frankly, many mainstream news stories first leak on the blogs...particularly the stories that expose the corruption of politicians in city council. Be sure to add Indy Corrupt to your blog reading list as well as Indy Undercover, Indiana Barrister, and Advance Indiana, who recently led the news with the Patrice Abdullah residency fraud.

We all have the same goal: Hold politicians accountable to the rule of law.

Sen. Kenley does not want your property taxes repealed

Repeal Property Taxes? Can Local Govt’s Afford it?
Sen. Kenley Announces 4th Property Tax Hearing for Aug. 27 at 1pm in the State House Room 404.

The Indy Star article below suggests that Senator Kenley, Chairman, Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, is not listening to the voters and is pessimistic about property tax repeal. Our politicians need to hear our message loud and clear. We expect all property tax in Indiana to be repealed and will not stop with our protests until our politicians do as we say. If Kenley wants any chance of re-election he needs to get on board with the will of The People who are his boss.

"For many, Indiana property taxes -- which are assessed, raised and spent by units of local government -- are at unreasonable, even distressing levels. Some argue for their permanent elimination through a constitutional amendment.
Currently, all 50 states rely on property taxes. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Pennsylvania made efforts this year to completely eliminate them. All failed. So far, evidence suggests that the elimination approach is unsound. However, Indiana lawmakers are carefully considering if Indiana could and should
repeal property taxes.

Our first consideration is the amount of revenue
needed to replace property taxes. Today in Indiana, that amount is $5.8
billion. Given that a penny on our sales tax raises $900 million, the sales tax
would have to be raised 6.2 percentage points beyond our current 6 percent to
replace property taxes. That would risk putting Hoosier merchants competing with
neighboring states out of business and Internet sellers a 12.2 percent
competitive advantage over our bricks-and-mortar retailers.
Similarly, Indiana's income tax would have to be raised by 4.67 to 8.07 percent. Some combination might be achievable, but close analysis of all side effects needs to
be made on behalf of Indiana businesses and workers. NOT ENOUGH RETURN

One elimination proposal, supported by Advance America's Eric Miller, raises
sales tax by 2 percent and income tax by 1 percent, but those two steps raise
only half the money needed to replace property taxes.

Changing Indiana's constitution requires an amendment to pass two separately elected legislatures and be approved by voters -- a process that will take at least four years. I doubt taxpayers can and will wait that long for reform.
Fortunately, we have more immediate opportunities before us to begin solving this problem: Through Oct. 1, each county has the ability to adopt a 1 percent local
option income tax, which if directed to property tax relief would reduce
homeowners' property taxes by more than 50 percent beginning next year. This
would permanently help all taxpayers, but especially senior citizens.

A 2 percent circuit breaker goes into effect in 2008, insuring their property taxes
will be no more than 2 percent of the gross assessed value of their home.
Other reforms need to be done, including how we do assessments and how we
protect rental properties, senior and disabled citizens.
Capital Project Review Boards with elected citizen representatives are being established in all counties to review government construction projects.
Additional reforms will come from the governor's panel on local government reform. In the end, high taxes are a result of high spending.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Indiana Tea Party at Lake Sylvan lands on CNN !

In spite of the rain, the Sylvan Lake Indiana Tea Party in Rome, Indiana went very well. About 100 - 150 people showed up to toss their bills into the lake. The Sylvan Lake coordinators, Nick and Mike were wonderfully hospitable, if not a bit camera shy.

Three local Ft. Wayne television stations covered the event. We were surprised that South Bend's WSBT Channel 22 sent a news crew because of the distance, but they wanted to cover the Tea Party. As it turns out, they misjudged just how far away Rome, IN was and they showed up after we dunked the tea bag. We obliged and re-enacted it for them with the remaining crowd. We believe it was South Bend's WSBT that fed the story to CNN.

Here's the news coverage links. If we missed a story, please email.

Channel 22 WSBT - South Bend, IN

Channel 15 WANE - Ft. Wayne

Indiana News Center - Ft. Wayne

The Journal Gazette - Ft. Wayne

Channel 14 WFIE - Evansville

Channel 10 - Tampa Bay, FL

Friday, August 17, 2007

Indy Tax Dollars Blog is a good read

Indy Tax Dollars is a good blog to bookmark to dig beneath the surface of how we got into this mess.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


The entire state of Indiana will be holding yard sales to off set our property tax increases and to save money on household goods and clothing.

