"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, March 3, 2008


Sounds like the Indiana GOP Chairman, the grand republican poo-bah for Indiana, did not support Greg Ballard’s campaign. At least he didn’t support Mayor Ballard enough to publicly and enthusiastically declare that he did. Who did he support then?

Read this tidbit I found on the Digital Farmers’ blog. It describes a call on the Abdul Morning show in which Larry Vaughn corners the GOP Chairman into giving up an answer. I’m a huge fan of both Digital Farmers and Larry Vaughn, by the way.

Larry Vaughn:

"Did you support the Mayor in the last election?" - Oh this was good. Needless
to say I awaited the answer with baited breath. Oh my look-at-him-dance around
that question. Man, I haven't seen someone dance like that since Helio
Castroneves won "Dancing with the Stars"!! He didn't say he did, but he didn't
say he didn't either. You would think the GOP Chairman would vehemently say
"YES!" that he supported the new GOP Mayor but he didn't. Likely because if he
did say he supported the Mayor, you'd hear the collective grassroots say in
unison "LIAR!"


Is it possible that the head of the state GOP supported the democrat Bart Peterson for mayor instead? Could that explain why all the republican party's financial muscle went to Peterson instead of their own honorable candidate?

And if this is true, are the republicans a group of politicians that any of us can even trust if they can’t be trusted by their own ilk to support their own honorable candidate? Greg Ballard is an accomplished Marine Corps officer who was devoted to working hard, campaigning hard, with no agenda except service to the People. The GOP Chairman did not want to support a PATRIOT who after serving his country for 23 years was willing to give up his retirement years in service to his community to make sure his hometown is fiscally sound and great place for his kids and grandkids to come home to year after year? I thought that is what represents the republican ideal!

Are you smelling yet how fishy all this is?

I think all of you worth better than this republican representation. It’s time you believed you are worth more too! It’s time you allowed yourself to believe that a third party CAN win this election and send a message rippling throughout our country that is even more powerful than Ballard’s election victory. I believe it more than you know.

That message is to the corrupt status quo politics inside the democratic and republican parties that they need to clean up their acts and do it fast. Keep voting for their candidates inside the corrupt machines they run and they have no reason to change.

I’m voting Libertarian and I’m not paying attention to the polls because the status quo is not getting me or my country where I deserve to be. I want our nation to be financially solvent, have personal freedom, inside a society ruled by laws that protect the people from their government.

Our nation, our state, and our cities are bankrupt. Sean Shepard emphatically points out that China, a communist nation, now owns 10% of our debt and that each American household's share of the debt is now $450,000. It was not the Libertarians that caused this! Sean Shepard held a press conference last week to address the resignation of David Walker, U.S. comptroller, and the FDIC's announcement that more than 100 banks are going to poised to fail and they are bringing back FDIC retirees to try to clean up the resulting mess.

I’m casting my vote based on what I have witnessed from closely observing all three candidates and my city's leadership and politics. Sean Shepard is the best candidate in the race. Don’t believe me yet?

Watch the candidates debate the issues facing our nation and then decide. The next debate, hosted by IUPUI this Thursday at the University Place Conference Center Auditorium, is from 7:30 to 9:00 pm. It is located at 850 West Michigan Street. It will later be broadcast on Channel 23. I'll make sure you know the details when I get them.

Please don’t vote again for the lesser evil or the candidate you think will win.

Be independent, be smart, and never choose someone that can be bought or sold or give you less than you are worth. In order to take our nation to a better place, we can't keep doing what we've done. We have got to have the courage to take a new path. I know what's down that new path and what is there is good for the all people.

Send my message to 10 people and help us truly bring change to America and her people!

--This editorial is all Melyssa and is in no way shape or form endorsed or encouraged by the Shepard2008.com campaign. Lake County Tea Party updates are coming when time permits, probably later today.

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