"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sex Sells

HFFT had a record day of unique users yesterday after I asked if the Republicans would back Elrod or any candidate in Indiana if he/she were openly gay.

Today this Arlington VA voter consulting firm, googled "gay elrod" and landed on our blog. They are no doubt working for Andre's campaign.

Democrats are not supposed to care about a person's sexual orientation right? If that is true, why the obsession and the googling of "gay elrod"?

To Jon Elrod:
I'm sorry you have to endure all of this nonsense simply because you publicly stood up for the issues that matter to gays. However, I'm pleased you have the kahunas to buck the system a bit and do it. We need more young politicians like you! And we need you in the state house during that final week of the session voting our way for us!


Anonymous said...

It appears to me that if the Republicans do not want Carson in office, they better vote for the Libertarian.

I do not see any sign of the Libertarians backing off their candidate and they seem fully prepared to endure nine months of Send My Seed in Congress.

Watched Melyssa in action for a few years. She gets her way more often than not. God knows what she is doing with who behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

What is all this talk about sex. If this is all you have to tell us, why not junk click a link to sites that can do it better.Hffs..Hoosiers for fair sex. Someone is really hung up on their sexuality.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying Shepard is gay and because that 'sells' that we should vote for him. What is going on with the libertarians and the sex mongering. Is this party full of gay activists? Libertarians claim we have a right to know.

Anonymous said...

to: 'a client said'. Are you implying that Sean Shepard is in bed with someone other than his wife?

Anonymous said...

To pose a hypothetical by specifically mentioning a candidate's name and publicly asking whether he might be supported if he is gay smacks of yellow journalism and dark motives. Then to say your're 'sorry' and that you don't feel he should be running anyway and better off to stay in the statehouse is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

If Jon Elrod is good enough for the state house, he is good enough to run for congress. Vote Elrod. (stay away from the Libertarian wackos like on this blogsite)

Anonymous said...

'sex sells' so your're trying to sell us Shepard? Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

HFFT did not start the sex talk kids. We simply report what is going on out there.

If you all are so interested in the "real" issues, then why are the blog hits increasing as I go after the homo-haters' hypocrisy?

You people barely noticed when I covered Shepard's press conference concerning David Walker's resignation as U.S. Comptroller and the recent FDIC announcement that they expect more than 100 banks to go under.

HUH? Why all the hits and comment chatter now that this big gay subject comes up?

We much prefer to talk about the important issues...but you Republicans and Democrats sure do seem uptight and pre-occupied with sex, which was proven by the threads of the last couple days.

Peterson brought politics & sex into my life.

The democrats start rumors about Jon Elrod's sexuality.

The republicans have not run an openly gay candidate.

Eric Miller mucked gay marriage up with the property tax anger.

And the Libertarians have an obsession?

Libertarians don't care what you do with who. Libertarians DO care about your personal freedom to be whatever makes you happy without government hassle.

Anonymous said...

hard to point fingers at others when the blog is titled "sex sells". you brought that into the conversation. Tabloid. People do buy rag sheets at the grocery store, so don't be surprised at the increase in bottom feeders.

Anonymous said...

"Homo-Haters" have the right to hate. That is their priviledge, so why go after them. If you are a true libertarian, live and let live. homohaters have a right to their opinion and that's very libertarian.

Anonymous said...

This is the best gay campaign site I've found. When do the videos start?

Anonymous said...

melyssa, to clear the air could you point out which blog/site actually suggested this about elrod? i have reviewed all the major local blogs -- dem or otherwise -- and the only place i have seen this is here, abduls, and the reference on gary's. thanks.