Selling Our Stuff to Save Our State
Show Our Solidarity!
Thursday September 13 to Saturday September 15

HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION will sponsor an Indianapolis Star classified ad in Indianapolis to announcing the addresses of all yardsale participants. Just email our local yard sale coordinator, Laura Hile, to have your address included in the advertisement which will run in advance of the sale.

If you want to sponsor a classified yard sale newspaper advertisement for participants in your town, let us know and we'll publicize your city and contact information on this website.

If you want a copy of the S.O.S. yardsale poster and flyer, please email and put "YARDSALE FLYER" in the subject line.

Be sure to publicize your yard sales (for free) on Craigs List .

Lake Sylvan Tea Party Earns Ft. Wayne's Journal Gazette Headline

Property tax foes set ‘tea party'
By Angela Mapes
Frustrated LaGrange and Noble county residents hope to brew a tempest when they dip a giant tea bag into Sylvan Lake on Sunday.

A group calling itself Hoosiers for Fair Taxation is inviting local residents to bring their property tax bills to be placed in a “tea bag” and dunked in the lake. The group had a similar rally last month in Indianapolis.

Hoosiers for Fair Taxation advocates abolishing property tax in Indiana, a news release from the organization said.

Nick Heffner, an engineer from Rome City who is helping organize the protest, said his property tax bill went up about $2,400. He’s never protested anything before but feels drawn to this cause, he said.“We just decided we’d make a little noise about it,” he said.
Assessed values in Noble County increased12 percent this year on average, county officials have said.

Heffner said he and his co-organizers have written to their state representatives and senators, as well as contacted local government officials.

What they’ve found is that local officials blame state ones, and vice versa, he said.
According to Heffner, the group’s informal comparison of homes on Sylvan Lake and nearby Lake Wawasee found huge disparities in property taxes on similar properties.

Even given the differences in location, “there shouldn’t be that big a disparity,” he said.
Sunday’s protest will take place rain or shine, Heffner said. Anyone interested is invited to meet at 2:30 p.m. at the Sylvan Lake public access site on Indiana 9 by boat or car.
For more information, visit http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com/.

Score One For The People! City Councilor Resigns Office Over His Residency Fraud


At the August 6th City Council Meeting several protestor did manage to get into the auditorium including two courageous gentlemen who knew of councilor Patrice Abdullah's residency fraud. They stood in the back of the auditorium and publicly shouted that Abdullah did not live in the district he represents and is required by law to live within.

The next day, local blogger attorney Gary Welsh reported on his Advance Indiana blog the residency issue and provided proof along with photos of the residence in question. Over the next week, Gary continued to dig into Abdullah's closet and wrote several more posts. His research included pictures of his yard. Another blog entry included research that election clerk, Beth White (D), knew of his residency fraud, and answers questions concerning zoning and building code compliance at Abdullah's residence as well as his deliquent property taxes.
Kudos to patriot, Gary Welsh for compiling all this research. Gary's research was picked up by Mary Milz at WTHR and by the Indy Star. Neither source gave direct credit to Gary and the activists for breaking the story, which we feel is a very important part of the story.

Patrice Abdullah's resignation is proof positive that citizen activism and pressure DOES work! It proves we have POWER to hold our elected officials to obey the rule of the law. There will be many more victories in the future the People continue to stand in unity. Next we must force the City Council to remove the County Option Increase Tax that was approved on July 23rd in opposition to the People's demands. By removing the illegal vote of Patrice Abdullah, it means the vote to increase your tax does not stand.

The next CCC meeting is Monday August 27th at 7pm. We're planning to be there at 5:30 with signs to make our demands known that we do not accept Patrice Abdullah's illegal vote to raise our tax!

Talk to Mayor Peterson on Friday August 17th

Mayor Bart Peterson accepted to be on the Afternoons with Amos show tomorrow. You can call him at 239-1310. Amos is known for screening out any caller who might have negative comments about Bart's administration, so make sure you are very positive and friendly when the producer screens you. Once you get on the air, go ahead and ask the tough questions about the budget, access to the city council meetings, the police merger or any other questions that Amos doesn't ask.

