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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Would Jesus jeapordize Hoosier home ownership security?

Representative Turner

Advance Indiana first reports that Representative Turner today effectively killed the property tax relief plan first put forth by the Governor by adding this amendment:
Section 38. (a) Marriage in Indiana consists only of the union of one man and one woman.
(b) This Constitution or any other Indiana law may not be construed to require that marital status or the legal incidents of marriage be conferred upon unmarried couples or groups.".
Activists with Hoosiers For Fair Taxation are absolutely outraged that our legislators would attempt to force our citizens into the choice of property tax relief along side acceptance that our gay friends and family in love will never be allowed to be married. This is discrimination, hatred, and under-handed politics at its worst.

I will admit I've been torn about what to do since first learning of Eric Miller's February 1st repeal rally because he is planning to attach his homo-hatred agenda to the property tax activists' agenda. I was going to hold a separate rally on the same day, but then changed my mind because I didn't want to bring attention to SJR 7 (marriage definition amendment) and I didn't want to show division among property tax activists. However, I can no longer be quiet.
Rep. Bosman, Rep. Turner, and Eric Miller of Advance Indiana are now pushing legislation that will effectively oppress one large group of Hoosiers, while attempting to give relief from oppression of homeowners. It's a Sophie's Choice. How can any of us stand up at Eric Miller's Rallys ever again? Eric Miller used our tax activism and hi-jacked for his agenda of hate.

We will be at Eric Miller's Rally on Friday with plenty of ammunition.
And Indiana's citizens who love ALL of her people will be heard.
You can count on that.

--Melyssa, volunteer & founder


Ed Angleton said...

There's an old saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". I have observed that it is far better to say "The enemy of my enemy may be a useful ally, but one that bears watching." History is rife with examples of allies united against a common foe who were later bitter enemies. Look at the Soviet Union and the United States. United against German aggression and later bitter rivals with the power to destroy each other many times over, and, before he was our enemy, Sadam Hussein was regarded favorably for his conflicts with Iran. Overall, one point stands true, regardless of whether it's political, ideological or theological, there's no lasting alliance to be made with a zealot.

Anonymous said...

Sad, sick, but true.

But Melyssa, you can't say you weren't warned. You can't say you weren't on notice. More than a few people pointed out exactly what Miller was doing.

You have to gather all your strength now to fight him, and more importantly Brian Bosma and Eric Turner, for it is they who pose the greatest threat to property tax reform for arrogantly attaching their agenda to yours.

Someone should have secured a verbal public committment from Bosma (for he can control Turner) BEFORE the session EVER started tha they would NOT hijack PT reform with gay marriage issues, because long ago many (TDW and Advance Indiana reported specifically) this was the plan.

But no crying over spilled milk. JUST MOVE THE FIGHT FORWARD and bring wrath upon them who would do this to the people. It's not a fight pro or con gay marraige at this point. The message is they have SINGLE HANDLEDLY DESTROYED THE HOPE FOR PROPERTY TAX REFORM by this antic of attaching a controversial amendment. PERIOD. THEY HAVE SINGLE HANDEDLY DESTROYED HOPE FOR PROPERTY TAX REFORM BY THIS ACTION.


Sean Shepard said...

These two issues have nothing to do with each other and I'm a little shocked and disappointed to see important tax policy decisions being held up or potentially torpedoed because we've allowed government to become the entity that defines marriage instead of someone's God.

Get government out of the marriage business entirely and return it to a private decision and ceremony between individuals and families that can be enforced via contract law. I like much of what was written here on the subject: http://www.slate.com/id/2440/

Government recognition of marriage is what creates this issue in the first place. Let's just take it off the table completely and eliminate this as a wedge issue used to manipulate voters and roadblock more important things.

Anonymous said...

I think Eric Miller's organization is called Advance America.

Anonymous said...

The Amendement is anti lawyer and anti activist judge. Those are good things. The other part is not against any large number of people but a small number whose favored tactic is subversion of laws via activist judges. I'd say the Speaker of the House is the one to blame, if one wanted to blame someone for refusing discussions.

Anonymous said...

Don't get off track by even mentioning this subject regardless of feelings over it. Stick to property taxes and don't jump into the other. By the way, don't call people people haters because they oppose marriage between homosexuals. The issue is 'marriage' that is all. Most people say live and let live in personal lives. Leave the institution of marriage alone.

Anonymous said...

No, anonymous 5:21, the ones who need to leave it alone are BOSMA AND TURNER.

THEY need to leave property tax reform ALONE and stop trying to attach this to it.

The point isn't whether you are PRO or CON the gay marriage ban. The point is it is highly controversial and divisive and attaching it to property tax reform KILLS property tax reform.

They care more about pandering and political maneuvering than about the crisis the people are facing wiht their property tax bills.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bosma and Turner may be on their way out after this. Don't let their actions fade from the taxpayers minds anytime soon.

Together, the good people of this state who want to live and let live in happiness and prosperity, can get rid of them once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the campaign will be more focused on one individual.

Pick Bosma. Chant his name. Put it on signs. Blame him. He can control this situation. He can stop this madness and demand his caucus withdraw this amendment designed to kill property tax reform.

If property tax reform fails Bosma should know that for this moment, this day, this week, he will be blamed!!!!

You get more attention focusing the attention on one person! He is most culpable this week!

John said...
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John said...

I am absolutely disgusted by this attempt to attach a politically divisive amendment to a much needed tax relief bill. I'm so furious I can't find the words to express how disappointed I am. If that amendment goes through, the bill will be killed. People will lose their homes. The economy will be destroyed. All because some representative couldn't handle the idea of homosexuals and unmarried people possibly getting the same rights as married people.

The second clause of the amendment is particularly onerous. It basically says that any legal advantage that marriage provides cannot be extended to unmarried couples, homosexual or otherwise. Equal treatment under the law? Not for you sinners!

I agree with Sean, get the government out of marriage, and this all goes away.

Apparently, this amendment can still be ruled not germane according to House rule 80. Write and call your rep to insure this happens.