"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Melyssa's impressions of last night's CCC budget meeting with county & township assessors

Township assessors told their '08 budgets will survive was a headline in today's Indy Star with a picture of yours truly. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I have a few more to add about my impressions from last night's meeting.

Citizens, there is absolutely no way on God's earth that the reasssments will be pulled off without major incident. Mark my words.

Those of you who know me, know that I am the woman pictured with this article and a volunteer for HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION and coordinate many of the rallies. It was my first assessor's budget meeting.

The presentations gave me a pit in my stomach because I know it is impossible for the city to pull off what it is supposed to do. Not only that, the administrative and collection process is a dearly expensive to the taxpayers of an already crippled city budget. Our assessors' office is DOOMED to get the new assessments completed on time, correctly, and within budget.

County Assessor, Greg Bowes told me the new assessments will not be perfect and that a 5% or 10% error is not bad. Do you want to be one of the homeowners with an error on your statement?

The county assessor only has until Feb. 1 2008 to complete all the new assessments. They testified that our new tax bills will change little if any. Greg Bowes is implementing a new computer system, organizing a new staff, and has to have it all done by Feb. 1st. You all do know what it takes to implement a new computer system, right?

We have not forgotten the DMV disaster that Governor Daniels inherited when he took office, have we? I'm not aware of even the toughest, smartest, and most advanced companies in the corporate sector being able to pull off the task set before Greg Bowes...let alone that the poor guy has to do his job within an inept, city bureaucracy.

If you want to get involved with other courageous patriots who plan to take back our city and state for the People, then get involved because we're organized and we need you. We intend to end property slavery in our state.We will get property tax repealed and we will lead the rest of the country in reform. You don't want to miss out on being a part of these exciting times of victory for the people.

We're organized and we have the tools we need. We just need more people and more people to show up at rallies, government meetings, and volunteer opportunities. Give a couple hours a week to attend a rally and you'll help make a big difference.

There is a reason why we are now national news.

NEXT INDIANA TEA PARTY - Sept 6th, downtown Indianapolis
Bring your tax assessments (or facsimillie) to the Pan Am Plaza at 7pm before the Sept 6th NFL opening game. We'll be there with the giant INDIANA TEA PARTY tea bag and will march to the canal to dunk the assesments. Bring your protest signs!


Taxpayer said...

Is the game here? If so, this could be a very difficult and expensive parking situation -- what can we do to make this easier and less costly for people? Any possibility of getting buses or a vanpool to transport our people?

The last two occasions on which signs and rallies have been called for apparently haven't gotten the word out -- we've brought signs twice and not another person appeared with one. Come on, people -- let's spread the word!

scratchman said...

hey melyssa, give me a call---i don't want to give out my name, but you know me and visa versa--we have been to many protests together--if you get this before 5pm today,call 510-3458. if you get this after 5 call me at 354-5983.

M Theory said...

Call your friends to go with you and carpool. Park near the canal and walk over to Pan Am Plaza because we will end up at the Canal at the end.

We are bringing loads of extra signs, but we hope that people will also make their own.

We really want all the people that showed for Black Sunday to come with their signs.

National television coverage! Let's show the rest of America how a full blown TAX REVOLT is done!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer, Call me to volunteer your time and funds to organize the carpool to drop off seniors who want to attend right at the plaza. If you can find someone to loan a van or a bus that would be great. I could use your help to to take on organizing it.

I have the pdf for the NFL protest flyers. Would you mind duplicating 2000 flyers, picking up the cost for them, and making sure they get distributed?

I plan to distribute 2000 this weekend and so do other volunteers.

Fair Tax volunteer