Thanks to Indy Undercover for the tip this morning.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sylvan Lake TEA PARTY for Noble & LaGrange Counties

driving directions
Bring your boat, pontoon, canoe, or hang out on the shore!


INDIANA TEA PARTY for Noble & LaGrange counties
at Sylvan Lake, Indiana -- August 19th @ 2:30pm
Meet at the public access site (parking available)
Or boat to the public access area

Nick Heffner - Sylvan Lake coordinator
Work 574-296-0069
Home 260-854-2191
Michael Friskney

Perhaps some have gotten the impression that ungoverned government and property tax woes are problems only in Indianapolis. But the citizens of Noble and LaGrange counties say it ain't so; and they mean to be heard!

We will continue to make plain our demand to abolish all property tax in Indiana . …All of Indiana.
And while we accept our duty to pay for just, responsible and governed government, we will no longer tolerate profligate spending that benefits only the elite few.

So in the spirit of responsible protest, and as an active petition for redress of grievances, we're pitching our tax bills into Sylvan Lake in the giant HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION teabag. It will be good, clean fun. But we'll make a point that is, we think, unmistakable.
The People will be heard. From now on. All across Indiana.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Andy Horning asks us to hold politicians accountable to the 'Rule of The Law'

At the moment we have a situation best described as a Full-Nelson Headlock on our politicians. We have them where we want them. We need only continue the pressure, demand what we want, and we'll get it. Really.

We cannot stop now. We cannot let up.

We're not asking for your money. We're not asking for more from you than just a little reading time, and just a little action. That's all we need.

You see, it's been a very, very long time since Americans took to the streets to demand respect from their civil servants. And ironically, in the nation founded on a mistrust of politicians, it's been a long time since Americans scrutinized their politicians.

Well, not a moment to soon, we're doing all the above, and it's working. So let's get serious and prepare for the next step.

I suggest that our next step be the Rule of Law; that rare but blessed state of governed government in which politicians simply obey laws as written. No "interpretations," no "penumbras" of meaning, no ifs, ands or buts.

Our constitutions are written as clear contracts to protect us from the usual corruptions and disasters of politics. Politicians can amend constitutions but they must obey them.

We can make them obey the law at long last.

This is no dream. It is not only possible, but very, very necessary. ...Right now.

Why? Because while a thief might break into your home and steal a few things, he can't steal your home the way politicians proved they can. And while a murderer may go nuts and kill as many as 40 people, politicians routinely kill millions. So it may be bad if you run a red light; but when politicians break laws, nations collapse.

Let's be clear on this: Our cities, state and nation are in dire trouble. We are on a knife's edge. We must demand our politicians obey the laws proven to work (our state and federal constitutions), or we will all be very, very sorry.

Happily, this means just a little homework, and a little action:
First, read the Indiana and USA Constitutions. These comprise your rights and governments' limits written down in black and white. You need to see how different are the laws and the actions of our politicians.

Next, keep checking back with HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION, and listen to 1430 AM, WXNT. This is not just a radio station plug; it's a fact that this station, and in particular, the Abdul in the Morning Show, has been doing the kind of investigation and reporting that's needed.

Third, between these two forms of communication, you'll find out when and where important meetings and events are to be held. Just show up and get noticed. That's it.
Stay tuned.
Stay focused.
Stay mad.

Andrew Horning, RDCS
7851 Pleasant Hill Road
Freedom, IN 47431
Home: (812) 859 4416
Cell: (812) 585 0504
Skype: andyhorning

'It's time to move away from property tax' -- Visit Indiana Farm Bureau's State Fair Booth

For more information:
Lew Middleton, 317-692-7818
Kathleen Dutro, 317-692-7824
Mindy Reef, 317-692-7822

Property tax petitions, postcards and more offered at Farm Bureau building during State Fair
Farm Bureau members and other property taxpayers will have a number of ways to persuade lawmakers and local officials to moveaway from property taxes when visiting the Farm Bureau building during the 2007 Indiana State Fair, said IFB President Don Villwock.

