"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Strike a blow to the powers that be

Excerpt from Andy Horning's blog:

In the 7th Congressional District, there is an extraordinarily easy way to boost hope into a full-blown Revolution. …A peaceful revolution, but a revolution nonetheless.

All that’s required is that you change the way you vote. Just as a test.Whoever wins the Special Election will be a congressman for only about 9 months. Out of that nine months, congress will be in recess more than in session. Whoever wins will be an endangered freshman, and will have only one vote in 435. Even if voters were to elect a goat, no real harm could be done before another election will be held for the seat this coming November.

Here’s the pitch: If 7th District voters were to send the first Libertarian to Congress…my oh my…that would rock the Golden Calf! Imagine the shock and horror in the major party offices when suddenly some new guy from an ignored party breaches their wall and enters the halls of power? Imagine the blow to their funding and power structure of corporate donors, lobbyists and smoky-room party bosses when an outsider gains a seat in Congress! Imagine the shift in media coverage, estimation of election odds and opinions about the gullibility of voters should voters demonstrate that they really have had it up to here!

Now, I know Libertarian candidate Sean Shepard very well, and I know he actually is the best candidate in the field. But assume for a moment that he’s no different from the others, and is really just some bloke from some party that should never get inside the Great Beltway. Are you following me here? Can you understand what his win would mean to The Powers That Be? Can you imagine the look in the eye of every demorepublicrat leader, contributor and power broker in the nation should Sean Shepard become the Congressman from Indiana’s 7th District?


Maybe you just have to have met the nation’s “leaders” to understand what I’m dreaming. Perhaps you’d have to have run for office yourself to see just what sort and degree of power is concentrated into “the system” of lobbyists, power brokers, unions and other “special interest groups,” and what that does to policy.But if you can even imagine the corruption that exists in DC, then imagine blowing a hole right through the middle of it for even 9 months. Just nine months. Think about it. Think about it hard.I wish I weren’t traveling now. I wish I were in Indiana to work night and day to do what I could to make it happen.

I want every politician…and every policeman to know that citizens really are in charge here, and that it’s the way things are supposed to be here. I want everyone who’d call himself a “leader” to fear that we no longer want leaders…that we want servants, and we demand this now.

My oh my what a dream. Please do what you can to make it happen.

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