"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spanks for the Love Indy!

Melyssa Hubbard, author of Spanking City Hall
Chapter One free pdf
The love and support I've received for writing Spanking City Hall is overwhelming sometimes. You put wind in my self-actualization sails and helped me land some exciting engagements, including an invitation to be the breakfast speaker at this year's National Libertarian Convention in June . . .  a huge honor.  They are hoping I can rouse people to the conference early.  I aim to knock it out of the park for them.

Yesterday  was surreal!  I signed books at the Indy Farmer's market on Market Street in front of City Hall.  Both Mayor Greg Ballard and his chief of staff, Ryan Vaughn have signed copies now.

If you've found time to read it yet, please personally reach out to me.  I would love to know your thoughts, maybe even get together for coffee or a drink.

My ultimate aim is to illustrate self-actualization through fear liberation and to influence culture further in that direction.

By tolerance and non-judgment of our fellow humans as they authentically travel their unique journeys, we aid in the self-actualization of individuals.  Can you imagine a future when  ALL people self-actualize?  How great would that be?

A secondary aim is to advance the actualization of the City of Indianapolis by giving the world a story that shows Indy as the colorful and hip place it truly is to live and visit by contributing to our vibrant cultural arts.

I believe by influencing and changing culture, policy follows.

As an avid user of line reviews, I get their awesome power to influence browsers to become buyers.   So far, I received solid critical praise, eight terrific Amazon reviews, and lots of Facebook and Twitter mentions, but need hundreds, if not thousands.  Can you imagine the influence the book can have if every person who read it, left a review or took a selfie reading it, then posted it in social media?

Would you be so kind to help my story grow stronger legs by writing a review?   I need them here:




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