“At our property tax display booth, the theme will be, ‘It’s time to move away from property taxes,’” said Villwock. “Taxpayers can sign a petition asking Indiana’s elected officials, both local and statewide, to adopt permanent and substantial measures that would free our citizens from the burden of property taxes.

“Hoosiers all around the state are finally realizing what we’ve been saying for years – that we need to move away from property taxes to pay for schools and local government. We believe in shifting the tax mix more toward sales, income and other taxes that are easier to understand and better reflect the taxpayer’s ability to pay,” he added.

For signing the oversize petition sheets, fairgoers will receive a magnetic card that reminds citizens of five important points of civic responsibility, namely: to become informed, to register to vote, to attend a county council or school board meeting, to contact elected representatives and express concerns about property taxes, and to vote on Election Day.

Fairgoers can also sign postcards, addressed to Indiana Speaker of the House Pat Bauer or to state Senate President David Long, containing the pre-printed message that calls on all elected officials to adopt permanent and substantial measures to free Hoosiers from the burden of property taxes. The postcards will be collected in a drop box at the exhibit.

“Our plan right now is to deliver the petitions and signed postcards to legislative leaders at the Indiana Statehouse at some point in the near future,” said Villwock. “We hope our members and all fairgoers take this unique opportunity to express their deep desire to move away from Indiana’s outdated and unfair property tax system.”


Join fellow Hoosiers for a Constitutional Conversation on Tuestday August 21, 7PM, Pershing Auditorium at the Indiana War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis. Featured speakers will be attorney John Price to explain case against Indiana's unconstitutional property tax system, economist Bill Styring to explain the need and method for replacing this onerous system, and Andy Horning to inspire Constitutional appreciation and literacy, and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz (1430 AM) to promote active citizenry. Please attend and encourage other folks from your area to join us.

Check Stopindiana for details & updates.

2007 Property Tax Refund Due? Attend Refund Hearing on Monday

This news is in from StopIndiana.com:

There's a refund hearing this Monday (8/13), 9AM, at the Hancock County Courthouse, in Judge Culver's court; to consider the Marion County residents who either voluntarily or involuntarily (through mortgage co. escrows) paid the 2007 property tax bill. As you know, the Governor, on July 18th, eight days after the filing in Marion County, agreed to two of the demands, filed in that July 10th Complaint, reassessment and a roll back to the 2006 amounts. The final issue yet remaining is the refund issue.

Please forward this announcement to your contacts and anyone you know with a refund issue, to attend this Monday's hearing in Greenfield.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Signs of the Times?

Yard of Shame on North Meridian Street
(across from St. Paul's Episcopal Church)

Notice all the traffic? Contact us if you want to erect a Yard of Shame in your yard on a busy street and help us make sure these elected city councilor traitors of the People are held accountable come November. We've got some supplies left.

Finally! The 2008 City of Indianapolis Budget

Finally, as of 8:30 am this morning, we have access to the City of Indianapolis' budget. It is about a 500 page volume. You can print it yourself or you can call the city and pay a fee for them to print it for you.
Chris Spangle reported this morning on WXNT AM1430 that a suspicious line item on the Executive Summary (page 9, Character 03) was $297,728 in the 2005 revised budget ballooned to a whopping $64,442,233 in the 2008 budget. The line item in question is listed as "other". City councilor, Ike Randolph, says that it is likely a lot of hidden high dollar 'consulting' fees. He questioned that line item too.
You will recall that in May Melyssa Donaghy reported a conversation with city councilor and finance committee member, Jackie Nytes, in which she adamantly denied that waste or taxpayer abuse existed in city government. We understand her husband's company has a million dollar printing contract with the city.
The public hearing for the 2008 budget is on Monday August 27th. That gives us more than two weeks to study the proposed budget and fill the city council auditorium with a few hundred tax payers (that is if they will let us in our own meeting room).
Below are the links to download the budget. You can also pull up old budgets for comparison. The new budget is divided into sections. If you want the city print a copy (for a fee) call the controller's office at (317) 327-2198. They are very helpful.
2008 PROPOSED BUDGET - The City of Indianapolis
Prepared by Robert Clifford, City Controller
UPDATE: The city controller's office reported that you can drop off (or mail) a check to the City County Building, Suite 2222 in the amount of $16.28 and they will give you a printed copy of the entire 407 page proposed budget. The proposed budget can change from day to day and as changes are made they will add revisions to the city website.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Governor asks citizens for help with tax policy reform

The Governor created a commission to seriously study the layered bureaucracy of state government with the goal to reduce our tax burden. The commission provided a forum through which we can submit policy suggestions. This link takes you to a document which explains tax levies and increases.

