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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, March 3, 2008

A gay man speaks about being true to who you are and 7th district race

TUESDAY UPDATE: Evidently the blogger who wrote from his heart (and his "gaydar") about the 7th election race, got a rise from folks too, including Abdul. Read his follow up here.

Here's a theory from another principled blogger, who happens to be an out gay man, about why he is NOT voting for Elrod. You draw your own conclusions.

Here's a hypothetical question:

If Jon Elrod were gay, which may or may not be the case, would the Republicans still get behind him? Would not the zealots of the Republican party like Eric Miller, John Price, and Brian Bosma prevent an openly out gay person from advancing to Congress?

The Libertarians don't care one bit about who you do it with or why. That's the beauty of freedom.

Please no hate mail on this one. I happen to know from interviewing over 1000 men in depth during my former career that men keep secrets in their closets. I know gays, bi's, and cross dressers who live in total secrecy and pain to have their careers. Some of them work in the state house and other high profile careers and would be petrified if anyone knew who they really are behind closed doors. They don't need to worry because I will never tell.

I know this because I made them feel so safe that they could tell me everything they feel inside. I learned so many are petrified of living the truth of who they are. Why wouldn't they be with people waiting to attack them just for being true to themselves?

This is why I could not be quiet about Republican Eric Miller's move to merge property tax anger into his pet agenda, SJR7. During the February 1st rally, I stood alone against Miller's tactics at a state house rally. I stood ALL ALONE. My fellow republican/democrat activists, who privately all denounced Miller's agenda, publicly stood him knowing that he consciously hurts so many people, yet calls himself a Christian.

I cried a lot that day and the days that followed.
-- Melyssa


Taxpayer said...

Melyssa, people could not find your group until after the meeting was under way. Many of us did NOT support Eric Miller's agenda -- in fact, some of us expressed concern way back last summer that he was likely to betray this whole movement. Those of us who've watched his antics for years didn't trust him then and don't trust him now.

Please keep your focus! The tax movement needs you!

Anonymous said...

Live & let live is a libertarian idea that should apply to Jon Elrod.

Anonymous said...

Miller is wrong to marry the anti-gay movement to the tax freedom movement.

Melyssa is wrong to marry the pro-gay movement to the tax freedom movement.

Anonymous said...

You bring up several issues all mushed together,and some are anti-libertarian. Trying to out a candidate by inference or a hypothetical during an election year simply because you want to support Libertarian Shepard is a sad path to self destruction and to others. Thanks to your blog, I'm changing by vote from Shepard to Elrod and I hope others do to.

Anonymous said...

Tired of hearing your crying jag. get over it and move on. Where's the interesting meaty news you used to carry here?

Anonymous said...

people are loosing their homes and you're talking about personal disappointment? Sounds like a failure of leadership.
Nothing added to the conversation except a counterproductive pity party

Anonymous said...

You must be hard up for news. If this is what a libertarian is like, count me out. Bad vibes.

Anonymous said...

I went to the link you had about a gay blogger. His decision to not vote for Elrod because he thinks Elrod should be out of the closet is itself intellectually dishonest. He needs to keep his nose out of the bedroom. No wonder people are anti-gay.

Anonymous said...

I was considering Sean Shepard. If this is what Libertarians are like, forget it. I'll stay at home.

Anonymous said...

Cross dressers in the Statehouse? Quick, launch an investigation.

Anonymous said...

This is not a Blog. It's a FLOG.
Hoosiers for Fair Flogging

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking us down the dark and gloomy Libertarian mindset. All show & no go. No wonder they don't hold national office.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are a tortured Libertarian. Vote Carson

Anonymous said...

Hey there 4:13.

I didn't speak a word for many months about Eric Miller's REAL agenda until he mucked it up with the property tax issue. And I knew what he was up to. I knew all along.

When he held a joint rally for SJR& and repeal, I had to say something.

And for the record, I'm not "pro-gay".

I am pro-self-actualization defined by whatever that purpose is to you as an individual be it conservative christian, muslim, jew, dominatrix, cross-dresser, gay, atheist, or whatever.

The Libertarians have room for everyone.

Anonymous said...

not according to the libertarian party.

Anonymous said...

the gay blogger you mentioned sounds like a jilted lover. typical. everyone has a personal agenda. what does this have to do with property tax.
we need meat and potatoes, not tablod bottom feeding.

Wilson46201 said...

that "gay blogger" is actually a proud lesbian, not too likely to have been lusting for Jon's bod.

Anonymous said...

well you never know. could be a kinky 3-way. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

can I watch