"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Candidate Forums: Washington Township School Board & Indiana Senate Seat (Ken Morgan vs. Teresa Lubbers)

Three MSDWT School Board Candidates will be elected in the May 06, 2008 primary and will take office in early July, serving for a term of four years. Five candidates are running for the three vacant positions. (The remaining two board members, Greg Wright and Don Kite, still have two years remaining on their terms, so are not running in this election.)

These are not formal debates, but rather are forums, with the following usual format:

Each candidate gets a few minutes to speak at the beginning of the forum.
Questions are usually submitted in writing (in advance and/or at the meeting), so the moderator can combine them into topics or read them verbatim, at his discretion. (This is essential to keeping order and to prevent attendees from taking too much time up in asking the questions or getting too heated.)

Unless the questions are directed to specific candidates, each candidate has a brief opportunity to answer each question. The number of questions is limited by the total time allotted for the forum.

Each candidate then has a few minutes to summarize.

If a social period follows, refreshments may be served and attendees may have an opportunity to mingle with the candidates and other attendees.

Each forum sets their own rules, so the formats may differ.

Here are the forums that have been set up to date:

TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 7 pm at Pleasant View Lutheran Church, 801 W. 73rd Street (SE Corner of Hoover Road) in the Fellowship Hall.
Enter through the NE door; proceed down hallway to Fellowship Hall.
Moderator: Jim Shella from Channel 8.
Sponsored by the Citizens for Education. Hosted by Pleasant View Lutheran Church.

TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 7 pm at Greenbriar Elementary School,
Enter through a door on north side of building. Watch for signs.
This forum will also include the two Republican candidates for Indiana Senate for District 7, Teresa Lubbers and Ken Morgan. One of them will be the winner in the primary and will go on in the November election to run against the Democratic and Libertarian candidates, who are unopposed in the primary, so are not included in this forum.
Moderator: Darien Tropf, President of Greenbriar Neighborhood Association
Sponsored and hosted by the Greenbriar Neighborhood Association.

THURSDAY, MAY 1, 7 pm at Nora Library Meeting Room
Enter through first set of doors to library. Meeting room door is to your left. Do not go through second set of doors into library.
Moderator: A Board Member of Nora-Northside Community Council – TBD
Sponsored and hosted by the Nora-Northside Community Council

Please encourage people to attend every forum, in order to get a real feel for each candidate.

If you have any questions, please call me at 876-0707 or email me at pbigelow6@comcast.net.

Penny Bigelow, President
Citizens for Education

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