The purpose of the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Local Government Reform (hereafter The Commission) is to develop recommendations to reform and restructure local government in Indiana in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations and reduce its costs to Hoosier taxpayers.

Indiana currently has about 2,730 local units of government with the authority to levy property taxes. This includes 92 counties, 1,008 townships, 117 cities, 450 towns, and 293 school corporations. Only 9 states in the country have more. To govern all of these units, Indiana elects an estimated 10,746 officials – including 1,100 with responsibility for property tax assessment.

Only 11 states have more than Indiana’s 92 counties. Many states that are much bigger geographically and demographically (including California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York) have substantially fewer counties and thus county governments. Only 18 states have more school districts. Indiana school districts range in size from more than 30,000 to fewer than 200 students, with 52 districts having fewer than 1,000 pupils. Only 13 states have more library districts. 31 states have no township government, and of the 19 states that do, only 8 have more than Indiana’s 1,008 townships.

For its size and population, Indiana has far too much local government. The structure and organization of local government in the Hoosier state has remained fundamentally unchanged since the mid-19th Century, the time of the adoption of the state’s second constitution. Despite the enormous economic, social, and technological changes that have occurred since that time, Indiana’s system of local government would still be very recognizable to Hoosiers from the Civil War era of our history.

As a result of this “layering” of local government, a typical Hoosier pays property taxes to at least five different taxing units, and often many more. Some of these “levies” (the technical term for the share of local government spending paid by property taxes) are capped by state law and can only grow at a fixed rate per year. But other levies are not capped, and these have grown and will continue to grow in an unregulated and rapid manner. The overall result is that, during the past 20 years, property taxes have increased at more than twice the rate of inflation and tax base growth. Since levies have grown faster than the tax base, the result is increased property tax rates and a growing property tax burden for Hoosier citizens.

The Commission on local government reform website provides access for citizen activists to submit policy reform suggestions. These are the questions that the commission is charged to answer:

1. What local government offices might be eliminated to achieve efficiences and cost savings for Hoosier taxpayers? In specific, should township/county property tax assessors be abolished in favor of a uniform process managed by the state?

2. What local units of government (including schools and libraries) might be succe4ssfully consolidated to reduce overhead and administrative expenses?

3. What services of functions of local government might be reduced, eliminated, or provided in new ways to achieve savings for Hoosier taxpayers?

4. What constitutional, statutory, administrative, or other charges are necessary to achieve significant reforms in the structure and organization of Indiana state government.

If you want to publish your suggestions after you submit them to the Governor's commission, you can add them to our comments section and they'll become a public record and should fodder some debate.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Peterson too cowardly to speak live & unscripted with the People?

I received a press release today from WXNT AM1430's producer, Chris Spangle stating that the Mayor's office did not accept Abdul Hakim Shabazz' offer to host this Thursday's morning show. Abdul extended the offer after the mayor whined about the press coverage he received the day after the majority of his city councilors voted to raise your income tax (without your permission) at the July 23rd city council meeting. Abdul gave the mayor carte-blanche to talk about anything he felt he needed to clarify to the People for four whole hours. Could Peterson be afraid of the People? People say he is.

Instead Thursday's show will be hosted by Andy Horning with Washington Township school board member, Greg Wright. Greg always votes against spending increases unless to fund academics.

Be sure also to tune into Wednesday's show which will be hosted by city council hall-of-famer Ike Randolph, whose courageous choice to decline to vote to raise your tax at the July 23rd meeting met with thunderous applause and cheers by the People. Be sure to call into the show with your regards for Ike.
Our job is to encourage our public servants to serve with honor.

Peterson adds gasoline to fire already spreading through citizen activism

Message from Melyssa

I arrived at the city county building at 5:30 with knowledge that Peterson sent text messages all day begging help from what supporters he has left to get to his dog and pony show early.

