"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Friday, August 31, 2012

No truer words for Ron Paul activists

Excerpt from OP ED by Brandon Smith on AltMarket.com

Ron Paul activists will be forced walk away from the chessboard and to examine the legitimacy of bottom up solutions at the local level, rather than being obsessed with the top down drudgery at the federal level. They will have to insulate themselves using decentralized economic systems and self sustaining living methods. They will have to learn to produce necessities for themselves, and to interact within their communities face to face. They will be compelled to educate local police and military to wake them up to the civil catastrophes ahead. If they do seek out political strategies, it will have to be at the county and state levels, where there is at least a chance of making viable progress. And, most of all, they will have to adopt a self-defense mindset in addition to intelligent discourse. They will have to become what I would call ‘Warrior Poets’ in the shadow of this dark age. They will have to think, and feel, but also be willing to fight, and perhaps even die for their principles. They will have to become whole men and women, rather than incomplete people, projecting all their hopes and dreams into a governmental white knight that will never come.

Ultimately, politics has been warped into a mechanism by which the masses can hand over their responsibility to affect change within the system they live, and pass the buck on to others. It is time to move away from this failed dynamic. It is time for the Ron Paul revolution to mature, and to embrace the pain of doing what must be done. It is time to take matters into our own hands.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Medical Doctors / Pharmaceuticals are leading cause of death in America

Look, I know this hard to believe.  Just have an open mind and watch this.  As for me, I will continue to refuse prescription drugs and traditional western doctors and instead go to natural foods and products when I am sick and to protect my health.

Just last weekend I went to the Chiropractor for cold laser treatment on a nagging back pain.  Within 24 hours, a nagging pain I lived with for months was nearly gone.  Each treatment costs about $35.

I am living proof that 100% organic natural products work.  A revolutionary, relatively unknown product comprised of 100% organic rice called Enzacta PXP Forte, resolved my fibromyalgia and depression by delivering the right nutrients to my cells' mitochondria, while Western doctors tried to treat me with dangerous drugs that have harmful side effects.

I drew the conclusion for myself that most of the health care industry is about profits, not your health.  Their interest is mainly with your wallet, not you.

I learned that most diseases are related to the mitochondria and all mitochondria related disease can be cured with nutrition.  The reason western doctors don't use nutrition to cure patients is that Big Pharma can't patent rice or broccoli and make a buck from it.

Don't get me started on the cancer lies.  If I see one more disfigured woman wearing a pink ribbon, I'm going to lose it.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Establishment GOP wants to silence grassroots voices


You should also be aware that major controversy has developed at the convention over proposed rule changes which would take control over much of the nomination process away from the state and local parties and put it in the hands of the national leadership.  These changes are a direct assault on the traditions of the party and would silence the voice of the grassroots in much of the decision making process. Many grassroots activist groups and prominent leaders have come on board opposing the changes.  The Republican Liberty Caucus was one of the first, but we've been joined by Eagle Forum, FreedomWorks and many Tea Party Groups.  These are goups we're often at odds with ideologically, but we all agree that the integrity of he party and standing by republican principles is of the highest importance.

Here are some resources to help bring you up to speed:

This issue will be voted on again in committee Tuesday afternoon and go to the floor of the convention sometime later Tuesday.  We urge you to contact your state delegates today if you can and encourage them to support the Minority Report against the report of the Rules Committee.

Peter Schiff Confirms Tampa Ron Paul Festival Sabotage

The establishment calls the Ron Paul event in Tampa (which filled a huge venue) "fringe".    Are you sure they are fringe? Obama can't fill a venue these days.  

Ron Paul's last poltical speech - The Revolution WILL continue!

OP ED on Ron Paul by Perry Sheetz

Thanks Perry for permission to republish here.  I'll post Ron Paul's speech next.
--Melyssa for HFFT

The GOP national convention begins on Monday.  This is the final stand for many supporters of liberty.

To see the level the National Republican Party [aka. RNC] (with Romney’s lawyers helping) are going, just to make sure Ron Paul has no voice is astonishing.

There was a day long ago, when delegates got together and let all candidates give a speech and then the delegates would then decide on who they wanted as their parties presidential nominee.

Those days are long gone, it is now nothing more than a well scripted show for the MSM and general public (remember Obama’s coronation from Denver back in 2008?)  This is something both D’s and R’s are equally guilty of.

If you read below; Thomas Eddlem from New American has provided 4 major issue points that differentiate (or don’t) Obama from Romney.  I recommend you view them.

There is no spin on them, just the facts of these 2 candidates and their beliefs.  Ron Paul will give a speech tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) at the USF Sun Dome, near the convention (notice not at the convention).

His speech “We are the future” should be a shining example of where the liberty movement is headed.

I believe it will be broadcast by a number of liberty groups, along with CSPAN.  I encourage you to watch if you can.

It’s too bad the RNC refuses to give him a speaking slot during the convention but this is the level the RNC currently operates on.  There is no room in the “party of the big tent” for the message of true liberty’ (I guess the big tent isn’t that big).

Ron Paul is just a man, (although very wise man) and the message and belief’s he speaks about will go on well after Ron Paul fades from public view.

I hope and pray that others will follow in his footsteps and move the message of liberty and Constitutional government forward; we are dangerously close to the edge and I fear we are running out of time to correct it.

I will finish with a quote (one of my favorite from Ron Paul):  “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.”

Godspeed Dr. Paul.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Exopolitics...the truth is out there


Yes, extra-terrestrials are real and have always been here.  If you don't believe me, look at this cache of ancient art depicting UFO's.  Some of these works now hang in museums. It is right under our noses.

The first guys that went to space are getting old.  So are all the people that were ground support. They have nothing to lose by breaking their vows of silence in light of the extraordinary things they've seen.

In 2002, Dr. Steven Greer put The Disclosure Project on the map when he held a press conference at the National Press Club with an impressive line up more than 400 members of the intelligence and military community who publicly stated that they are willing to testify before Congress.  The Press Conference features a nice big smattering of some of the 400 impressive witnesses who want to testify to Congress.   They have had direct contact and/or knowledge of UFO's and extra-terrestrials. Some witnesses have seen aliens both dead and alive.

It is the most viewed conference ever held at the National Press Club.  You can watch the two-hour press conference here.  You will hear testimony of credible accomplished military and government black project witnesses who are willing to go in front of Congress and sign sworn statements that everything they've seen is true. 

In my opinion the best of the researchers and interviewers in Expolitics are as follows:

The site has hundreds of hours of interviews from black project whistle blowers.  I suggest starting out with the Jordan Maxwell interviews and then watch the Benjamin Fulford interviews.  And then get familiar with what they are publishing today.

In my opinion, Wilcock is the best expolitics researcher in the field today.  Not only that, but his site lays out the history and gold and bonds and the hands from which they have passed through time.


Now you know where the rabbit hole is, if you care to investigate for yourself.