"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ron Paul grills Bernacke today

Ron Paul discusses the Fed and the dollar and the imbalance in our economic system (debt based system).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Questions surrounding Senator Dick Lugar's residency which the public deserves to have addressed

Senator Lugar has admitted that he sold his home in Indiana and moved to Virginia in 1977. Further, according to press accounts, it appears that he continues to use an Indiana address to vote, hold a driver’s license, register his vehicles, file as a Federal candidate, file his Federal & Indiana taxes, etc. However, what about:

1. Did Lugar violate Federal Election laws when he filed to run for President?

2. Lugar said that he runs the Indiana farm; however, many years ago he hired the Farmers National Company to manage the Lugar Stock Farm. The property tax bills are mailed by the Marion County Treasurer directly to this Nebraska firm.

3. By receiving Lugar Stock Farm and other correspondence at his Indianapolis Senate office for personal use in violation of Senate rules? Without an Indiana residence, what else does the Indiana Senate Staff do for him?

4. Does Lugar meet the US Constitutional requirement to be an "inhabitant" of Indiana?

5. Was Lugar's Indiana driver’s license issued in violation of the Patriot Act?

6. What about Virginia's income tax laws? It’s tax rate is higher than Indiana's.

7. What about Virginia's drivers licensing and vehicle registration regulations?

8. Does Mrs. Charlene get a free pass on everything?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doug Wead (Ron Paul Campaign) on the Delegate process

Don't understand how the Republican delegate process works yet? Well, Rachel Maddow broke the story tonight of how Ron Paul supporters are using the new rules, written by Republicans to benefit Romney, to turn the game inside out.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Godfather Politics: GOP Suicide

Ron Paul and the GOP chicanery

It took the North Korean government 50 hours after the death of Kim Jong-Il to decide what lie they will present to the public concerning the death of the Dear Leader.

It took the Republican leadership in Nevada almost as long to decide what lie they will present to the public concerning the caucus results in their state. What should have been announced Sunday early in the morning, took another day, plus actions that cast doubts over the honesty of the counting process. And the results just defy the obvious facts and common sense.

To start with, both CNN and FOX News declared Romney as the “winner” when only 4% of the results were in. That anyone would be so sure with only 4% of the results beats any logic. But the MSM continued declaring the victory for their darling without even explaining how they would know he was the winner.

May there wouldn’t be much of an outcry if the Adelson precinct in Clark County didn’t decide to broadcast the counting of the vote at the precinct. CNN and FOX News were there, and reported from the event. It was about 11pm on Saturday. Why so late? So that observant Jews – a great part of the population of the precinct, could vote after sunset. Observant Jews are also know to be the group least inclined to vote for Ron Paul – according to the neocon myths, Ron Paul is “against Israel.”

An hour after the vote started, the numbers were announced: Ron Paul – 183 votes, Mitt Romney – 45 votes, and the others had even less. Ron Paul captured 58 percent of the votes in that precinct. Suddenly, after the announcement was made, FOX News and CNN decided that there is nothing more to report from Nevada, and imposed a complete blackout on any news about the caucuses, until late in the next day.

Now, there is no reason to believe the Adelson precinct is very much different from the other precincts in Clark County. One would expect about the same results in the other precincts as well. May be, given the fact that Ron Paul’s popularity among observant Jews is so low, the other precincts would have had even greater percentage of voters for him.

But Clark County holds about 53 percent of the votes of the state of Nevada. Which means that if Ron Paul won Clark County, he won the state. Or at least, would be close to winning it. The alternative is to say that one precinct – Adelson – of which we know exactly what the voters’ preferences are, is sharply different than all the other precincts. But there is no reason to believe such a thing about one precinct only.

The end results, released as late as Monday morning: Romney 50%, Ron Paul 18%. The GOP leadership in Nevada declared that they are not going to release the complete final results. They will only have an internal recount.

This is called massive voter fraud. Fraud that we believed only Obama and the Democrats are able of. There is no other explanation for the sharp difference between what the facts showed and what the Republican leadership announced.

The Republican Party leadership sent out a message this weekend: “We don’t care who you vote for, as long as we count the votes. Your vote means nothing. Our agenda is what matters.”

Such message means one thing: The Republican leadership has taken a course to political suicide. It believes that the times haven’t changed; that it can continue its business as usual. That the voters will put up with fraud and manipulation as they have always done. And the Party will continue to ignore their own voters because it has them in its pocket.

This is a mistaken belief. The times have changed. And those who do not understand that the times have changed, disappear from the scene. They get supplanted by those who do understand the times.

The voter fraud committed by the party apparatchiks in Nevada was a waste of time and effort. Romney will never become a President: first, because he doesn’t have what it takes to win a general election; second, because by pushing him down the throats of the Republican voters with such obvious fraudulent practices, the GOP leadership will alienate even those who would have voted for him. But more than waste of time and effort, the GOP leadership is shooting itself in the foot, and may be even worse. Another McCain-type fiasco will demonstrate that the GOP has outlived its purpose, and is now just an accomplice of the Democrats. The rhetoric of “We have to beat Obama” is not going to work if it is used to push another version of Obama on the voters. Eventually, the votes grow tired, and will look for alternatives.

And if the GOP doesn’t reverse its course, an alternative will be found, eventually.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Norm Macdonald endorses Ron Paul 2012

I just love grassroots work like this! Don't you?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Homes of the Presidential Candidates

Purchased in 2005 for $1.65 million

VALUE: $262,500

Gosh, Dr. Paul's house probably looks a whole lot like yours. Why isn't he rich? Afterall, he has been in CONgress for 22 years! Could it be that he really is looking out for our Constitution, defending our liberty, and is not hijacking public service to enrich himself? You decide after checking out the homes of the other candidates.

If Dr. Paul is elected President, he pledges to accept a $39,000 salary, which is the median American income. He does not place himself above you like the elites do. Instead his behavior emulates that he is a true servant to the public.

$9.6 million

$1.3 million

(purchased for $2 million)

Do you want to hire another rich elite insider profitting from public service to do business as usual? Isn't that how America got here?

More details @ CNN MONEY: GOP CRIBS

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ron Paul celebrates 55th wedding anniversary

Ron Paul and his wife Carol have five children and 18 grandchildren. Congratulations on a happy, healthy, and fruitful marriage!

Why Obama will win 2012

Gallup predicts red state defeat of Obama

Gingrich lost to Romney in Florida. In my mind that Gingrich lost is a good thing. My gut is never wrong and everything in me screams that Gingrich is in this race to soothe his own narcissistic ego.

The press doesn't talk about Ron Paul too much and they like to try to ignore him as much as possible in the debates. If things continue on this course, Romney will win the most delegates and be the Republican nominee.

Today Gallup polling reported that the Republican will beat Obama who will suffer huge losses. I don't believe this is possible if Romney is the nominee in a two-party race. All Obama has to do is play the class warfare card and Romney will lose. While Mittens is a likable fellow, he's not going to be president because he is a rich insider.

It will be an even bigger win for Obama if a third candidate enters the race because many republicans, unhappy with party politics as usual, will vote for the third candidate. You can count this blogger in that boat. I will not vote for any Republican except Ron Paul.

I believe Ron Paul is the only person running who can beat Obama. He's principled, he's not rich, he's not corrupt, and he's got fresh ideas, ideas so grounded in the founding of our country that they shouldn't be considered fresh at all. Ron Paul's principles should be the norm and should he be chosen to run against Obama, he will win the whole thing. The others don't have a chance.