When I arrived at the mezzanine level immediately out side the council auditorium, there were already more than 100 people waiting to get in the locked doors. I asked the brown uniformed guard to unlock the west door for us. I was told he did not have the key. This is highly irregular, as these meetings happen on a regular basis and the door to the assembly room is always open.

We were forced by armed guards to stand elbow to elbow in the very hot mezzanine level for more than 30 minutes. I noticed people were being let in through the east doors. I personally asked to be let in those doors. I was told only city employees were allowed in the auditorium and that we would be told how many of us could come in AFTER they were seated. I was told that I am not allowed even after reminding them that I am their citizen boss (the taxpayer).
I announced to the waiting crowd why they were being denied admittance. It is being reported in the blogs that shortly after I spoke to the activists, Fire Chief James Greeson called me a "bull-dyke" and was overheard by numerous people. Misogyny at its best. But not to worry, I'm tapped into power he can only imagine having and I am certainly not rattled by the opinion of a man without honor!

How dare these arrogant public servants lock us out of our own meeting space!

The mayor can expect some unpleasant surprises from the activists in his future. Last night he added gasoline to the fire already spreading throughout the People of our city.

If he cannot manage to respect the law and the very people who gave him power to SERVE, then rude awakenings, PR, and legal attacks are coming from every imaginable angle and source. Our networks of smart, educated, successful, well connected professionals are growing every day.

If you want to get involved with the activists that are taking back our city, we welcome you. It's hard work, but it is also a lot of fun. You'll get to meet courageous, smart new friends. The best way to start is to show up at rallies or call to join our ladies' activist group. If you want to donate legal expertise, we need you too. We're building quite an impressive network of lawyers who studied law because they love the constitution!

Be part of the solution. We're taking back our city from the thieves and shall never let our city and our citizens rights and freedoms die at their hands.

Our leaders, who break the law, will be held accountable by their citizen taxpayer bosses.

For links to news stories about last night's slap-down of the People by Bart Peterson, see Hoosier Access, Advance Indiana, Indy Undercover or PolisPolitics blogs.

Monday, August 6, 2007

News gets worse for incumbents

Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana covers the The Indy Star's report that no incumbent is safe and that Republicans are starting to send big dollar donations to mayoral challenger Greg Ballard.

Monroe Gray writes a letter to the Indy Star editor and is pulvarized by citizens throughout his district in the accompanying comments section.

Indy Star reports that Peterson's police merger fell far short of the savings we were promised. Does that surprise you?

Indy Undercover reports that Bart Peterson is giving a $200,000 a year crime prevention position to Melina Kenneday (who has no criminal prosecution experience). Democrat headquarters denies Indy U's assertion. That decision is likely to blow up in Peterson's face as another wasteful expenditure of public funds given away to a patronage position.

Even Jen, communications director for the democratic party, acknowledged that city councilors are worried about re-election. It is interesting to note that she thinks Peterson is a sure bet for re-election. The people in the street (many of whom are democrats) might not agree with her, especially as they are learning what a mess our city finances are in.

YOU can be a part of tomorrow's news by coming to the City County Council protest tonight. Sit on the front row and make yourself known that you are holding YOUR government accountable starting now!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Coalition of Neighborhoods Unhappy with City Council & Monroe Gray

NEXT PROTEST RALLY: Monday August 6th, 5:30 pm
Hoosiers for Fair Taxation, along with other activists, will meet at the City County Building to protest city government's runaway spending. Will will rally in front of City Hall at 5:30 and attend the city council meeting at 7:00. Word is that Bart Peterson will present the 2008 budget. We need another huge turn out to turn up the heat on our unaccountable elected officials. Bring you signs and your unmistakable message that we are not going away.

The Indianapolis Star
The powers-that-be at the City-County Building soon will be getting their comeuppance from the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations, better known as McANA.
The group's board voted last week to draft a public letter calling for greater transparency and accountability in how tax money is spent and criticizing the heavy-handed way the City-County Council treated the public at the meeting at which it enacted an income tax increase.

Several board members said they were outraged by what they saw, particularly the fact that Council President Monroe Gray cut off debate after a half-hour and wouldn't even acknowledge a proposed Republican amendment.

