"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Indiana Veterens Coalition has a few words about incumbents

Think the legislature's "tax relief" was a deal for the taxpayer? Think again. We got handed a tax increase. Not only did our sales tax go up a penny forever (they never take those back), the incompetent assessors still get to appraise our property for whatever they like to determine their tax. By the way, they approved an increased budget this year. The People lost big time.


It has become evident during the legislative assembly in Indianapolis that our representatives no longer represent us... they represent the political Lobbyists and corporate interests that are funding them. They failed to listen to the public on several key issues: Property taxes, Illegal Immigration, Public Referendums for capital spending projects, Controls on State and Local spending, and Gay Marriage. Each of these affects us adversely as a whole.

First, our politicians were asked to exempt primary residential properties from taxation. Why should anyone ever be in jeopardy of losing their home over back taxes? They ignored the pleas of their constituents and proceeded as if we didn't matter one damn bit. The sad part is that our Republican leadership is the culprit. These property tax problems didn't just occur recently. they've been building for over a decade without any real solution being presented.

And note that nothing is being done to control the spending of local and state government. The bill that passed placed up to a $20 million dollar limit on spending projects that do not require public referendum. In other words, for a project to by-pass the referendum process, all they need to do is under-bid the job by $1.00 and then a public capital spending project could be passed with public consent. and, then, if need be, the contractor can always come back and show that that more money was needed (just think of the Marion County Central Library that went over budget by millions of dollars without public approval). Can you possibly believe that our state and local government representatives have any concern about public funding and controls on public spending? The answer is a resounding NO! It is up to us to say NO to any capital spending project that exceeds $500,000. and that still needs public oversight! If they are not going to willingly cut spending, then we need to do it for them.

We have seen a steady flow of illegal immigrants into our country from our southern borders and coastlines from both Latin American and Asian countries. We have asked repeatedly for our Federal Government to do something about this. We have been ignored completely by our representatives and told that our opinions do not matter. We watched a lone representative in the House, Mike Delph, courageously attempt to implement a bill that would stem the flow of illegals into Indiana. Pat Bauer blocked this. But let's not lay all of the blame at his feet. The Republicans were formerly in control of the state legislature and they never attempted to solve this problem. And they are they ones who pushed this into the background and never allowed it to surface. Again, another example of their defiance of public concerns.

And, then, of course, there is Gay Marriage. This should not even need to be fixed, but because this has now come to the forefront politically, it needs to be addressed. No Gay marriages should ever be recognized as a legitimate marriage in this state or any other. The very concept demonstrates how far we have fallen by even considering such a disgusting concept.

Obviously, something is broken and it needs to be fixed. It is up to us as voters and taxpayers to "fix" the problem. But, how do we do it effectively? I have a plan that I want to present to you, your friends, family members, co-workers and business associates. It is called the "Anti-Incumbent Plan".

The differences between the Republican and Democrat Parties have blurred to the point that you can no longer tell which is which. So, political parties no longer have meaning or relevance anymore. They are working against us. Therefore, we need to deny them re-election to office. The "Anti-Incumbent Plan" is the methodology to use. After serving one term in office, our politicians will find that the public will be enforcing their own version of a "sunset" law. And we will throw the rascals out!

This is going to royally mess up all of those polling organizations who try to tell us how to vote during each election. They will no longer serve a purpose. And, our two major political parties. panicsville! Want to help to fix a problem? Then send this to everyone you know who is a resident of Indiana. If necessary, print it off and mail it to them. Let's get the word out and show them who really runs Indiana - the taxpayers and voters.

Executive Director
Indiana Veterans' Coalition

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