"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spanking City Hall -- Close to launch

Melyssa Hubbard, author
Photo by Dave Fulton

The rewrites are going well and we have a complete manuscript. 

I changed my last name to Hubbard, my grandmother's maiden name.  I did so because the name Donaghy is not my father, but is the name of a man to whom my mother was once married.

I apologize that Spanking City Hall is taking longer than anticipated.  Part of the delay was caused by writing the difficult and esoteric Diana Mythology.   When I looked at my story as a whole I realized my truth is one of following coincidences that led from adventure to adventure.  In the end, my journey culminated into a mystical understanding of Miss InDiana, also known as Miss Victory, depicted in bronze atop Monument Circle.

I used Diana's archetype energy to fight as a female knight.  That's why I chose her image for this blog when I created it in 2007.  In those days, while fighting persecution in the media and courts from Peterson's administration for being a dominatrix,  I had little to hold on to for strength.  I visited the monument daily to meditate on the power of her torch symbolizing enlightenment and her sword symbolizing justice.  It was her archetype's energy that gave me courage to stand up, fight, and ultimately prevail in my battles with government.   The government is authored to be submissive and I had to own my role as a dominant and teach how to do the same to fellow citizens. 

The book's ending takes the reader into the mysticism of Diana, Goddess of In-DIANA-polis.

We are mere days from being ready to offer presale orders of signed first editions.   A launch party will be held at The Chatterbox on Mass Ave with the popular band Tonos Triad , attended by many of the characters from the book. I am planning to give author readings at bookstores as well.

An ebook and Kindle edition will be released next year when physical hardbacks are in bookstores.   All first edition copies will be signed upon request.

If you would like me to give a reading at your club or party, please email