Tom Glass, a board member, called it "a despicable scene." Board secretary Jeanette Robertson called it "un-American."

McANA President Cathy Burton said she had been contacted by members of McANA who wanted the organization to weigh in on the council's vote to increase income taxes to 1.65 percent from the current 1 percent.
She said one man told her the council "brought (the income tax increase) into this world, and they can take it out."

But while board members didn't feel they should, after the fact, say whether the vote itself was right or wrong, they did want to acknowledge their displeasure with how the meeting was run, and their concern about tax dollars in general.

"It's my personal feeling that our government -- city, county, state, schools -- has not risen to the level of accountability I expect of them," Burton said. "They just need to do a better job of how they spend our money before they ask me to pay any more."

Friday, August 3, 2007

Press Release: Governor Creates Interactive Website with Center for Urban Policy

Center for Urban Policy and the Environment Director John Krauss talks about the development of the website.

Press Release
August 3, 2007
Indianapolis, Ind.

-- The Local Government Reform Commission launched a Web site today with support from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis and the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment.

“This Web site will give citizens, elected officials, and the media an efficient way to understand the commission’s work and contribute and ask questions,” said John Krauss, director of the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment. Governor Mitch Daniels announced the formation of the bipartisan Local Government Reform Commission in July and appointed the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment to act as staff and home for the Commission.

The public and policymakers can access the Web site at http://indianalocalgovreform.iu.edu/ to check progress and send comments to the commission.

The commission will publish a report for the citizens of Indiana in December 2007 with recommendations on how local government can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations to lower taxpayer costs.

The commission is co-chaired by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard and former Governor Joseph E. Kernan. The Center for Urban Policy and the Environment is well known for its non-ideological, data-driven research on issues that affect the quality of life in Indiana communities.

For more information about the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, visit its Web site (www.urbancenter.iupui.edu).
Source: Center for Urban Policy and the Environment

Take The World's Smallest Polictical Quiz

The World's Smallest Political Quiz has reached nearly 10 million Americans so far.
Take the quiz and link your friends to it.

Fair Tax Presidential Candidate Scorecard

Here's the Fair Tax presidential candidate scorecard on the Fair Tax site.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

S.O.S. "Selling Our Stuff" Stop Indiana Event & Other Rallies

StopIndiana.com - August 4 "We are holding the S.O.S. event (Selling Our Stuff) to help with property tax relief. Come get a cup of Abdul's Freedom Lager or Ale (depending upon which batch is "up" / brewed, from the brew pub. The event will be held / headquartered at Rusted Moon Outfitters in the 6400 block of Cornell, in Broad Ripple, next Saturday (8/4) from 9 AM to 4 PM. Proceeds from the event will go directly to the STOP legal fund, where Mr. Price will put those dollars to good Constitutional use, in COURT. We're encouraging folks to bring heavily discounted, pre-marked yard sale items, stuff in the $2, $5 & $10 price ranges. Items must be of general appeal (sellable) and pre-priced for what Henry hopes are obvious reasons.

Folks can deliver items beginning at 8AM and we'd appreciate their help setting stuff up. The sale will end at 4PM and we're going to have a charity pick up the remaining stuff between 5-6PM.

(Note to organizers: Beer is a good thing!)

Thursday August 2nd
7pmTax Rally
Goshen, Indiana

Monday, August 13th
7pmTax Rally
Madison, Indiana

RALLY: City County Building Monday Aug 6 @ 5:30

(please circulate this announcement)

06 AUGUST 2007 5:30pm---Until the bitter end!

Here Bart goes again.

"City may [read as will] seek loans, raise taxpayer burden in light of scaled-back property levies".

Everyone, in the city of Indianapolis NEEDS to be at the City County Building, on the 6th of August, at 5:30pm. The City County Council, this time led by Bart Peterson-in person-will is deciding on whether to increase the income tax again…The meeting will start at 7:00pm. Bring your protest signs, and DO NOT let them throw you out! They have no right to!

It is time to take this City back from the children in “power”. Make them cut their bloated budgets, and fire half of the deadwood in city offices. Enough is enough. Unless you want another 82% increase in your local income taxes…Stop them now. Send them packing in November!

Jeff Hays-Hohreiter